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  1. My father has a new girlfriend. I am his only child and I have never seen him with a partner as him and my mother broke up when I was a baby and since then his life has been about me I suppose. My mother married my step father shortly after their breakup and I will admit, me and my brother (from another father) never got along with him. I suppose we always felt left out as they had new children together, despite the fact my mother did try to include us. Anyway, for the first time I’ve ever seen my father has a new partner. I am so happy for him don’t get me wrong, but I’m so scared that I
  2. I’m dating a guy who is really needy. I feel like I’m the only source of his happiness and I feel so much responsibility. Don’t get me wrong he’s lovely and treats me great. However I just don’t feel any sort of attraction to him anymore. I had so much attraction to him when we first met and he’s definitely my type. However his neediness and lack of confidence has just completely put me off. I don’t even want to kiss him. Is it normal to be turned off by someone who is needy?
  3. Over the past year, my drinking has taken a turn for the worse. Over the last few weekends I have got absolutely black out drunk. I have humiliated myself beyond belief, I have drank so much I have done awful things. I have stranger texting me asking me if i was okay because 'I was bad' the night before. This past weekend I did it again, I have absolutely no recollection and I am honestly so so scared of what I did, what I said, I really don't know what to do. I am so humiliated and this isn't the first time, I ended up in hospital after feeling so suicidal and embarrassed after substance abu
  4. I dated a boy for about a year. He was so terrible to me, borderline emotionally abusive. We had been hooking up (not dating) for about a month. He stopped talking to me and completely dissapeared. I was upset that he just stopped texting me so I moved on and hooked up with another guy who treated me. Nicely. Just to clarify: we were never dating, we had never been on a date or made out hookups ‘exclusive’ He found out when he came back into my life and used this against me as a punishment for months, he told me if I wanted to be his girlfriend, his parents hated me and I had to apolog
  5. There’s a few things wrong in this relationship. Firstly, we have been dating for 7 months, know each other for over a year. For his birthday, I paid for a meal, travelled to see him (we are long distance), and got him a nice present and card. For my birthday, he complained about travelling down to see me, said he couldn’t get me a present right now as he is broke (which I understand) but he didn’t even get me a card. I was so sad. He doesn’t post any pictures of us together, he never EVER compliments me even though I always try and look nice to see him. He doesn’t show affection, in an
  6. My boyfriends lives about 3 hours away at university. Not very far I know but still. He’s been gone for about 3 months and we agreed to see each other at least once a month. However, it’s been a lot more than that. The problem is at the start, he would come over to see me. Now it’s me always going to see him. It’s a lot of hassle for me to go over which I wouldn’t mind if he would equally put the effort in. Overall I’ve been over there about 4/5 times yet he’s only been here once. Not only is this really expensive on my behalf because he will not put any money towards my travel but it’s also h
  7. I am stuck between two guys. I have been 'seeing' this guy for a few months. And whilst I am incredibly attracted to him, and he makes me laugh, he always puts me down. I had to chase him for months,he always made out he was too good for me but I seemed to be attracted to the chase. He has made me feel like crap the majority of the time I have seen him, he never complemented me and quite frankly didnt seem to make any effort. Despite all this, he claims that he likes me, he seems to have had a change of heart now I've stood up for myself about how he treats me wants to make a go of what we hav
  8. Sometimes when I go to my visit my boyfriend at his house, he won't tell me thst his friend is there. I don't dislike his friend but they have conversations I can't get involved in and I have an anxiety disorder as it is, meaning I'm extremely shy. I usually sit there whilst his friend and him play video games for hours and it makes me so uncomfortable, I feel like a bad smell that is just hanging around. Id rather he tell me that his friend is coming over and I'd arrange another time to see him privately. Am I over reacting?
  9. I've posted something similar a few days ago, but I want to go into more detail, I really need help. I've been with my boyfriend for 6 months. He treated me perfect, he's lovely to me. I was bored and curious one night, so I read his messages. I found out he had been flirting with our mutual friend. She knew I was with him. He made jokes saying how hot she was to which she said 'what would your girlfriend say! 😂😂' he responded 'doesn't hurt to look at the menu'. I was heartbroken and humiliated. However, they have been good friends for many years, and he insisted it was not serious and it w
  10. A few months ago I snooped on my boyfriends phone and found texts to one of our friends, flirting a lot. He insisted he was sorry and I forgave him. A few months later, I looked again because I felt insecure and he had been texting a girl 'friend' with hearts and kisses etc, not flirting, but heig overly friendly. He insisted they were friends. I felt guilty for looking and told him to change his password. He did that, but now I'm scared he's doing it again and I have no way of checking. Is it wrong for me to straight out say 'can I just see your messages?' That way I'm not snooping, and he ca
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