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  1. Right, I think I shall be very careful in future and not simply confess my feelings too early at initial stage before I am 100% sure on anything (like how he feels about me and whether we are on the same page or not). Thank you again. Sorry if I appear to be a little slow-witted in this; I am just 18 and still quite new in matters of love. More advice on relationships and dating are always welcomed! Have a nice day =P
  2. Love you Cattfeeder! You are so wise in dealing with this! What you said is indeed a fresh piece to digest it into my mind. I shall save your advice as one of my life quotes. Thank you again, God bless you!
  3. That's a harsh and blunt response, but I appreciate your effort in typing your thought out. I have encountered a few experiences where the guys I like ended up distancing themselves away from me after a while when we started to become closer. I remember one of them even told me straight-forwardly that he is just not interested to pursue our friendship further, he did not want to continue being friends either. I wonder why, I presume I myself am the reason why. Maybe I am just not up to their liking or preference or my personality may just turn them off. However I did not do anything hurtful or mean to offend them in any way, all I did was just being nice and cool and welcoming.But what you said is right, I just have to accept that it is what it is and move the hell on.
  4. Your response is thoughtful and wise. Very true, there is no need for me to attempt bringing him out from his closet to clarify things, especially he hasn't told a single soul except for his best friend (the one who told me he's not straight). Continue being civil around him but at a safe distance sounds like a highly mature thing to do, but I'm afraid that by doing nothing and wait for time to work things out by itself - I might risk losing our friendship forever. Judging from his personality, I do not think he will try reconciling our lost friendship. I was initially thinking that since he has been gay from the start, he would never had cast any real feelings or emotions of love towards me since the very beginning. Shouldn't this be easier for him to brush all of this off away and remain friends with me, since he never liked me in the sort of way of seeing me as his potential beau? Or is he feeling very awkward about all this? On my side, I do not cast any more hopes on him being more than a friend to me. I have resolved our past matters in my mind, and I find all these trivial now. Thank you forum mates for your precious thought to this. They are enlightening and fresh - seeing this matter from different perspectives.
  5. ok so that means I cannot do anything at the moment to save our friendship back, and can only wait until he is ready to face me like before again, am I right? Thank you for your help and advice! =)
  6. Recently, a friend of his told me he's gay. That is the main reason why he rejected me. He is not dating anyone at all, and he is not keen or interested in dating any girls at all. But he is the gay-in-the-closet, which means he tells it to no one, except for his friend (whom told me this). How should I deal with this? If he is gay, why would not he continue being my friend as before? How do I get him to reveal his sexual orientation to me? I accepted this and I am not judging him at all. I just wished we can be friends like before.
  7. ^^ This is the best advice I have ever come across. Thank you catfeeder, I totally agree with you. I should back off, stay silent and do my own . Hope everything will eventually sort out for itself. However sometimes I do miss the friendship I used to have with him, as in how comfortable we could share many things together. Whenever he's with me, he would express all of himself out and seem very trusting to let his emotions down without guard, probably he might feel comfortable in confiding in me. Anyways it might just be me overthinking and he is just being nice.
  8. Thanks Batya33, I will try to control my inner emotions whenever I see him, and be polite and civil if we have to talk in any occasion. Very good advice.
  9. I honestly didn't know he was actually seeing someone just recently, until I confessed my feelings to him. He told me he couldn't 'like' me back because he is chasing after her at the moment. Yes we did have great chemistry. I knew him for quite a few months already, and from what his close friends said, he doesn't seem to be hitting up anybody or is currently in any sort of relationship. And he had never mentioned anything about him having a girl he likes or a girlfriend throughout all the times we talked. He even asked me if I am single or in a relationship the very last time we caught up with each other. He coyly smiled when I told him I'm single. All of a sudden he told me he has been seeing someone at the time I confessed. This took me a huge surprise because in my knowledge he has always been living the 'single life'. Well since he is not interested in pursuing anything further than this, I accepted this and will move on. Thanks everybody for the kind advice! =D
  10. Do guys secretly mock the girls they rejected inside? Guysss, if you have to reject a girl who has been really nice to you, how do you feel about her? Will you look down on girls you rejected?
  11. He apologised for not being able to love me back, and that he's currently unavailable at the moment. It's fine if he is not interested in me, but I hope he could at least stay friends, like you know, smile when he sees me like a matured guy. He ignoring me makes the whole situation even more awkward. So do I continue this? What if I was to bump into him one day?
  12. My crush rejected me saying he has been seeing someone else at the moment (when I confessed my feelings to him, telling him I wished we could be more than friends), and now I think we're in awkward terms. We will still bump into each other in college, this puts us at a difficult situation as there are gonna be a number of activities in which we're both involved in. What I don't get is this: It's funny how he was the one who rejected me, and now he's ignoring me as though I do not exist. Is he trying to avoid eye contact with me? Like why? I could act and be completely cool and normal around him, but it's weird how he seems like he is the one feeling very awkward around me. I hope we could like at least still talk like normal friends, like before I confessed. We used to talk (before I confessed) for a while with good chemistry. I'm sure he felt comfortable expressing himself out when he was with me when we were on friendship term before. He was really nice to me when we were talking before I told him I liked him. What should I do? I may bump into him anywhere in college. Should I just avoid him when I see him so he will feel more at ease with me around (since he is ignoring my presence now)?
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