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  1. Like i said i confronted her with what i found on her Facebook and told her i wanted nothing to do with her i normally dont burn bridges but i charred this one to ashes.
  2. That's unacceptable it takes a few seconds to send a text. If he's ignoring you now ignore him when he gets back
  3. Thanks guys i appreciate it and you guys are right its cruel and selfish of her especially knowing how I feel im trying to just move on with my life and put all this behind me.
  4. This may be long but i would really appreciate any feedback. So last year after four years my ex girlfriend breaks up with me we had our up's and downs but i really loved her so it was a shock to me when she ended things but not even two weeks into the breakup i find out she's already seeing another guy. I make a few attempts to get her back it doesn't work so i go NC well after three months of not hearing from me she reaches out to me out of the blue i tell her i want absolutely nothing to do with her if she's still with that guy and she proceeds to tell me she still loves me and misses me and she ends it with the other guy and we get back together. We're together for about three months and she dumps me again and goes back to the other guy this goes on for almost the entire last year of her coming to me for a few months then leaving me. Finally back in july I've had enough and walk away fast forward to the end of September its her birthday i send her a text wishing her a happy birthday and she responds with her birthday wish is to see me and have coffee and talk. Like the idiot i am i agree because i would be lying if I said I didn't still love her so we meet for coffee she tells me that she broke it off with the other guy in August and that she has missed me and realized no one will love her like i do but she doesn't want a relationship at the moment but wants to spend time together. So from September to December we're together but were not if that makes sense shes the only one im talking to and sleeping with now ive never been to big on social media im in my mid thirties and she's in her early thirties and she knows this but last week i just got this weird feeling to check out her Facebook so i reactivated my account and checked out her page and i see pictures of her and this other guy that was posted in November when supposedly she hadn't talked to him since August from what she had told me . To be completely honest i lost it because i still loved this girl despite all the heartache she put me through so i called her out on her lies she had nothing to say its been two weeks of NC now but its driving me crazy i miss her but im so upset i just dont know how to move on.
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