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  1. My boyfriend and I went to school together and reconnected after 17 years. Our relationship is honestly the best I've ever had in my life, he's understanding, supportive, he values me and we get along amazingly. He loves my son and I love his son and we've become a family. About three weeks ago, I saw a FB message coming in on his phone and it was from this girl that we both know. I'd always been under the assumption that they were just friends and didn't think anything of it until he said something about her not leaving him alone. I asked to see the messages, which he was fine with showi
  2. Thank you very much! I never thought I'd get my happy ending, but it CAN happen and everything CAN work out for the best. The best part is that me and my ex are coparenting so well, when in the beginning it was always fighting. It feels good that we and our partners can raise him together without all the fighting.
  3. It was definitely a struggle to get to where I am now. When he first started dating her, I was miserable, even though I'm the one that left. He mentally and emotionally abused me for 5 years, but he also brainwashed me into thinking I needed him and I'd never find anyone better. I was devastated when they got engaged, but overtime I realized it's what was supposed to happen. Now I thank God every day that I'm not the one he married and that we coparenting our son well. Time heals everything, and you will get there.
  4. My ex is getting married today. We've come a long way in our coparenting relationship and I'm very thankful that his fiancé is in my son's life, she's a great step parent and we get along well now. I'm in a relationship that is just about perfect in every way with someone who loves me, values me, makes me a priority in his life, and we want to get married when the time is right. Although it bothers me that by tonight the man I spent 5 years of my life with and who gave me a beautiful little boy will be someone else's husband, I've accepted it and I'm happy for both of them. I'm glad he found
  5. Thank you, I appreciate that. I'm still looking and applying at other places, so I have a backup plan. Thanks again for your advice, I'll get ahold of my references and see if they've been contacted.
  6. You're right, it is. I mean patience isn't a strong point when it comes to hearing back about something I want. I'm patient with all other things in life, lol. I really think it's a career I would excel in, and I want the chance to prove it. The dispatch center I applied for hasn't hired in a long time, and it's a job I've always wanted, so now I have the chance and I just want it to work out. I knew the process would take awhile, and I really am trying to be patient and keep myself busy with other things, I've just overcome so much the last year and a half and always worked dead end jobs tryi
  7. Thanks j.man, patience isn't one of my strong points. I'll work on it, lol, and try to be patient with it. I just want to know!
  8. I've been in the hiring process for a job with our Central Dispatch which dispatches for police officers, sheriffs, ambulance, and firemen. I turned in my application and typing test on December 6th, did my testing on February 11th, got called for an interview on the 15th, had my interview on February 22nd, and was notified the next day that I did well enough to begin the background check. It took me a little over a week to complete the packet and turn it in, it was very extensive. I turned it in on the first of March. I still haven't heard anything back. My background is clean and I had
  9. I definitely feel like I'm walking on clouds! I can't believe it, this kind of stuff doesn't happen to me, lol. I seriously can't wait to see him again!
  10. Wow...so this is going to be long and I apologize, but I'm just so excited!!!! The last thing I want to do is get my hopes up about this one, but it's really hard not to after our conversation we had last night. Yesterday I posted about my coffee date with a guy I went to high school with and how amazing I thought it went, but that I was unsure if it was a date to him or just a friendly catch up. He cleared that up for me and then some 150% last night. He texted me to say hi and see how I was, we got to talking, about high school and dating and stuff. He confessed to me that he'd had the b
  11. I'm going to see, there's something that's telling me that this is going to be a really good thing, whether it ends up being as just friends or something more. I haven't felt a connection like this in so long, on a deep level where I felt like I could talk to him about anything. And if we end up just being friends that can talk the way we do, I'll be bummed, but I'll be ok with it. I wish I'd realized how great he is in high school, lol.
  12. Thanks guys. I keep going and back forth remembering the whole morning and how charged it was and the friends comment. It seems like the general consensus is he's not interested in anything more than friendship and I need to accept it, I guess. It sucks for sure, I haven't felt like this in a very long time and it's a good feeling when you're thinking about someone a lot. I appreciate all your responses.
  13. Ok so the guy I went to high school with and have been talking with on Facebook...we met for coffee this morning while I was in his town (my home town). We met at 9 at a Starbucks and stayed there for almost 4 hours, but it literally felt like 30 minutes. It was so amazing. We talked about EVERYTHING. He definitely seemed interested most of the time, lots of eye contact, flirting, smiling, he seemed interested in everything I had to say,...but then he said something that makes me think he wants to just be friends? We were talking about our kids and how it works with dating when there's ki
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