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  1. True, I don't have much control on how much I drink but I never get sloppy or crazy. I graduated with a great degree, so it's not ruining my life or anything but I have made bad decisions and one of them is this situation which has been messing with my mind.
  2. I agree. I'm saying he never initiated hanging out with me when we are both sober. He still snapchats me every single day, I just don't respond and I haven't drank for over a week now. Not that it matters, he doesn't even work at the bar anymore.
  3. I understand he just never even gave me the chance to show him myself sober and hang out with him when I'm not drunk or at the bars, so I'm guessing he must just not be interested.
  4. True, but that's because he was a bartender at one of the bars I always went to. I did drink so much because I was in my senior year of college and all my friends partied a lot. Graduation was less than a month ago when most of this was going on. I don't consider myself sloppy at all when I'm drunk, I'm always coherent and never get belligerent. I'd hope he wouldn't think I am too
  5. I'm going to make my situation into bullet points, or else I'll drag it on and it wont make sense. -Got a cute guys number in October, but decided I wasn't interested because I was still dealing with my ex -Ran into him at the bars in December, talked all night and had sex -He calls the next day saying he wants to take me on a date, I got really excited because I had fun with him the other night and was looking forward to it -I was out of town and while I was out of town Facebook notifies me that he's now "in a relationship" (less than 5 days after we hooked up), I was super upset -2 m
  6. How old are you? I'm the exact same way and I just graduated college, but this past year I've been going out multiple times a week and I have no control whatsoever and I've slept with people and then really regret it the next day. Like you said, I can't get out of bed because I'm so ashamed and embarrassed. Idk why I do this, but I know I'm a very impulsive person, I have no control on how much I drink and I have really low self esteem. I blamed my actions this past year over my ex of 3 years breaking up with me last May, but in reality I was like this even when I was with him (minus the s
  7. I understand, but I only went on one date with one guy and told the guy I slept with that I wasn't interested. I guess alcohol caused me to act stupid and now I have to pay for the consequences. I just wish he didn't lead me on after seeing me on a date. If it gave such a bad impression, why call me and tell me he wants to take me out on a nice date? I tried contacting him but he didn't respond, so there's that I guess.
  8. This was my first "one night stand" or whatever it was. I've never slept with someone early on.
  9. Well, thanks everyone for your responses. I do feel a little judged. I don't multi-date at all, I haven't even slept or went on a date since my break up. I have never even had a one night stand, which I guess is why I got so attached easily. I feel as if I opened myself up to him and now I'm getting shunned which really hurts my self-worth. I texted him yesterday and asked how his Christmas was and he didn't respond, but he's still on social media and what not. I just don't understand why he'd call me after I left my date and tell me he really wanted to take me out, but now he's disappeared. M
  10. I don't like creating drama. I didn't expect to get drunk and hook up with him and I only told him I had a date because he works in the area we were going to. He asked me how it was going and I said the guy is sweet but not my type. I recently got out of a 3 year relationship in May and I'm just now starting to date again, so maybe I don't know what I'm doing.
  11. I've seen this guy around for a few months and talked to him a while ago but blew him off, then I saw him when I went out and ended up sleeping with him. I actually really like him and would like to get to know him, but I'm worried it's ruined because we already slept together. Another thing is that I had a date the day after we hooked up and I told him. My date and I ended up running into him and he hugged me and seemed intimidated by my date. He called me later that night drunk saying he's taking me on a date and it's going to be great blah blah blah. I was really excited and he said he'd be
  12. You have to stop talking to her and focus on yourself. I know it's so hard, trust me I've been through this recently too. But when she sees that you are just fine without her, she may realize she made a mistake. And if not, at least you know your strength and that you deserve so much better! She wont miss you if you constantly give her attention, you need to make her miss you. I know it hurts so bad and you miss her, but stay busy. It's the best thing you can do. Read a book, if you have a hobby then do that, spend time with family and friends (stay away from alcohol, it just makes it worse),
  13. I had a really rough breakup with my ex 6 months ago (he broke up with me), then we got back together last month and he broke up with me 2 weeks later again. I did everything I could have done to make him happy so I felt better about it, knowing I tried my best (gave him space, didn't want as much attention, etc.). He basically said that I'm too good for him, I have my together more than he does (makes no sense, I'm a senior in college and he's a journeyman electrician), he thought he was ready to commit but wasn't, but yet he knows he loves me. Honestly the most confusing person I've eve
  14. I was thinking this too and I don't want to obsess over it, but it's so hard! A part of me is worried I'm trying to attach myself to another guy because I'm still hurting from my previous relationship, but I really do genuinely like this guy. I need to continue working on myself and doing my own thing, I just hate not knowing if he's interested in me or not
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