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  1. How about considering moving with your mum, maybe the change of environment will help? Not only will you then be around family still for support, but there may be more opportunities out there for you in terms of jobs, new people etc. You don't have to make it a long term thing, you could give it a year to see how you feel then consider moving back to where you are now? If you are feeling this down about the whole situation now, and you have another year and a half till the move, then you may end up getting worse which is not what you want. Is there anything in particular you'd like to do like
  2. Yeah that's what I've always thought, it seems people throw that special closeness around too much
  3. Ah Well at least I'll be occupied with the travelling as well. Thank you
  4. I suppose you're right, I mean we've both been busy with exams and stuff. Yeah that's one thing I really wanted to avoid, getting intimate, because that's just not something that interests me but seems the 'norm' (which I'm not saying is okay to follow) to jump into it super fast - especially in the university setting.
  5. Yeah that's true, I may do what you said above and see how things are after summer
  6. Yeah, we've been on a date or two and he's said he's interested in me, but I think I said some stuff about what I've been told about him whilst very drunk the other night and now he's not responding to me
  7. I'm in a situation at the moment. Me and this guy have been speaking for about 2 months and I love his company and stuff. However, I'm not someone who is good at sharing how I'm feeling, opening up and relationships scare me; personal contact is just not something I'm very comfortable with (although it has improved lately). He has said he's happy to take things slow, but I'm worried that it'll feel like I'm dragging this 'thing' out. Also,I've been told things about him that have made me wary off him and not put full trust into something. I'm not going to go into detail but basically issue
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