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  1. Thank you. Your advice was helpful, and not judgey.
  2. Thanks for your input, but the snappiness wasn't really necessary.... We HAVE gone to professionals, and this is what they told us.
  3. Nope, not trolling. Just unsure what to do and looking for different input because this was the advice we had been given by the professionals. Thanks for your response, although it could have been worded differently.
  4. Hi, so, my girlfriend was raped last year. She's been to counselling and therapy, and they've done some sessions with her, and they said the next step is for her to actually have sex with a man again in order to get over the mental block she still has in place lingering from the rape. We need to build up to that of course, because at this point, she can't even touch herself anymore, or let me touch her. And I can't fully help her, because I'm a girl, and she needs to have sex with a man, because it was a man who raped her. She's terrified to do it though, and since she feels safe with me, I to
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