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  1. So I tried to talk things through , didn't really do me any good. So I am hoping to have everything here sorted in time to be on a plane home next Thursday. Tickets are being booked now. I told my little girl that mummy and daddy can't live together, but that we love each other (🤔 and that we love her so much. I've encouraged her to talk to us about her feelings and I am making sure we don't discuss anything about this in front of her. He is trying to convince me that I am making a mistake and that I should just live here so she can see him(trust me I am not going to stop him seeing her) bu
  2. I have full custody of our daughter. So I am not concerned with kidnapping charges, and currently I don't have a job as I am a stay at home mum, but I have back up finances in my home country which I put in place incase of emergencies. So I am going to look for flights home. I understand that once a cheater always a cheater, but as stupid as this may sound I like to give people a second chance. I just wish this had happened before I had moved, because ob's I would never have uprooted my child to be in a surrounding where it could emotionally damage her ( I don't want my daughter to see this
  3. Thank you for replying. We are not married, which in one respect would mean no lengthly divorce, I think the only thing I can hold onto and be proud of (aside from my daughter🙂 is the fact that if I left and he didnt step up financially. I could quite easily and happily take care of our daughter. I have a career that I can keep progressing in. If I even mention counselling he thinks it's because I can't work through the issues. I'm not adverse to it. I think it can help a relationship. I know counselling helped my parents when they went through a rough patch. But yeah overall its always
  4. Hi, first time poster. I (33,F) moved to Australia with my partner (33,M) of 17 years. We have been together since school, have a school aged daughter and it's been a tough transition, but we've settled quite well. The problem lies here. 4 years ago we broke up, I feel he left me because 3 of his closest friends all separated from their long term girlfriends and were all off on boys hols, out clubbing and so on. Now, during the time apart, my SO was toying with my emotions and constantly made it clear that he needed space, but that we would get back together. I know he was sleeping with ot
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