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  1. Sounds like you are handling all this pretty well. Honestly if you want the chance to reconcile and try again just communicate with her in a positive manner. But the only way to do this is to actually accept that its over and the chance that you will never be with her again. Like you said you really have no control over it except to handle things maturely and respect her decision. And never ask her about getting back together. She will bring it up if she feels like she made the wrong choice and at that point you may not even want to. If you two had a good emotional connection it wont just
  2. Lol...That's the attitude. My ex is with her new boyfriend probably getting drilled..while I keep our Daughter. Oh well. I'm throwing a party tomorrow night and have a babysitter scheduled!! Steak and Chicken Kabobs for the win!
  3. I have been through it and still going through it Justin. Have been cheated on multiple times, have a child together and the end of a 7 year relationship ended pretty awfully. We cant even talk besides through text.. If I can give you any advice on what to do at this point is to seriously evaluate why you love her and if it is real LOVE. I love the mother of my child but I am not in Love with her. I love her but do NOT like her either at this point because of how she has treated me off and on over the years and the things she did and said during the breakup. If she has cheated it is very
  4. I did the same thing Luisannalui..Blocked all the way made the fake account. When I looked I wish I had not. The only way to really heal is No social media and absolutely no contact. Out of sight and out of mind gives you the reflection period needed to move on and become happy again with yourself independently of the ex.
  5. That's how I feel. Total lack of respect towards me. 7 years together, a child together, and then break up with me over the telephone?! Saying it's over...goodbye click? Goes all business like. I never abused you, always supported you in every situation, your not happy with yourself..So you find someone else to make you happy? Made an attempt to get me back 4 months later to dissapear again? Makes me feel like nothing more than a stepping stone, did our family not mean anything? New boyfriend already and completely happy? How someone can be so fake and destroy the person that you said ove
  6. Thank you as well for this post. This has been the most inspiring thread I have read of any. I have been torn inside for 7 months since she left me. We have a 3 year old daughter together and letting the ship sink and holding on to that rope has been a daunting and at times an impossible choice. But it is time. I do love myself and I do deserve better than someone willing to walk away from 7 years and a beautiful daughter. I have felt alone in the battle for so long now. Even after the cheating I didn't give up. But it's time. It is impossible to not communicate because we have a chil
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