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  1. I think you're right I will give it a few month on the new contraception then maybe slyly mention this no hormone one you speak off. I have a feeling that it will return once shes off this IUD and maybe after the holiday she will feel better. I think if it was with someone I found mildly attractive i would find a way to deal with it but I find her so sexy all the time I get so built up with testosterone and it makes me into someone i don't like.
  2. She was on the IUD for about 2 and half years and she started getting periods again also We spoke about the reduced sex drive and she said that she just doesn't feel anything anymore. Like she used to get horny during sex scenes in films ect but now its nothing. so we she felt like it was a side affect of the IUD and got it out this week. She decided to change back to the pill which she was on before we met and she had no problems with. Hopefully this will bring back the sex drive. If not like you said I will have to speak to her. Its just become such a stress and shock that no matter what I d
  3. Shes very smart, head strong and independent but incredibly self conscious. Shes put on weight since we got together but she knows that this doesn't bother me at all and I tell her every day that I love the way she looks, infact I couldn't be more attracted to a person however this all completely glides over her head. For example we're two and a half years in and shes stopped getting dressed in front of me. I think this could be a reason she has low sex drive but I don't know how i could be anymore supportive.
  4. I get that but its only been the last 3-4 couple of months shes changed to be like this. Before that wouldn't have bothered her, we even used to do it when they were in the house. So you can see why It bewilders me because Im not used to having to plan a whole night of events when before it was any time and place. Plus I feel at are age this infrequency on sex isn't normal?
  5. I get that hence why I think I'm a pig but I try the seductive approach at night I try the planning it in approach I try the spontaneous approach. But if I'm seductive I'm cheesy if I'm spontaneous she's got a reason e.g. parents, not had a shower ect so I try plan it in and she says no because I've asked. Plus before she came home from uni she was really into that hence why I'm now in uncharted waters with no clue what to do
  6. I think you right, we have a holiday coming up and hopefully that will change it. I will give it a month or so and see what it's like after.
  7. She's currently unemployed (uni student) and in no rush to get a job so pretty much zero stress. Do you think all that still applies to two people who are 20-21? This is why Im thinking I'm a pig because my approach to sex is the polar opposite to that. Fair enough I like a big event where I can woo her ect but we both live with are parents making that difficult so I don't understand why she's lost complete intrest in having my sex midday while her parents are out for two hours? And if I was bad in bed I would understand but I make sure her needs are thoroughly met before mine are.
  8. Yeah I know I'm not going to make any decisions until it's clear that the change in contraceptive has had no affect. I spend the majority of are time together and I try to organize date nights with mini golf and we go to the cinema alot. But at the end of the night the result is the same. I couldn't really tell you when the last time we were intimate and vulnerable together. And she doesn't particularly care for seduction or that's the feeling it get from her reactions.
  9. Me and my gf of 2.5years have almost completely stopped having sex. Over the last 5 weeks we had sex once. I spoke to her about it and she has admitted to have zero sex drive. We've changed her current contraceptive to try to rectify this but I feel like there's more to it. It's obviously upsetting for both of us but I feel it's seriously affecting are relationship and it just doesn't seam to bother her. Whenever I try to initiate sex she tells me because I've asked then it's not going to happen. Which makes me think she's just making up an excuse so we can't have sex. I have a hundred reasons
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