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  1. Thanks. I came back not to brag about things are doing well for us. I came back because I received many support from users and everyone was respectful. It looks like thing have change. When I was here talking about my problems not one judge me. We all support ourself even started threats to write here instead of our exes. at the same time I loved to read from posters that either moved on or started a new and HEALTHY relationship with their ex. My now wife have received the same criticism from people that knew her in the past they cant believe she did change and is living a better life
  2. Yes, IVf. She has a 7 yrs old from her previous relationship. Your stand is based on a relationship that ended two years ago. We started a new relationship and in these two years we have no breakup or similar problems. Yes, we did started again to soon. But we went to couple therapy to prevent from hurting ourselves and it did work. Our relationship is healthy. previous relationship yes was a dysfunctional one. But thats in the past and you need to leave it there in order to move on. I respect your opinion. Take care.
  3. She had a child with someone else? She had a child with me. You are a true example of people who lived based on negativity no wonder why the last person you dated got offended because you dare to mentioned his past women. You need to start living and stop worrying. you need to start living the present not domeone else past. Have a good rest of your life.
  4. Thanks all for your comments. Figure, yes it is with the same person that I reconciled and had a baby. No need to explain the story as it seem you know it well but fail to recognize that people learn from their mistakes change and can be better. Shes actually working and going for a college degree. We also went to couple therapy to heal from the “phantoms” of the past and improve our communication. In this two year she demonstrated what she wants and who she wants to be. Im back because for those that are currently suffering to see my previous post and see what to do or not to do. I wa
  5. Hey guys. My last post was a year ago and Im back with updates. Our little boy was born in February and in March would be our 2nd anniversary. Our relationship is strong and healthy, we have a beautiful family. thanks God. Hope everyone is okay and those that are healing STAY STRONG! Im happy to answer any questions.
  6. Thanks! How long after breakup? How long u been in no contact? Had u tried to contact her/him?
  7. Relationship ended December 2016. As almost everyone did, I contacted her numerous time with no sucess. After a month I stopped - started focusing on myself. (Gym, changed my looks, started talking to other women; selfish me) the most difficult time was trying to stop stalking on social media. A month after (Feb2017) she called me (drunk) I didn't pick up neither try to reach her. What I did was change my number. Two weeks later I was with a mutual friend and she called so I speak with her son. Than next day contacted me on Instagram saying he was sick and asked for my new number to keep me
  8. Merry christmas to all! Hope u are doing better. Any question I can answer be happy to help.
  9. People deserve opportunities and she proven to have change. She's another person. A grown woman. Which is What I care the most. We reconciled since than, eight months ago. We are married and expecting a boy. (We did ivf) Crazy dad taking her to court to take son away, judge instead ordered child support and he hasn't pay anything. Things are looking very bad for him. For us, Things are doing better than expected. A year ago I was miserable. We grew and learned from our mistakes.
  10. Im back. Hope everyone is healing ok and are ready for Christmas.
  11. This is the reason why I suggested you from the beginning that you needed to take time for yourself, to heal, to love yourself, to know yoursel. You told me that it was casual dating but the point is what you are admitting right now; you are comparing them to him yala yala yala. And no one is the same, everyone is different. Hope you do take into consideration.
  12. I told you. You doing a great job. Ignore her.
  13. Thank you all for the reply. I'm not back with her and I don't think I will accept her back in my life. She needs to do significant improvements and I don't thing she's ready yet.
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