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  1. As a mom myself I’d find it more funny than anything, knowing her parents were there and there wasn’t serious danger involved. Is your mom overly cautious or anxious about your safety in general? I’d let her ponder this a bit and let the dust settle. Give it a few days and try to approach her gently that you value her trust and feel you can share your life with her. That it throws you for a loop that she punished you for something harmless and you don’t want to feel like you need to hold information back, because you fear she’ll punish you. I read a quote once that really spoke to me. Do you w
  2. Sorry, maybe I missed this somewhere, but why do you think she needs therapy for dieting? Is it possible she hasn’t found the right diet for her? Eating salads all day or restricting too severely can make your body actually stall in weight loss. There are lots of hidden sugars in salad dressing which could be another problem. When I had a baby I was trying to lose a few pounds afterwards. Nothing severe, but what helped me a lot was changing my overall way of eating vs. trying to lose quickly. Home cooked meals, no added sugars. Quality steaks and limiting carbs such as bread or past
  3. We’re in a similar boat, Lo, regarding a move to the country. I get your ambivalence on wanting a small town, village school sort of atmosphere for the kids, but sort of needing a bit of the city glam. I’m so there with you. We’re also considering a move out somewhere. Housing where we are is unaffordable and a part of me longs for a simpler life. I’ve been a city girl all my life so I’m trying to find a spot that allows me my stupid luxury spa treatments (massages, facials), trips to big organic grocery stores that I love and access to nice restaurants. I’m also totally cool with a cute littl
  4. He’s most likely kept her number, because he wants to be able to contact her again down the line. Or he forgot to delete it. Have you asked him?
  5. All of this sounds so complicated. If you’re this hung up on him just contact him and ask if he’s available for lunch on such and such day and follow through. If he’s not, well so be it. How old are you?
  6. It honestly sounds like he got fed up with the long distance relationship and is lacking the courage to tell you so. I’m really sorry.... btw don’t blame the sign. I’m a scorpio and I’m alright ;)
  7. I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad experience. I’m not a man, and of course I can’t say this with any certainty, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a bit hard to find anyone who doesn’t engage in occasional self pleasure. Masturbation can be a stress relief and nobody is always in the mood to engage in full on sexual intercourse. Do you feel this way about masturbation in general or only with the aid of porn? Meaning, would you be ok with your partner just imagining stuff once in a while? I’d suggest talking about your unease, but foster a relationship where honesty isn’t punished. Meaning,
  8. I guess I don’t understand why you’ve never met once in those 7 years? Did she always have this boyfriend? I’m not sure why you wouldn’t grab coffee or something after this festival even once. Unless I missed something and you live in different states? But it sounds like y’all live in the same city.
  9. I loved the discussion and it’s super interesting to hear what everyone thinks about it!
  10. And rose I forgot to mention, She wasn’t being judgemental but rather surprised and it took me for a loop.
  11. That’s a really good question. You know, it took me a while to know the answer. I know it’s ultimately all up to me, but I think you’re right that I’m a little concerned of being judged or maybe not seeing something the right way. It’s been a while since I was a child and while I turned out fine, I don’t want to make mistakes with my own if I can help it. I may be thinking too much about it, since we’re not even really going to this beach or will in the near future. I’m also a first time mom and my daughter is young enough to think over every single step :) maybe I’m trying to confirm for myse
  12. Hello all! I’m having a bit of a debate with a friend, and it got me thinking. I’d love to hear everyone’s opinion on this. We were talking about a specific beach here in town and it’s an optional nude beach. people are clothed, but a lot of them choose to be nude. I personally haven’t taken my daughter, but it’s more of an inconvenience due to distance, than me being uncomfortable with the idea. My daughter is 3.5 for the record. I’m not trying to settle a debate or anything, since we’re aware we have differing opinions, but I’m more curious how people generally feel about this to
  13. Im in Texas also, Hello! Sorry you’re feeling let down by this guy. Sounds like he didn’t want to wait indefinitely to meet up and honestly I don’t blame him. This year might just not be the best for dating. I’d also be wary of anyone who claims they never connect with anyone, but after a few short conversations really connect with you magically. I just always feel like it’s some typical player line. Judging by this new romance with the girl out of state, he’s looking for a good time and nothing serious necessarily. Also, maybe I misread, but you said he started distancing after th
  14. He’s bored of his marriage and is looking for an ego boost on the side. Nothing more to it. You’re worth more than that..
  15. Venting once in a while should be fine, and it’s helpful to preface with “hey I just want to vent, would you mind listening for a bit?” Or specifically asking for a hug or some words of understanding. Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t naturally know how to react to your venting. I’ve learned that asking specifically for support here and there does wonders. I also used to make the mistake of thinking that my partner was there to make everything better. Truth is he’s not. I rarely vent anymore and have learned to cope with issues that have nothing to do with him mostly on my own. It’s ver
  16. I appreciate everyone’s advice so much. It seems we’ve got some thinking and hunting to do. I’m talking with a realtor next week so we’ll see what comes from that. Thank you again everyone for taking the time to chime in. Regarding marriage, we are planning on it. We’ve wanted a nice little celebration in my home country, but since corona happened that’s not possible, so we’re currently switching gears and are thinking about doing a small court wedding. I might get smacked for this, but tax returns seem nicer if you’re not married, so I haven’t been in a rush. But we would before buying anyt
  17. She’s essentially kidnapped your kids. If there’s no restraining order against you, she can’t just keep the kids. Even if your marriage was an unhappy one, those are not reasons to take the children away from you. You need to step up and go through a lawyer. The only reason she can do this is if you allow her to. You need to snap out of it and take some action. Whatever is currently happening is terrible for your children. I’m sure they are confused as to why they’re not seeing their father anymore. What a cold blooded thing to do, unless you’re hiding some vital information.
  18. What I mean is was there some website you can recommend or did you stumble upon them? At this point I suppose the entire United States would be open for consideration, but I’d at least prefer to stay in our area to not make this ordeal crazier than it is.
  19. Ugh thank you Bluecastle. I’ve been throwing this thought around in my head for a while and it sounds so bourgeois to consider Buying TWO houses, but I’m seeing some offers for homes that go for dirt cheap, but I’d consider a dream, really. The repairs is what will cost a ton... but no rush, like you said. I very much love old creaky houses, so no Biggy. Was there a specific place you looked or was it Luck to find your homes?
  20. Ok, during this quarantine my fiancé and I have been talking a lot about our future and I’ve been thinking daily on our next move. To the point it’s driving me crazy. We live in the US, but I’m from Europe. We have a daughter who was born here, we both have good jobs we enjoy and lots of friends in our city. We’re renting though and have been saving for a house. We’re ready to take that next step in the near-ish future. Now the thing is we’ve been talking about moving to my home country. I just want to be close to family again, because I miss them and they are missing out on lots of time w
  21. I can’t help but think you thrive on the drama a little. Who cares what he thinks? Your life and your decision. Just learn to tune it out and go on with your day.
  22. The 5 year old pees against the walls for fun? That doesn’t sound normal to me. I think there’s more to worry about than you being uncomfortable while staying at their home. I agree with others who say they are worried about the children’s welfare. While I wouldn’t Call CPS on my own daughter right away, I’d definitely have a come to Jesus with her. Tell her you’ve noticed how unsanitary and toxic the house is. Invite her to stay with you while the baby is little?
  23. Yeah I’ve been considering this as well. My daughter is 3 and her sons are 2 and 5. The older one and my daughter get along really well, but at this age she makes friends so easily and we have other regulars we see. It will be sad but it won’t be the end of the world. I think we want to just step back and not reach out for a while. If they do reach out we’ll see how we feel after some time has passed. I agree, the camera was what really shocked me most. I looked up how legal it is and here you can have security cameras pointed toward the other homes as long as you’re not getting the inside or
  24. Meeting at a neutral place is a good idea, if it happens again. We want to step back for a bit at least, before we might meet up again. If the kids still have the desire to play together in a month or 2. Thanks for your input!
  25. Everyone thank you so much, I feel much better about this after hearing everyone’s opinion. We are going to take a step back while they sort themselves out. We have let them know to reach out if they want a play date later after things are more settled. I feel bad and don’t want to desert anyone in times of desperation, but we simply don’t know each other well enough to even be that involved.
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