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  1. Kale and apple soup, I’ve never heard of this! Sounds really good though! I have a meeting in a few and as of now my daughter is playing under my desk naked. I wonder if I’ll get her to wear some clothes for the video chat in a bit :-/ if it’s not frozen related it’s very hard to get her to wear clothes.
  2. As far as I know the Dropdown-Menu is simply stuff that lots of people search for. You’d have to dig into her history to see what she actually visited. Which I wouldn’t recommend, because, you know, we are all entitled to privacy even when in a relationship. The step daddy step sis porn is a popular genre and has little to do with THAT topic being an actual desire, but more so with popular and attractive porn stars starring in them. I’m a woman, I’m engaged with a man I find incredibly attractive, but I still watch porn on occasion. I think you’ll have a hard time finding anyone who watches absolutely zero porn. But sure, if that’s your thing, by no means, dump her and find that person. Having sex can be exhausting, and sometimes people aren’t in the mood for the work involved. Has nothing to do with how much they love their partners. They are simply images that leave your head immediately after you’re done.
  3. Yes a healthy dose of escapism in the mix does wonders for mental health! Duo lingo is a nice one too for anyone who likes to dive into a new language. And more new free channels, so helpful! Hope you’re staying sane wiseman.
  4. I’m sorry your appetite is poor. I definitely eat less when I’m stressed out. I’m part of a neighborhood group and we’re trading eggs and vegetables. Do you have something like that perhaps? Definitely helps us with a picky eater at home. It’s nice to cook from scratch for her and us being around for lunch and dinner.
  5. Batya, I agree though, I have seen some images that make it look easy. Crafts that kids supposedly spend hours on, no screen time etc. honestly, my daughter is not big into crafts... she’ll be entertained for a bit but likes it more if I make the craft for her. We’ve got lots of pictures and play doo figures that I’ve made with her watching over me haha. I’m definitely relaxing on screen time even though it makes me feel guilty, but sometimes I don’t have a different solution. Anyone else cooking super healthy though?
  6. I see a lot of posts about moms being stressed out as well. I’d honestly be so happy if I could simply be home with my daughter all day without having to work at home too, but I’m at the same time extremely thankful that I can. It’s a balancing act for sure. Tattoobunnie I hear you on missing your kids during the day and needing to decompress when home. I’m loving that I can take my lunch with the family at the moment. Just now we baked a cake together (forgot milk though, oops...) but it does get a bit stressful when there’s a deadline. Haha, I do enjoy my glass of wine once in a while I have to say. Not to make this doable but because I enjoy the taste of a nice glass of red wine. Nooot getting drunk for sure with a child around.
  7. Thank you! I’m so glad you find it helpful. It does help me too to see how everyone is coping and to maybe get inspiration. Also we’re all in this together. Especially in times of isolation I find it nice to reach out, even if digitally. I don’t know any of you personally but have been on here long enough to recognize a few. And yes the wiping down of groceries! We do the same. When my fiancé makes a store run, he’ll wipe down items before putting them up, take off his clothes and throw them in the wash and takes a shower. Then we wipe down door knobs and even where he’s put down the groceries! It’s crazy but we’re not chancing it. In my city there are still large groups gathering even though we’ve been on lockdown. I wish everyone took it more seriously.
  8. Loved reading everyone’s experience! Would love to keep this thread going if anyone is interested. Just to see how everyone is doing as we move through this together. Gotta run in a bit, though. Today’s been busy and my daughter was extra clingy. Just wanted to respond to something Wiseman said. The scary part to me is that it’s not going to be over in say a month or so. I think it might go down in the summer months (don’t quote me on that) and come back stronger as it gets colder. I think it’s sadly going to be a virus we’ll have to deal with from now on. Anyone have any info on that? I’m also curious to see how well adapt once the initial quarantine is over. Surely this can’t keep going indefinitely and I’m curious to see how this shapes us going forward.
  9. I bet she is so grateful for your help with her child. Substitute teacher can be such a fun job. While ours is still not old enough to have a homeschooling program in place, I love the extra time I get to spend with her. Maybe riding a bike will be next on our list! Any dark programs are right up my alley and I’ve discovered my daughter is a bit of a scary fan too. While she’s not been introduced to my Stephen king collection yet, she’s definitely digging scooby doo mysteries ;) Cheers!
  10. Respect to your wife! I hope y’all stay healthy. I completely agree. It’s definitely sobering to think of everyone who got laid off and has it infinitely worse right now. I’m grateful we get to work from home with no financial cuts, and I’m crossing my fingers every day it will stay that way. Sounds like you’re staying busy! This is a great time for some home improvement and our garage has never looked better ;) I’m thinking it might be a good time to plant some vegetables and herbs too. Yes, yards help so much right now!
  11. Haha I hear you on the clean home. It’s been my number one hobby for weekends. Nice spring cleaning every Saturday and the garage has never been more tidy. Cab you recommend any good movies?
  12. I hope you can stay safe out there tattoo bunny! I have endless respect for people like you! I’m sorry your husband was laid off. I hope it’s not too much of a financial burden on your family at the moment. I’m crossing my fingers for better times soon. Definitely a saving grace for homeschooling though! I agree, work is slower than normal and meetings are interesting with the little one dancing or taking off her pants in the background. Thankfully everyone understands.
  13. I hope everyone is staying safe right now! I'd love to hear everyone's new routines while staying at home, and what has or hasn't changed for you. Especially, from people who work from home, while having young children in the house. My fiance and I are currently working from home, while trying to entertain our almost 3 year old daughter. I find it pretty challenging to entertain our little one sometimes, while we are glued to the computers. We have tried to set up a bit of a schedule, and it's helped. We wake up at the same time and make some coffee. Fiance makes us all breakfast while checking emails, delegating work to the team, and LO and I do some toddler yoga. Afterwards I go upstairs and start working, while she has her own little desk set up next to mine and she draws with me. This lasts a good while, but usually she gets bored and bugs her dad downstairs a bit. I work until lunch and start cooking with her. We all eat together and I try to go for a run outside around the house, while listening to podcasts. Currently it's The Great Influenza, very light and uplifting reading material! Usually around this time the TV gets turned on for a bit. The guilt is strong, but we gotta do what we gotta do. Maybe 2 hours later, after we try to get as much work done as possible, while LO is engrossed in Scooby Doo or her Kindle, I play with her upstairs and try to really engage. Dollhouse, role play, reading books, counting etc. Hide and Seek is also a favorite, especially when she gives her position away as soon as I try to find her. This is also usually when I pour myself a glass of wine. Before people try to send me to AA, I don't do this every day, but quarantines call for a bit of rule breaking. Now I get to work more and fiance plays with her or we do some more emergency TV time, depending on how easy going LO is. Once I'm done around 5:30, LO and I take our daily bath together and she plays with her little plastic fish, while I read a chapter of my book. Fiance gets some quiet time to himself or starts making dinner. We eat together a bit later and soon after LO does her bedtime routine and I tuck her in. Now it's either chatting on the porch with more wine, Netflix or each one does their own thing. Usually some video games for fiance and for me my current crime novel. Lately I'm trying to do some home exercise while fiance does his thing and LO sleeps. Hopefully I can keep this up. Not the most thrilling read, but to anyone who did finish, maybe you got some ideas or feel less guilty about the chaos with kids or too much TV time. Would love to hear what everyone else is up to these days!
  14. Aren't they starting to release prisoners as well? We recently had something stolen out of our car that's parked in front of the house. That has never happened before, so I can definitely sense a shift here. My fiance is definitely trained to shoot a gun, however, I've shot twice in my life and probably would do more harm than good. Scary times, I hope everyone stays safe. Also, OP, I would've personally just dumped you and not played blocking games. Hope you're staying in unless completely necessary.
  15. I hear you on having kids, but no family around. It's really hard! We don't have family around either, but we are fortunate to have a great sitter who also works at our daughter's daycare. How old are your kids? Can you start doing playdates with friends or join mom groups? I know they usually have lots of activities and classes for the kids that are fun and great to meet other people. Not sure if I missed it, but do you not share custody with your ex-husband? Regarding the guy, have you ever asked him to plan the next hangout? Maybe he thinks you are busy with the kids, so it'd be easier for you to come to him? I have a friend like that. I reach out if I want to hang out, because my schedule is usually more packed, but it's something we're clear on. Talk about it with him?
  16. I'm legitimately confused. Why aren't you asking him to meet up again? He seems really interested, but may not want to initiate everything. I've never understood this mindset to be honest.
  17. I still think you're focusing on the wrong thing here. To answer your question, if you're thin and your husband masturbates to someone fuller, doesn't mean that he likes that body type more than yours. All kinds of bodies can be attractive and sometimes it really just depends on what you're in the mood for. Maybe in his next porn search he'll use a skinny model again, who knows. Point is, he married you for a reason, because he finds you attractive and because you are so much more to him than just a body. I understand you're vulnerable right now. I had a c section too and I understand that coming to terms with the new scar takes a bit of time. On top of that breastfeeding, tending to baby. I still think you are too hyper focused on this attraction thing though, and that you are ignoring all sorts of bad behavior. Why did he sneak in your phone and delete messages? That's not ok, regardless of what he was using it for. I'd try to find some therapy to get you back on track about self image. You shouldn't care whether he likes big or small boobs, at this point he's violated your trust and THAT is what you need to focus on here and uncover why. How does he make you feel aside from this incidence?
  18. Of course she shouldn't be feeling unattractive. It's like saying because my husband watches porn, he finds me unattractive. I just don't think her feeling attractive or unattractive is really the core issue here, because the whole situation doesn't jive well IMO. So, keeping eyes open, conversation about it etc. are important.
  19. Honestly, what's weirder to me is that the guy took her phone without her knowing and went into her messages. That would not be ok for me, regardless what's in them. So that in itself is a problem to discuss, and if it's as innocent as jerking off to a boob pic.
  20. I'd agree. Maybe he stumbled upon the pics as he was covering up something, and did indeed send them to himself.
  21. I mean this is what she said "My husband knew the chat was on my phone but never knew what was in it.. he said he woke up and randomly thought of it, he said he didn’t know why." That's the only reason I questioned it. Sure, maybe he snooped before and knew, but either way, I'd keep my eyes open for more strange behavior.
  22. Something doesn't make sense to me. You say your husband didn't know what was in your group chat, so he had no idea photos were going to be in there, correct? So for him to wake up, wanting some nudes of your friends, doesn't make sense. He took your phone for a different reason... why do you think he felt the need to spy? I like Wiseman's idea, maybe he accidentally sent something to you that was meant for someone else, wanted to delete it off your phone real quick and by accident deleted the entire conversation thread. It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me otherwise.
  23. Gosh, it's so true. My daughter and I gave each other a nasty cold all through January (not flu). Now kids are starting to cough again at daycare.
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