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  1. Like i said i confronted her with what i found on her Facebook and told her i wanted nothing to do with her i normally dont burn bridges but i charred this one to ashes.
  2. That's unacceptable it takes a few seconds to send a text. If he's ignoring you now ignore him when he gets back
  3. Thanks guys i appreciate it and you guys are right its cruel and selfish of her especially knowing how I feel im trying to just move on with my life and put all this behind me.
  4. This may be long but i would really appreciate any feedback. So last year after four years my ex girlfriend breaks up with me we had our up's and downs but i really loved her so it was a shock to me when she ended things but not even two weeks into the breakup i find out she's already seeing another guy. I make a few attempts to get her back it doesn't work so i go NC well after three months of not hearing from me she reaches out to me out of the blue i tell her i want absolutely nothing to do with her if she's still with that guy and she proceeds to tell me she still loves me and misses me and she ends it with the other guy and we get back together. We're together for about three months and she dumps me again and goes back to the other guy this goes on for almost the entire last year of her coming to me for a few months then leaving me. Finally back in july I've had enough and walk away fast forward to the end of September its her birthday i send her a text wishing her a happy birthday and she responds with her birthday wish is to see me and have coffee and talk. Like the idiot i am i agree because i would be lying if I said I didn't still love her so we meet for coffee she tells me that she broke it off with the other guy in August and that she has missed me and realized no one will love her like i do but she doesn't want a relationship at the moment but wants to spend time together. So from September to December we're together but were not if that makes sense shes the only one im talking to and sleeping with now ive never been to big on social media im in my mid thirties and she's in her early thirties and she knows this but last week i just got this weird feeling to check out her Facebook so i reactivated my account and checked out her page and i see pictures of her and this other guy that was posted in November when supposedly she hadn't talked to him since August from what she had told me . To be completely honest i lost it because i still loved this girl despite all the heartache she put me through so i called her out on her lies she had nothing to say its been two weeks of NC now but its driving me crazy i miss her but im so upset i just dont know how to move on.
  5. Thank you everyone I went against my better judgment on making the profile I'm going to deactivate it and just try to heal for now thank you again.
  6. So this week it's going on two weeks since my ex and I broke up this past Friday she had tricked me into coming over to talk which didn't go over to well. Saturday night my friend suggested I make a online dating profile but under dating without commitment / friends he said the sooner I start meeting new people and realize that she's not the only girl in the world the sooner I'll start feeling better. So I said what the hell why not she left me and she's most likely moving on with her life why shouldn't I so I make the profile and start browsing but it's like I'm just not intrested in talking to anyone and it wouldn't be fair to any of the girls that would be interested in talking to me I've had a few intrested girls message me but I just can't bring myself to even talk to any of them as a matter of fact I feel worse and it's just making me think of my ex even more I'm sure it was to soon to jump into this but I do I feel worse when girls a messaging me shouldn't that be somewhat of a ego boost?
  7. He's probably being nice my ex has kids and I still help out since we were so close and the biological father isn't in the picture. Don't read to much into it or you'll drive yourself crazy
  8. It means exactly that she just wants to go out without the evening ending in sex it's nothing against you but she might be feeling like you take her out and all that just for the payoff at the end of the night. I know you guy's only see each other once or twice a week but it doesn't always have to end with sex she wants to know that you want to spend time with her without getting in her pants surprise her next time you guy's hang out go out to dinner and a movie or whatever you guy's do and at the end of the night just lay in bed hold her cuddle and just ask her about her week or what's going on with her friends I guarantee she will appreciate that so much she wants to know you care about her and it's not just about sleeping together.
  9. Thanks guys you're right Clinton. You guy's are all right I just need to totally cut it all off I can't keep putting myself through this. But I would like to remain in the kids lives once all this has passed.
  10. So as I've been posting here about my failed relationship with my ex of 3 years it's going on a month since I moved out of our place we went back and forth tried to make it work again and split up again a little over a week ago. So I had to restart the entire process of NC and trying to get over her so she texted me last night saying the locks on the front door were not working and if I could possibly fix it she doesn't feel comfortable and it was a little late to contact the landlord. So stupid me not wanting to be a jerk got some tools and went over so I get to the apartment just being polite not really trying to talk to her and start looking at the door and everything is fine so I ask what's up the locks are fine and she's like I'm sorry I just wanted to talk and I knew you wouldn't come over if I said that. I asked do you want to talk about getting back together? And she's like I just want to talk so I say if it's not about getting back together then we have nothing to talk about some how she sucks me in and we just end up talking about why we broke up and why she ended things basically going in circles I was trying so hard not to get emotional but I did I did freak out or yell or get angry just really emotional and tell her how much I still love her and care and how I want nothing more then to work it out and as I stand in front of her a 34 year old man with tears in my eyes all the feeling came flooding back and I told her why did you do this it's not fair she says she obviously still loves and cares about me but I just left as she was talking then later at night she texts me saying I need you to stop loving me it's killing you I just responded by saying I wish it was that easy. Why was she so selfish to do such a thing I'm sure she missed me but she left me why hurt me all over again I don't understand her reasoning behind it.
  11. Yes the kids and I grew very close to each other and know when her and her ex split up he completely left the picture and wanted nothing to do with them so I've been the only father figure that these kids have known for most of their lives
  12. So I we officially split a little over a week ago after failed attempts to try and make it work she ended it each and every time. We stayed in contact at first then went through the usual post break up arguments of her telling me that she wants nothing to do with me and we only need to be in touch about the kids. Then out of the blue wanted to be very friendly with me while knowing the entire time I still love her and wanted to work things out. So yesterday she had invited me to have dinner with her and the kids but I wasn't going to get off work in time so I said it's probably best I don't see her considering I still love her and it would just hurt but said I would pick the kids up to go for ice cream. She said she was going to take the kids to her parents after dinner so ice cream wouldn't work I then offered to take them myself just to spend time and she said no and we arranged for me to see the kids next week but I said I would pick them up from her parents that way I wouldn't see her. Then her and I were supposed to hang out Saturday night to get coffee and she said I assume you're canceling Saturday night since you don't want to see me I said yes I think it's best for me otherwise I'm just going to continue to hurt and you don't want what I want so what's the point I said I'm sorry and she didn’t respond. Then this morning she sent me a text saying all I'm doing is hurting the kids by acting like this that she's trying to remain friends for the sake of the kids and just laying this guilt trip on me as if I'm not trying to be apart of the kids lives like I still love her very much and would love to work it out but she doesn't want to so what's with the guilt trips I don't understand and why doesn't she take into consideration my pain and I never said I didn't want to see the kids I suggested we try to work it out in a way where I wouldn't see her because in still in love and it's just going to continuously cause my heartache.
  13. Definitely seek help this is a rough situation I went through this I'm middle eastern and my ex was Hispanic my family obviously wanted me with a middle eastern woman. But I fought to try and get them to understand I'm 34 so I've dated a good amount of girls and I was never happy in any of those relationships till I met my ex it's like she understood me inside and out. I fought so they could try and understand how happy this girl made me and that if I were to be with someone just to please my family then I would never be happy especially since once my parents are gone I'm going to be left with this person I never wanted to be with in the first place. It took a lot but I fought for that relationship to try and get them to understand and when they finally started coming around we broke up
  14. So we were together for 3 years split a few weeks ago then tried to work it out and split up again exactly a week ago. At first we had the usual break up arguments then tried to work it out but she was being cold distant and closed off and finally said she just doesn't love me like that and we're just never going to work. So I distanced myself but couldn't to much because of the kids and I kept conversations just about the kids till two day's ago she starts being really friendly with me and asking me personal stuff about what's going on in my life. Now I didn't cheat or abuse her in any way she said I neglected her due to working to much and we grew apart when we split she said she wanted nothing to do with me and we couldn't be friends or a part of each other's life in any way other then the kids. But now she being friendly joking around being silly even jealous about 4th of July weekend I'll be going out of town with friends and a girl that's intrested in me will be going and my ex knows it and she asked today if I had any feelings for to which all I said was I fought to keep us together do you think I have feelings for anyone and she didn't respond. So now she asked if I wanted to come over for dinner tomorrow with her and the kids and to hang out Saturday evening to get coffee like what the hell is going on I don't understand what she's trying to do she knows how I feel but was adamant before that we could never work out again I just don't understand.
  15. Well I've been on here for a few weeks after a pretty painful break up to where she said she wanted nothing to do with me and after taking some of the advice given and reading other threads and following that advice she's started contacting me and I continue to read and take advice it's been pretty helpful so thank you everyone who has taken the time to post here.
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