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  1. No, i dont support dowry system. Overall his family is good. I am only uncertain about his closeness with his sister.
  2. Clio- Yes, we did notice it aftr engagement. Infact we had a family discussion too and my mumma actually pointed out about their physical closeness. But we thought maybe they are little open minded family and hugging your sibling occasionally is fine. We ignored it then but now, after marriage seeing it every day is painful. She is 23 right now, unmarried. Its a joint family
  3. Hi, I apologise in advance for being blunt in this post but this issue is affecting me a lot and I need some guidance. Its been 6 month of my marriage and I am not happy with the way my husband (30yrs) and her younger sister (23yrs) behave. I read about sibling kissing eachother on multiple islamic websites and found out its okay to give peck on cheek to mehram. But is it okay for a 23yr old girl to kiss her brother on cheeks, neck, hands, legs (including touching his body frequently, and its a two way, my husband is equally involved) not just once in a while but daily multiple times in a day
  4. To- @missmarple Thanks whosoever you are! Your suggestion really helped me. In these 3 yrs, I gradually realized my existing relationship is over. Though I broke up with him due to different issues (not boss one), but this decision definately made my life much more peaceful.
  5. I'll try my best to work on your suggestions. Thanks
  6. I'll try my best to work on your suggestions. Thanks
  7. Been working with this company since past 2 yrs, situation haven't changed. I still like my boss, i still blush when he talks to me, i still act super happy and secured when he is in the office near me and feels & act dull when he's not around. He in return, looks equally fascinated and attracted to me. He compliments me often about how i perform my job, he compliments me on how i look, what i wear, my hair, my this and that. About him, he is Managing Director of my company, in his 40s, married, having 2 cute kids. About me, i am already committed since past 4yrs, love eachother a lot, a
  8. Ofcourse i love him, love him a lot. I cant spend a day without talking to him, infacts its always me who initiate n tell him that i need more of his time n attention because, only he has that ability to make me feel better even in the worst of situations. There is love and that is why we are still together. What is killing me here is that i have fear of losing him, else i would have shared this issue too with him, like i always do in every situation.
  9. Well you're very much right here. If he was not married, i would have given lot of consideration. But here situation is very complicated, if not in real, atleast in my head. 1stly , me n my boss has never talked about this. Its just the silent admiration we pass on to eachother. This simply means, like me, even he doesn't wanna spoil his already existing relation. He is mature, so he can deal with such attractions calmly, but for me it gets very weird. I wish i could share my problems with my guy😖
  10. Isn't it going to make my life more complicated? I chose this guy, my family, relatives, friends all knows about our relation. We are expected to get married soon. He n i both have made many plans, we have discussed our future together. Its just that he is too busy to give me proper attention since a year coz of his work priorities. May be this is the reason i am losing interest n inclining towards wrong person. This phase shall passout. But how is leaving him the solution? I would end up being with noone. I cant expect my boss to leave his family to be with me, its just a crush which is spo
  11. Probably the only sensible reply as of now. Thank you very much 😊
  12. You could be little more sensitive while replying this. Poor mind control? Dude i m not kinda lady who sleeps with 10 guys or had 100 relationships. I wanted a resort not this kind of a reply which puts me in more negative zone.
  13. The only sensible reply as of now. Thanks
  14. Hi, Hope you're doing well. I am 26yr old working with an MNC. I am dating 1 guy since past 4 yrs, very serious and we love eachother a lot. Planning to get married in a year or so. My love life with him is quite sorted. I have never dated any1 other than him. Basically i am not into guys much in dat sense. Still, after so many years of commitment and being clean-minded all these year, i am finally attracted to 1 wrong person badly. He is my Boss- managing director of d company, a big shot man, married having 2 kids. He too is kinda classy family person, very well mannered. I joined this compa
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