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  1. Depends on how long the distance is and how flexible one might be. I would move for my ex right away. For a childless online entrepeneur I would be a lot easier... Not that it matters because she probably doesn't want me back anyway haha.
  2. This is a thread about stories of people getting back together. Please stop posting breakup stories here with questions for advice because that is simply not what this thread is for.
  3. Can you tell a bit more about her personality? No one knows her better than you but I guess you will get better answers if you elaborate a bit more about her, the relationship and the break up. Based on the info I have now I would say: why don't you ask her to grab a drink?
  4. You are completely right. Thank you for your help. So I will not send the letter and go back to NC. I will keep you guys updated on my situation.
  5. Would 'Ah okay, I see. Well let me know if you change your mind maybe be better? To leave on a positive note and keep the door open?
  6. I would like to agree and for LTR's it should definitely not be like but when it comes to attempts to re-attract someone I think it is a different story. In this topic Tired Tiger describes it better than I ever could:
  7. Yes I agree with you. I will let her breathe. About me hurting her... It is not so much the fact that I pushed her away when we were together that we are now not together. We were just not growing together anymore. She grew, I fell behind and by not changing that, she lost hope that I would ever change. Not saying that I have not hurt her at all of course. I wish I could send you an entire document with our conversations of the last months. I think, at times, I was even being too much of a cold fish towards her. When I finally reached out to her for the first time in a long time I could
  8. I know I come of as a stubborn donkey and I know that I one day might regret this but I am not ready to give up completely. My life will go on and if I would meet someone else tomorrow then I will not let my feelings for my ex get in the way of that. The only point where I could truly let go if I will fall in love again with someone else or if I would find out that she truly is happy with someone else.
  9. That was not 2017, that was 2016. Sent that letter around 3 months after the BU and the present I sent one month after that. I never wrote her mom in the end btw. The topic I made in march I made when she started talking about visiting the city I live in (if I remember correctly)
  10. I know, but it is the only one that I have. My gut feeling tells me this... She maybe was seeing someone last summer. Only reason I have to think this was that she uploaded a picture on a beach looking pretty with no girlfriends in the picture. Unless her new lover has no facebook at all I think the odds are in my favor. She would also not contact me that 'much' if she was in a new relationship because that is not how she is. She would then probably also not say that she needs more time... Again, this is just me overthinking and mayb wishful thinking. I simply don't know 100%
  11. Not 100% sure but based on her social media behavior and how she talked to me the last months I don't think so.
  12. I think there is a difference between knowing that I still think about her and care for her VS NEEDING her and waiting for her
  13. I appreciate your response but I have to say something. I think that the image you have of the relationship between me and her that is too black and white. This might be due to me not describing it well enough though. Even though my posts on this forum can come of as pathetic and needy, this is not how I communicate to her. This forum is my place to go when I feel vulnerable. The last time I initiated a conversation with her was last October (leaving out her birthday which was a few months ago). The last time I mentioned anything relationship related is probably one year ago. Ever since
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