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  1. Wow you're being very rude. Yes, it is the truth, my phone did die. I went out with my phone, it wasn't charged much because I was out all that day. Not soon after I went home because I didn't want to walk home without a charged phone, actually. He hadn't responded to me during that whole night, even before I had said I wanted to us to break-up. It was only when I woke up the next morning that I saw he had responded, during the night, at 2-4am. I know I'm piece of crap, I'm trying to figure out why and how to stop, if you don't mind reading the other posts.
  2. When I admitted to him I was jealous of his mates, he said I shouldn't be and that theres enough space in his heart for everyone
  3. Sometimes he asks me to come and sometimes he doesn't. Usually I say no its okay because I want some self time anyway. But its kind of always up to him to invite me or not. He has already been to Germany to the place where his mate is, both times he didn't invite me. There was other times when I wanted to take a trip with him somewhere (once it was to manchester and another time to london, not far from the places he was living, during our LDR) and he didn't feel like it but then he ends up doing it with his mate. Which makes me feel jealous. Financially its more difficult for me to take these
  4. Yes, thats true. I do feel ressentful. I feel like he has friends and money and I don't. And he has the choice to go off when he wants, while I am at home depressed. Its not his fault that I feel that way. But sometimes I feel like I'm playing a mother. I don't mind cooking or cleaning the flat, since these things I enjoy doing/had to do when I'm alone anyway. But he didn't make the effort of doing little things around the place much, which working people have to do too really. Of course, I am a student and he is working, so I saw it as fair. But to do all that and then have the energy to see
  5. No I'm not upset about having his password. I'm saying I don't understand his logic. I feel like you are being very judgmental and passive agressive on my part. You don't really know whats been happening outside of that weekend, he has been acting strange for over a month. I've tried to talk to him, and he'd say he's just tired.
  6. I am willing to give him a second chance. Especially as in part it was my fault. Although me saying I wanted to split up was due to a number of issues that was going on between us. I am not using it as a way of threatening him, I have never mentionned it to him and have always been too hesitant to do so, as with everyone. I wanted to tell him because I needed the support from him. It may reads as that but it was NEVER my intention.
  7. No we had a healthy talk on the phone and I admitted to him I've been feeling depressed for a while. Not because of him, but in general, and him being away triggered it again. Which I know is not normal. Then he decided to come back because he was worried. And then he told me what had happened when I saw the friend request and how he was acting. I do not carelessly toss this around. It was very difficult for me to admit and I have never told anyone, except a close friend. I wanted to split up with him because of the issues we've been having. I hadn't actually split up with him and he knows
  8. Hi all. I really need help about this situation. Basically my boyfriend of 2.5 years kissed with another girl this week-end. I am 24 and he is 23. He is my second serious relationship and I am his first. So, this weekend he went to see his best friend in another country. I was kinda pissed off with him because he had gone off as soon as he had finished his job that thursday. I felt left-out and jealous of his mate. Its been strange between us in general. We haven't been having much sex and when we do it was really all about him. I was trying my best but I felt like we were falling into a r
  9. i feel hurt. It makes me feel fed up, I'll really miss him. I'll have to ask him. Yeah thats what I thought, but I guess there wouldn't be enough space in his room. I just find it funny he didn't just say "hope your holidays arent at the same time as theirs" and instead jumped atraight to seeing each other in december.
  10. So I am now in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend of 9 months. We started our LDR end of July, but have been seeing each other quite often. I suppose our official LDR has started a week or so since he has left for Wales and I am in Paris. We had made plans to see each other, meaning I would go over to Wales for a week or so, at the end of October, which is very motivating for me since I was already having a hard time about starting a LDR. He visited me in Paris lastweek, so it would be 5 or 6 weeks until we will see each other again. He seemed enthousiastic about me going, we t
  11. Thank you for the article, it does feel relevant for me right now, although I was not abused in any way as a child. We've had some long discussions. He's says that I don't believe him when he tells me that he loves me and wants to stay with me, which is true, I find it hard to believe him. He also said that he can't stop his life and just be sad all the time, refering to his weekend, because I was upset and jealous, I kept imagining things when he went out this weekend. He says he is not like that, not a player or a flirt, and when he is out he remains "my property". I know he's right and he
  12. Then again: he didn't really tell me that he wasn't completely sure before about having a LDR. So maybe thats the reason I can't trust him
  13. Yes I would like to have a serious relationship with him, I do love him. He says he loves me too, and since the two weeks together in August he has felt a lot more close to me and he really wants to give this LDR a go. But hearing this makes me think "Its only been a couple of weeks where you've felt sure about us??" I just keep picking holes in everything and feeling very paranoid. But I am feeling very anxious and unhappy, extremely insecure, and most of all, jealous and when it comes down to it, I do not trust him, even though I don't really have any reasons not to. I was in a relationsh
  14. I've already been to college for my degree and now starting my masters. I would like to get into a more serious relationship. Thank you for making me a realised I'm insecure and have a lot stress about the future. I will talk to him about it. Its true that LDR is probably not cut out for me. What we decided was to try and have a LDR, because leaving one another like this was too difficult, especially as we love each other. If it doesn't work out, then we know, and never have to wonder if it could have worked.
  15. Hello, I am a 22 year old girl who is a student. In september my boyfriend is moving away to a new school in Wales to study, and I am going to Paris to study. We are both leaving the town we met in. We have decided at least trying a long distance relationship, to see if it could work or not. But I am feeling very angry, confused and jealous at the moment. At the end of July we were both moving back to our parents and we were not going to see each other for two weeks. It wasn't a very happy time, there was a strange, tight atmosphere between us, we couldn't talk like we normally would, it
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