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  1. If you boyfriend does kick you out, I would take with a lawyer to see if you have any recourse against him. He is the one that made the commitment to support you and your daughter. I am not saying for you to get him to support your daughter. You gave up spousal support and most of your belongings in the divorce because of your boyfriend. At least talk with a lawyer on what you might be able to do.
  2. Wow, I wish my wife was like you. I would be in heaven if it was so. him saying your his stress is just an excuse. His cheating has nothing to do with you.
  3. When she finds out what is going on, then she can report them. There is something going on for him to have deleted the messages. If it was just the coworker pursuing him there would have been no reason to delete. He could have easily explained that she was pursuing him and he was telling the CW that he was happy married. OP’s husband deleting the messages is just proof that he was cheating on some level.
  4. The lying to you is the worst thing he could have done. Even if nothing happened you won’t know the truth because of the lie. Call the tramp in front of your husband and tell her that your husband confessed. Then ask her for her side of things so that you know he told you all of it. Then call their HR department and report them.
  5. This isn’t a vacation for his sister, this is your wedding. Talk with him about this, this week is all about you and him. It was wrong for your STBMIL impose on you like this. You could always get your parents to say no for you.
  6. Leave your boyfriend, he deserves better then you. After all this time together you do this to him. Your just a cheater looking for sympathy.
  7. Really happy for you Knight! Sorry to hear about your FIL.
  8. She is still a cheater. She is also a home wrecker. If she was is still in love with you, why is she with someone else and cheating on them. She knows you’re a safe bet and can raise the child, it’s not because she is in love with you.
  9. You should off had her move to the spare bedroom. Like you have said you did everything you could to fix the wrong you did. Your wife is doing nothing.
  10. She keeps telling she is going to leave her husband but lacks the ability to tell him herself. So do it for her.
  11. Tell her husband about the two of you. I think the two of you make the perfect couple.
  12. Usa1ah


    The only advice I can give is to get a lawyer and go for full custody of your kids. DNA test your kids. Your wife has cheated on you from day one. Get a lawyer ASAP.
  13. I just don’t know what to say. 😦😦😦😦
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