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  1. She told my and her parents it never came
  2. I'm going to support the kids at least that's what I hope it's for but several times before money was sent to them for Xmas etc. They never got it!! So I will wait for the courts to say when till then it's just a gift. 16 and 17 yrs old they know what to do
  3. Hello to start. My wife and I have been together for 21 yrs.. owned several businesses and recently separated. Oct. I found out she was talking to an old class mate for 2 wks and confronted her and whoa, 2wks, SHE fell in love, talks of engagement, lots of pics in our home. Even when we decided to let her back home, the day of she texted him "I will always love you and am going home for the kids not him". Well I tried but could not get over it. She recently had major surgery and being the man for my kids and her I was there. Last week it escalated to the point of putting her out again because
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