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  1. I know and that's what I had with him. I couldn't plan ahead because just didn't know if he would still be around and I didn't want to argue with him because just know he would pack up and leave me everything with a text saying it's over and then being blocked. I'm glad in a way I don't hav red to go through it any more. I feel like some of it was emotionally abuse and I keep telling myself it everyday to try help me move on but you can't help your feelings and I just feel for him but just know in the long run I'll be better off that's what my mind tells me. I mean 7 months we been broken up and we was only together 8...I've been in longer relationships it shouldn't be this hard.
  2. Not really no. I would infact be upset if he was. We broke up due to the fact he has bad heath and anger issues which caused us to argue alot. He told me he still loved me that has never changed and he has to fix himself and get well again. He told me he isnt interested in any other woman, infact he hates them, that he wishes he could make things work with me but he has to choose himself now. so if i was to find that he already has another woman after telling me all this i would be really upset, plus we only been broken up six months and it was only a month ago he told me this. I excepted he needed to work on himself so i told him we could remain friends and hoping in the future when he is in a better place maybe trying again, but he has gone back to ignoring now when he asked me to be friends with him in the first place.
  3. I held out for the 6 months and because we were talking throughout the breakup and he would go hot and cold. One minute he loves me then disappears saying he needs to be alone. Then we be talking over the phone having a laugh about old says then he's depressed and doesn't want to talk. I still had some kind of hope he might change his mind then i just asked him straight out if we should try again and he told me he would have to say no right now and that he chooses him self and fixing himself and told me to move on and be happy so I just decided enough is enough I gotta walk away but in my mind I thought he will either change his mind and miss me when I'm not about any more or I'll just move on....I think I have been through the bargaining and acceptance stage of break up this week. At first I messaged him saying we can be friends and I would rather that then nothing but he didn't respond to now accepting it's done and deleting photos everything that I have on him and now just moving on
  4. Just feel so stupid and rejected again. His mare told me today how he's spoken with him and they had a chat and I'm so sad because I'm blocked from everywhere and I never did the guy wrong. I thought me walking away from.him he would realise what he had but no but I don't know why I'm finding it hard to just move on from him we been split up more than we been together and looking back I see how crappie he treated me so why?..
  5. We been broke up now 6 months but always kept in contact I have been no contact for 3 weeks as he told me all he can offer is friendship I told him I couldn't do it due to my feelings for him and wenot no contact. I have never gone longer than a month then I broke it again...I tried calling him but his phone just rang through I felt good knowing he hadn't blocked me like he usually does. Then sent him a text asking how he is but got no response. Today I sent him a message saying that I will be his friend because I'd rather h a very him in my life that way than nothing at all and to message me by if he wants the same but again nothing...I feel more crap than before. I don't know what's wrong with me. Why I can't let go...why i miss him so much he hurt me so bad. I'm goin b to start day one again tomorrow and this time stick it out. People say no answer is your answer I think this is mine I feel so weak and I can't shift th his sad feeling.
  6. I have been through kind of the same thing you have but i was with my ex for only nearly a year and he broke up with me countless amont of times a few times every month over petty things and would block me for days and tell me to f*ck off and he's not doing this anymore ignore me and I kept chasing him back for him to do it again and again and like you was on egg shells i couldnt plan anything in case he be gone again and everyone was telling me to walk away I have threads on here about it. It's got to the point where I'm emotionally drained, low self esteme, blaming myself and it was toxic and emotional abuse. I Have now walked away and blocked him from everywhere it hurt so bad but I had no choice I would have been a wrek. These kinda people we can not have a future with they will ruin out self esteem confidence and everything and eventually we will be too damaged to find the right one for us. My advice as someone that has been through this myself as hard as it is to walk away because you love her is WALK AWAY block her and get support of friends and family to help you move on. Let her know how it feels but mean it. It does get easier I never thought I'd say it but now I look back and think what a fool he was and now i just want to erase him from my mind like I never met him. They don't deserve us and no one will put up with that kind of behaviour like we did they will end up alone but you gotta put yourself first. I'm glad I didn't stick it out as long as you have but it won't change now 2 years on it will only get worse.
  7. I think you should forget the ex and give the new girl a chance. Your ex finished with you 9 months ago and now she's been out there doing what she's doing and is now realising the grass is not greener and is now thinking about you again. She let you go...She was willing to lose you let her live with that now and move on your self and be happy. Yes you may still love her but she didn't love you enough to be with you and it's took her 9 months to realise what she had What if you finish with this new girl and take back your ex for her to break your heart again further down the line?..Don't do that to yourself.
  8. I know exactly how ur feeling right now. I have just finished with a guy who told me he was "emotionally unavailable" who used to be so dramatic after every argument we had and left me. I would message him and call him, chasing trying to tell him how good we had it and we should give things another go i love you bla bla . He even made out I was the one causing all the arguments and I had issues to the point where I went to councilling for them to tell me I didn't need it and he also went and they told him he needs anger management he hasn't booked an appointment yet. He told me he's no good to anyone and I should move on. He said he loved me he even said he would move to a different city with me and now this he's gone again. I have now let him go. I'm currently 2 weeks no contact and it's really hard I Struggling everyday but it does get better. They have treated us poorly and they don't deserve us and if they do find a next women now 1. They will be a rebound and it won't work and 2. They will be just the same with them. Let them go we deserve better. Be on your own be around people that love and value u. I've booked a holiday so that's giving me something to look forward too and u will be better I promise stop trying to fill a void going online it's not fair on the guy u meet and u are no way over ur ex for that and for me to actually be on here advising some one rather than coming on here writing for advice on how bad I'm hurting is something I tell you. The advice on here is great and it helps get us through and it's comforting to know that we are not the only ones going through it. No contact is the best way to go. Block from everywhere disappear from their radar and I garentee you will start feeling better take it from me that's been an absolute mug from my last guy. I felt worthless and lost everything chasing him. Now I'm working on myself.
  9. I don't need my parents to get me a phone lol. I quite happily had my own phone and SIM...we was together then he knew I wanted a particular phone and decided to get it for me for my birthday but he got me a contract with it...guess back then he thought it was a good gesture and thought we would stay together
  10. He brought it with the plan as a birthday present and told me he would transfer it over to me after the cooling off period.(.that's when we was together. )Then after I thought I would just keep paying my bill till the contract ends as he gave me all the account details so I could discuss any thing about the phone myself. I didn't want to just give it him back else he would have been stuck paying for the contract after getting it for me as a present I'd feel bad but then he reported it as stolen and that's why I had to contact him as they wouldn't let me speak to them About the phone then I was already two weeks no contact and had blocked him from everything.
  11. Hi everyone. Last time I posted I was doing ok with no contact over Xmas...I was 2 weeks in when the ex that I've been posting about previously reported the phone he had brought me on my birthday as stolen and they had blocked it and wouldn't let me discuss it over the phone with them as he had took my name off the system as a contact and they said i had to contact the account holder before i could speak about the phone when before all i had to do was give them a password and i could speak about my account..He denied he had done this and was even trying to fix my phone with me and the tech team over the phone before I had found out that the phone had been reported by taking it to the store which was embarrassing. After arguing with him over the phone about this he called them and my phone was working again miraculously...we talked for a bit then he started putting on indirect messages on his profile about how people don't care about him and i thought it was aimed at me and told him that wasnt the case cus i did and he kept throwing us away but he said it was aimed at family and blocked me again. I then went a week no contact and messaged him about my phone and how the bill was higher then it was supposed to be but i couldnt spk to them he had to and it took him 3 days to respond telling me his phone had been in for repair and only just got my message but is everything ok now? I told him it was sorted since then he asked me where I was and I told him.up town and he said ok cool...I got a bit tipsy night after and called him we spoke for a bit and he said he would call me next day but didn't and I then texted him how I still felt about him, he read it but didn't respond I been no contact for 10 days now and I'm going to stick to it. I'm just hurting all the time and I want to reach out again but I'm stopping myself from doing so and trying to move on with everyone telling me to stick to it. I cried for the first time in weeks last night and have a constant emptiness inside I just feel so unhappy and feel like I'm just existing with hurt and upset. I feel I miss him and live him still and i dont know why because he has treated me so poorly and I've never had the chance to sort things out with him because I was always left and blocked.he did tell me he loved me two weeks ago but if he did he wouldn't treat me this way how can I stop feeling so crap I'm trying so hard to move on I just want this feeling and longing to go away.
  12. Happy Christmas everyone. It's comforting to know that we are not going through the pain alone even tho it feels like it. I've been 2 weeks no contact with ex now. I'm not as bad as I thought I'd be I have my ups and downs. Today I'm feeling quite sad as we had plans for Xmas hate the thought of him spending it alone but i tried to fix things again as always but gave up and I'm spending it alone. Not even a merry Christmas from him either but I'm going to plod on and hope that 2018 is a better year for me and for everyone here too we gotta hang in there.x
  13. I too have two boys who got on well with him and saw him like a father figure and he was good with them every time we would argue he would shake their hands and say good bye to them and get in a taxi and go home then I'd wait for our WhatsApp picture to go blank and it did and I'd try and call him and his phone would be off. I was only with this guy a year it's worse for you because u been with yours 5. I'm alone with my boys now and it kills me I want to talk to him but he's blocked me from everywhere. he's blocked my boys too..he's even blocked me from a selling app that's how ridiculas he is. we have to get out of this it will hurt but after 5 years it's not going to get any better and if he hadn't told me it's over for good now and gone to the extreme he has to block me to move on then I'll properly be writing still about him in 5 years time. they have issues girl and it will make you I'll and like me you child will get involved and see what he's putting you through and see you upset all the time and it will effect them. I can't believe I'm giving you this advice when a week ago it was me asking for advice but I know how it feeling u deserve some one who respects and loves you properly these guys are immature and not worth it.
  14. yea thanks for this he has blocked me from everything and also told his sister to tell me that. I have also done the same and cut off all contact now it's killing me because I love him. his sister says he needs councilling as he has underlying issues and I should just leave him. she also says I should go councilling for my insecurities which were made worse when he was arranging to meet his ex behind my back but im.looking into it. he's even blocked my boys who he said he loved but I think that's because he don't want me messaging him through them which I wouldn't do. I can't believe a man can treat you this way after telling you he loves you and wants a future together
  15. wow this sounds like my ex if you read my posts but mine also leaves me and finishes our relationship everytime we argue. I kept chasing him and getting him back thinking things would be different till last weekend he did it after I gave him a great birthday and we had an argument now he's blocked me from everything and I can't contact him at all no more he's told me to move on. in a way I'm.glad he's done it because I now have no choice but to move on as this is draining. I suggest you do what I never did and go no contact from him and get out of it as it's only going to get worse like mines did and then your left a wreck
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