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  1. Well the reason I want to peruse is because of the level of connection I felt on the date and the commonalitys we had. Can’t say I’ve ever been attracted to a personality so much before I want to continue to explore to see if that actually is her personality. It’s a good point you make, she could be insecure, she did mention she had been through a lot of stuff in her life. My plan is to give it another day or two and send another message via the dating app. What are your guys opinions on this ?
  2. I want to but I don’t want to seem needy and push her away in doing so
  3. Well that’s the plan because by all signs we both had a really good time so unsure of what I’ve done wrong. Anyway plan is to give it a few more days and message her via the app again.
  4. f she was uncomfortable on the date, why would she say how comfortable she felt during the date , thank me for an awesome night in person and message me shortly after the date saying the same thing ?
  5. If she was uncomfortable on the date, why would she say how comfortable she felt during the date , thank me for an awesome night in person and message me shortly after the date saying the same thing ?
  6. Hey guys Just after an opinion of what could be going on? What I should do? Just be honest with me as I’m very confused by it all. Note I’ve not messaged or reached out in any way shape or form since my last message. Here are the details Went on a date with this girl, the date went pretty well in my opinion, we both connected very, she stated how comfortable I made her feel, we had loads in common, we made out several times, lots of touching, she thanked me several times in person during the date. So safe to say it went well. The only downside was that her very protective friend ended our date short by coming and picking her up suddenly. She wasn’t happy about it but what can you do. Anyway her friend and another dude (who was driving the car) come pick her up and that was the end of the night. About 15 minutes later she messages me (on hinge) apologising for how the date ended and again thanking me for an awesome night. I reply saying, “ it’s all good, don’t stress, it’s cute you’ve got someone who cares about you. If I need to take your friend out for coffee to win her over tell her to name the place and time “ in a joking manner. She laughs and “ That’s cute and will do. I honestly thought I’d never hear from you again “. One or two more messages go back and forth and I finish the conversation on hinge by saying “here’s my number ********* give me a text or call I’d rather speak to you over the phone than on this app”. Anyway, several days have gone by and I’ve still not heard a thing since. Not exactly sure what I’ve done wrong here ? What could be going on in her head? Ect? She did mention an ex in the date but pretty sure that ended a while ago.
  7. That’s the thing , parts of it are such a good fit. I’m excited to go back home but I can’t help back shake the feeling I’ve not given myself enough of a chance to settle and fit in
  8. Hi all Around 5 months ago I decided to accept a job in a complete new city which I’ve always wanted to live in away from all my family and friends. At first it was great, I met loads of new people and made some ok friends (not close) through work and sport, I’m doing really well at my new job and they want to invest in me staying because of how well I’m performing. Everything was going great That was until I visited back home, seeing all my friends and family and feeling closet connected to people made me feel so happy and comfortable and made me realise how much I miss and value those people and my home town. It made me rush into a decision to apply for a job back home which I got and due to start in a month and is actually paying higher than my bit city life. I’m so confused as to what to do: the job in the big new city I’m currently at , I love ! The people are so great and it kinda feels like going to work with friends, kinda like the school days. I’ve never been more happy or satisfied with my work life. However once I finish work, most days I feel so lonely and down. I play sport but don’t really feel the passion for it like I did back home and the same goes for the people I hang around with in the new city, I do it because I know I should but I really don’t feel connected or close to them. I miss home so damn much, my family my friends and the person I am kind of seeing... but this job is such a good opportunity for me I just don’t feel connected to anything outside the job. The idea of being here with some close connections excites me but it’s just not happening and with this job offer back home I am so confused as to what to do ? Do i tough it out and stay in a city I love , with a job I love while I battle out the relocation depression ? Or do I go back home to be with the people I love and the place I am deeply connected with ? Remembering that the job back home is actually higher paying , it just won’t grow as much as the city job. Please give me some advice I am absolutely loosing my mind.
  9. So I should blow up her phone ? Not happening.
  10. I was gunna wait until the night before and send something along the lines of “ Did you want me to pick you up tomorrow night ? If not , I’ll just meet you out the front at 7 ! “ ?
  11. So you would agree with me on waiting until the day before hand just to message and confirm we’re still on for the date ?
  12. She did say she a major assignment due by tonight actually and that was taking up a lot of her time. My thoughts were similar , I was just going to wait until the day before to message and confirm it.
  13. She canceled the first date because someone had an accident at work and she had to cover the remainder of that persons shift & she originally wanted to reschedule for 2 days later but I already had plans
  14. I met a girl out, we hooked up on the night and exchanged numbers. I messaged her a few days later and she would always take anywhre from a few hours to a day or two to reply but the text where always long and detailed and the conversation carried well. We organised a date but she had to work late on the night so we rescheduled for the next week. Anyway, we set a date, location and time last Thursday night for this Thursday night. However she never texted back after saying yes to the date. I’ve not texted her or anything since she didn’t write back , just getting a feeling she will cancel or forget about it. What are your guys thoughts ? Is she playing with me here ? What do you think I should do?
  15. Yeah okay well I can see your point of view . So in your opinion I have basically blown any chance with this girl ?
  16. So when she gives the friend speech I’m supposed to say yes princess of course ? That’s not what I want with her so why would I agree with her...
  17. I only double texted her once...I wouldn’t exactly say I’ve been chasing hard but I get your point
  18. An update on the situation I ended up messing her saying “It’s been really good getting to know to you so far and I’d love to keep doing so! So if you’re keen on doing the the same and free on Friday night let’s go out again ! If your not keen then just let me know , I won’t hold it against you “ She responded saying she been “really busy and honestly forgot to get back to me but she won’t be able to see this week because she’s not got a night free” I responded “ that’s okay , well why don’t you get back to me next week and let me know when you are free ! It’s been awesome getting to know you and I’d love to see you again ! “ She responded “ Its been really awesome getting to know you too! But I’m gunna be honest here I’m not sure what your looking for right now. I’ve sort of not long been on my own and I’m trying to do my own thing so I don’t wanna put any pressure on anything if that makes sense ? But you are so lovely and I wanna keep getting to know you . It’s important that I get to know anyone that I’m potentially going to date on a friend level first though “ I responded “ well thanks for the honesty and I’ll be honest here too. I’m not sure what I’m looking for all I know is that I wanna keep getting to know you! You’ve kind of blown my away a little bit so there’s no way I’m gunna be able to see you as just a friend . So let’s not put any pressure on it, let’s just keep hanging out and having fun and see where that takes us ? “ She responded “ we can ! :) but like I said I gotta get to know someone on a friend level before I date them. I just wanna be able to hang out normally like on a friend level while we get to know each other “ I responded “ so do you make out with all your friend or what ? Let’s just keep hanging out, hooking up and having fun. If you’re on board for that then message me next week you’re free ! I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve that will help us get to know each other better ! Anyway I gotta run now , goodnight ! I hope to hear from you soon” . She responded “ Maybe I do , who knows ! Okay goodnight I’ll talk to you soon ! “ I’ve been about a week and a half and I’ve still not heard from her....so what does she mean by those messages? I’m sick of waiting to hear from her but I don’t wanna chase her as she said she would get back to me...
  19. I think you’ve taken the working for it a little to literal. I made it obvious where I was going with the conversation (asking her out) but just dragged it out jokingly and playfully. It was never in the context of I’m better than you so convince me to take you out , I just teased her a little about it. And what I mean by “ I came straight out with it “ is that after I said hello and she replied I asked to see her again straight up, no mucking around or teasing or anything like that. Which got me ignored
  20. Yeah I know, it’s just doing my head in that it was going so well , she was all over me , doing all the texting talking ect then to ignore me and stop without an explanation as to why.
  21. Well I actually kinda like the girl and I would love to see her again and by all accounts up until a few days ago she was into me. But I don’t want to chase her away by messaging her again about going out. She ignored my last attempt , and if I do it again a few days later it would just push her away I think...that’s my logical viewpoint on it. But if I don’t do anything I may never hear from her again.
  22. Anyway I’m getting mixed results on what I should do next ? Some are telling me to message her again? Some are telling me to keep waiting for a response ?
  23. She seemed very available when she was making out and rubbing me up 4 nights ago ?
  24. Well 2-3 between conversations has been the pattern of the “ relationship “. But never have we blatantly ignored one another , which is why it’s throwing me out a bit here
  25. Apologises I replied to the wrong thread ! It was via iMessage so it says it was delivered! Umm it’s been two days now roughly since I asked her out
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