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  1. Yeah it's the same guy but it's nothing serious. Just agreed to hook up and/or snuggle. But I don't know. We don't see each other as hook ups but not going for a relationship either so I was just confused as he is.
  2. I'm well aware of his attentions as he is mine. We've talked about all of this before this happened. We were both honest and up front. I don't have intentions of finding anyone worth my time. I don't care for a relationship.
  3. I was discussing things with this person who was only suppose to really be a hook up/snuggle buddy. We got to talking about what we were to each other. We agreed we're not just hook ups but we're also not in a relationship. That we're definitely friends but that it's just a weird relationship we have. Or different. I don't know how to explain it. Has anyone ever been confused as to what they were with someone else they were involved with?
  4. So I have been hooking up with this guy since April. At first, we were just well, a hook up. We didn't really care about each other's lives on the outside of that. But as time went on, I guess we kind of developed a friendship. He told me he's felt comfortable the most with me out of almost all women and that I understand him and I don't judge him. We can talk about anything. He said he sees me as a close friend. This was discussed last week. Well, in the midst of all this, of course I was developing feelings. And I have been ever since. I've been depressed for a few days because he told me he doesn't want me to fall in love with him. My heart just shattered. And I've been depressed about it. He came over last night and I just wasn't really into it. I didn't feel like I was "there" If that makes sense. He doesn't know any of this. He knows in the beginning, about the 1 1/2 months in, I was catching feelings but I told him they went away. But he told me the feelings thing will always be in the back of his mind. And whether how I feel has any relation to it. It definitely is but I wont tell him that. The other night I told him I think I might just stop hooking up but he doesn't want to. I've been thinking about blocking his number and Facebook but I dont want to make him feel bad when he finds out I did. Should I just block him and move on anyway?
  5. So my hook up and I hook up like once a week. But we're also on each other's Facebooks and sometimes when I post stuff, he'll text me and ask if I'm ok. He said that we just hook up or whatever but that he very much cares about me and wants me to be happy. Then today, he asked if I still needed disinfectant wipes. He works at a store I go to a lot and asked if they carried any but they got some in today. I told him no, thank you though. Im wondering if this is normal behavior with a hook up? We text about other things, even though it is mostly just about sexual stuff but also some outside of sex. What would we call it if we talk about other things besides hooking up?
  6. A little bit of a background. This guy that works at a store I always go to, started kinda of seeing each other. We're not together or anything but he asked if I wanted to hook up from time to time. He said I'm gorgeous and that I'm a good person. We get to talking about random stuff one morning and he mentioned that he gave up on relationships. He said apparently he's not a catch(though I think he is). He talked about how he wants a relationship and the intimacy and companionship but that the closeness might also freak him out because he's been single most of his life and had only a couple relationships so not really experienced. He said relationships are also a lot of work. A couple weeks goes by and I start to catch feelings. I told him so we stopped the hook up thing for a little bit. We've been back at it now for a few weeks since the feelings went away but not sure if they're starting to show up again. Ive never done a fb or fwb before so this is all new to me. But I just wonder why that if I'm so "gorgeous" and such a good person, why wouldn't he give it a shot? I know I should ask him but if I did, the hook ups would probably stop again and I honestly don't want them to. Just need some advice, perspectives, or just some ears to vent. Thank you :)
  7. I am a single mother of 2 boys. They're both 3 and 7 and both have severe intellectual disability. My 3 year old is developmentally 1 and my 7 year old is developmentally 2. We found out I have a genetic abnormality (that I had no idea about) that I passed on to my kids. This shocked me because nobody in my family has any disabilities or issue significant like this. Their father's not involved. He pays support but wants nothing to do with them. So I'm left doing this all by myself. I haven't been able to work the passed 2 years because I can't find anyone that I trust to watch my kids and nobody wants to deal with the extra needs my kids require. And they cant really talk so they couldnt tell me what happens. So I'm home 24/7 with them constantly going to appointments. This sounds horrible but I just feel so burnt out. I'm depressed and stressed out to the point I always feel sick. I feel like I don't want to do this anymore. It's mainly both my kids behavior. The constant fighting, screaming, hitting, biting, throwing things at me..etc. I just can't do it anymore. I have back problems and it's been acting up lately so I haven't been able to do much at all. My kids receive services such as therapies at school and an outpatient clinic. We are currently trying to get in home behavioral therapy. We get suggestions from their specialists but they don't work. I called my oldests therapist yesterday at the mental health clinic he's about to start. I use to be against medicating but his aggression is getting so bad and it's associated with this gene abnormality so it won't go away. Was told to call his Ped to see if they can get him on a med to calm him a little and to hold him over until he starts at the mental health clinic. So Wednesday we go to his Dr to discuss options. My 3 year olds behavior is so awful now and I imagine it's because of his brother always trying to hurt him. I have no support at all from family or friends. Parents and siblings don't even talk to me at all. When or if i do talk to them(in the past), they would tell me to suck it up and how its all my fault theyre the way they are. So i just dont talk to them anymore. I'm crying mutiple times a day, every day. I've gotten to the point where I'm having thoughts of suicide. I have no one. This entire thing is taking over my life. I'm so burnt out. And I just don't want to be here anymore. Every day is on repeat and my life is going nowhere. Had I known it was going to be this way, I wouldn't have had kids. I know I love them but most of the time I just don't want to deal with them anymore. It sounds terrible but I don't enjoy them. It's all too frustrating to live with. There's no way I can maintain a social life or a relationship so I forgot about ever having friends or having a partner. And I cut my family out for good. They don't treat my kids like they treat the other grandkids. I feel like they're all one big happy family and we're the outsiders/blacksheep. I don't know what to do. The kids have all the help they can get right now but doesn't feel like it's enough. I feel stuck, depressed, and alone. What would you do if you were in this situation?
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