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  1. I know she’s in love and I understand that. I have no problems that she is dedicating her time to her bf. We’ve always been very supportive of our relationships that we’ve each had in the past. I’ve been very happy for her when she went on the other trips with him and even sent her videos of possible Mexico trips she can take with him. For some reason, this one stung. Perhaps because I was really looking forward to going. Perhaps because it was a trip she and I have been planning. Or perhaps it stung because I really wished she had come talk to me, saying something like, “I know we’ve been planning this trip for awhile, but I really want to go with my bf, but the next one will be you and me.” Instead, she told me i am too sensitive. Perhaps I am. All i know is that it hurt.
  2. I’m wondering if I am making a big deal for being hurt that a trip to Vegas my sister and I were planning on taking together, my sister, instead, plans it with her boyfriend? Granted that she and I did not book anything, yet, we were just waiting for when she had the time and money. I booked a room for us to go this December, but something came up for her that she won’t be able to go. I cancelled the room. No problem. We then talked about going during spring break. Later, her boyfriend invites her to go on a cruise with him and his family during that time. She said it to me in passing that she may go with them. A little disappointed, I said, “I understand.” Then, a few weeks ago, I saw her googling trip packages to Vegas, but said it was for her and her boyfriend. I was shocked because that was supposed to be our trip. But then she said, it's not serious because she doesn’t think her bf will be able to afford it. I didn’t say anything. Just disappointed that she didn’t search these package deals for us. Then I overhear her tell my brother that her bf is looking into booking them a room there and the possible things they will do there together. So, this trip to Vegas for them looks like it will happen. So, instead of them going on the cruise with his family, she convinced him to go on the Vegas trip she and I were planning, instead. She convinced him to go to Vegas so she doesn’t have to do the cruise with his family. She didn’t want to do the cruise with them because for her, its too soon and too much to spend it with them. I told her that I heard she is going to Vegas and she right there invites me to go on their trip with them. I told her no, because A.) I hardly know him. For the year that they have been dating, I’ve seen him a total of 3 times. B.) I thought we were supposed to this sister’s trip together. I was really looking forward to it being an “us” trip because we are both very busy, and we don’t spend nearly as much time as we used to. Her life has become about her work, and her boyfriend. So, sister time now seems special. C.) I wished that she would have talked to me about this before planning the trip with him. That I was upset she didn’t take me into consideration. Another reason why I didn’t want to go with them two is because he is a recovering alcoholic. The trip there is expensive, so I was going to spend a lot of money going there, I want to relax and not having to take care of him. I want to be able to drink and not worry about him. I want to go to our favorite pub there and have a good time. He gets nervous around big crowds, so the 3 times i have hung out with them, 2 of those 3 times, my sister asks me to sit with him, so he will feel more relaxed around our friends and big crowds. Again, if I am on vacation, I want to enjoy myself and not babysit a grown man I hardly know. Besides, that, spending a year looking into package deals, saving money, and working around both of our busy schedules to find the time to go, it really saddened me that when she did take initiative for this trip, it’s for her and her boyfriend. Worse, that she didn’t think to talk to me about wanting to do this with her boyfriend, instead. And may I add, that she and her bf take a lot of vacations together. They've gone a cruise, Laughlin, amongst a few other trips. Am I making a big deal out of this?
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