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  1. So, I am the 4th of 5 siblings. We are all grown now, with ages ranging between 26 and 43. We are all also scattered over the U.S. with one living abroad. All of us have not seen our parents for several years. Not to stereotype my family, but my family is Irish Catholic, and none of us are very affectionate. We all live very independent lives in different parts of the country, and my parents have been happy empty nesters after raising 5 kids. Over the last year (during COVID), my parents refused to allow any of us to come visit them. We all thought my mom was becoming overly paranoid about COV
  2. Thank you! I do feel very happy and balanced in my life at this point. I definitely don't feel offended but I am trying to avoid making him feel offended. I think you're right that he's trying to show his love by teaching me all about weightlifting and what not. I know once I showed an interest in it, his heart flew haha. That is great advice to basically reverse back some of the joy he loses from us working out together in other ways! I will definitely think more about what else I can do to make him feel loved and needed.
  3. Thanks for the understanding and kind words! I used to cook for myself and I definitely ate much smaller meals when I did haha but we just moved in together recently and we are in the middle of a pandemic where we are both home ALL the time so we are definitely just figuring out how to live together! It has been pretty wonderful I have to say. He loves to cook and has more time to do it than I do so that is kind of why he became the chef. His meals are literally chef quality meals, so I can't complain. I just don't need to eat huge portions like I have been doing to the point where I feel over
  4. I just want to address this comment as well because this is at least the second comment of this type. I am not "over the top". I only started working out and eating healthier like two years ago. Before that, I felt like crap about myself, I had no energy, I was physically weak, and too thin to the point where my family members and friends would be asking me if I was eating and/or telling me I looked unwell. I would not eat sometimes for a day because of stress and depression. When I started working out, it not only made me feel better, stronger, more energetic, healthier, etc., but it had a DR
  5. I use powders and supplements to remain healthy and to help reduce muscle soreness. By supplements, I mean -- vitamins (a multi, a probiotic, and omega 3-6-9 with fish oil since I don't eat any seafood). By powders, I mean, protein powder (which I customize with a local shop to add in whatever nutrients I feel I need and lack in my regular diet such as fiber). I also sometimes add in super greens if I didn't eat a lot of vegetables in a week. The protein shakes help with my muscle soreness and also count as a meal replacement especially on busy days when I don't have much time to sit down and
  6. I don't? You seem to misunderstand. I never seed I needed my boyfriend to tell me what to do or how to eat. I did my own workouts prior to meeting him and he was going to the gym. We only started working out together once the gyms closed (because I'm not a gym person). After we finished a BB program together, he wanted to make us a workout plan to do together as a bonding experience, so we did that for about 4 weeks and now I want to do something else but he wants to keep doing that, so here I am asking for advice on how to let him know I'd rather do my own thing than the program he spent time
  7. Hi! I've never been approached by any BB sales people! That is interesting you've had that experience. I just purchased the On Demand thing and I stream any workouts I want any time. I am not apart of any specific BB program or anything like that nor do I purchase any of their supplements or feel pressured to do so. I just do some BB workouts from home if I feel like it. I like the programs so I've done a couple of them but I also want to do other things, I just like to have the workouts there if I want them. I'm not a gym person and much prefer to workout at home.
  8. Yes, I think you're right. I have voiced it many times and he just keeps saying he'll change up the plan or whatever, but he's not really understanding my words, and then I drop it rather than assert myself. We are a very loving couple and I do really think he is trying to bond with me, and teach me things, which is great. He has taught me a lot and we've done his program for 4 weeks and now but it's gotten boring for me and it's not really hitting me the way I want my workouts to hit. He seems offended that I don't want to keep doing his program(s) and that I want to do my own thing which mak
  9. THANK YOU! I know BeachBody is an MLM and it doesn't bother me. I just have the BOD subscription so I can stream any workouts I want any time. I don't buy any of their other products, I buy my own powders, supplements, and. I just like the BB programs because of their structure and the motivational aspect of it. There are TONS of "Instagram trainers" that post workouts all the time and I have saved many of them to try. I have tried mentioning it to him again and he really gets offended but tries to play it off. I've worked out by myself the last couple of days doing Insanity inside (it's h
  10. Hi all. I am a 29/F and my boyfriend is a 30/M. Background: We have been together for a year now. I started working out maybe one year before I met him. I started with the old school Insanity DVDs, then I got a subscription to BeachBody on Demand and graduated to Insanity Max 30. I got GREAT results with these programs (I was very lean). I was also eating less. Once I completed Insanity Max 30, I wanted to start putting on more muscle. My boyfriend likes bodybuilding. His idol is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He did not do much cardio or HIIT (if any) and didn't really need to. He also eats g
  11. Hello, My relationship of 6 years is over. I moved out and I live far away from the town I love, he kept the dog, I feel isolated and lonely and I hate everything about my life. I cannot get over this depression, I can barely get out of my bed on the days I don't work. This is just the second week since I moved but I can't stop thinking about things. I know he was/is bad for me. This is the second time we've broken up and I've moved out. But I WANT to be with him. There is something about him that feels right to me when I am with him. I can't get rid of this feeling. I know all the things
  12. May I ask how old you are? I did the same thing, I move across the country from my hometown to be with my boyfriend 6 years ago now and we broke up, I've moved out and I have a job here I enjoy. I have very few friends and they are mostly busy with their relationships/new children/lives in general, so I also spend most of my nights at home alone. I think, you should weigh the options before you decide to move back home. Moving is expensive and you can't cure your problem by moving from one city to another. You can end up just as anti-social and alone in your hometown, especially since you don'
  13. Hi guys, It's been a while since I've been on here. Some updates: My boyfriend and I (we broke up forever ago, I moved out and into my own place, then we got back together and moved in with a roommate/friend who just recently moved out and in with his GF) are pretty much done with our relationship. He started kind of treating me like crap again, I started feeling really bad inside, and I decided to go to therapy. Therapy has helped me to realize in a very concrete way that this relationship is over and it's not worth saving, she said I should have an exit plan, since he tends to behave rat
  14. I feel you on this. I think if you get yourself into a good work environment with superiors who value you and your work, networking becomes a little easier. You are unhappy in your current job, which kind of makes networking a lot harder, too. Keep that in mind.
  15. Well, you have a plethora of self-esteem and self-worth issues that you are blaming on your failed relationship with a high school sweetheart who also has a plethora of self-esteem and self-worth issues. That relationship started off toxic, and ended toxic. It will NEVER be anything other than toxic, should you decide to pick it back up again. And sorry, but if someone had tried to put a restraining order on you, it's a big red sign that this is not worth trying again. Your silver lining is that you are now free to wash your hands of this extremely toxic relationship that made you feel mis
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