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  1. Unsurprisingly, he hookup with his lawyer in the Mia case. I'm now leaning toward season 5. Meh. Speaking of Orange is the new black, nothing outstanding either. I've said this before here but looking forward season three of Fargo.
  2. I'm sometimes prone to going to the much darker places in my mind. I can be very distant & negative sometimes... and also feeling disconnected from the world around me. Not always thankfully. I don't know why is that. I don't suffer from major depression, yet I'm a single and it's been a while and maybe the loneliness/solitude I am however acclimated to is probably making me want to find a partner.. I realize I can be a total grump sometimes, when being left to my thoughts without any pending obligations.
  3. Yes it's headed to more dramas episode after episodes during season 2/3. As I predicted, I'm losing a bit my interest for this. I'm in the middle of season 4, hence three more seasons, and meanwhile season 4 of ''orange is the new black'' is out already.
  4. Hmm tough one without spoilers. But I can tell this is NOT going to improve at all. Yeah he's involved with her for the reason you know and that's not going to be fun for both. Stay tuned
  5. That wedding night and how it ended was too good to be true. I also like the other character, the bald dude supposedly ''not too well endowed''. It's the joke throughout the serie. It's a very sex oriented serie which might explain it had its success then. I'm still enjoying. And force myself to not visit the wikipedia page of the serie. Wonder how this last at all.
  6. I'm now at season 4, will spare you any spoilers but he remains the douchy character throughout the serie. The situation with his wife/ exwife will worsen and also with his daughter. I'll stop here. I watch 2-3 episodes every evening.
  7. K, I'm past 30 and my situation isn't that great as well. I have saved some money in bank ''just in case' (need a new car etc),on the other hand live in an apartment which I'm obviously paying a rent for it but I cant afford a house. The current efforts to find a girlfriend havent paid off either. I don't know. Financially speaking and having been to college I could have done a lot better, i mean, being 30, many are already owning a house in a suburb somewhere, have a wife, a couple children and some pets. The whole thing so to speak. My problem is my lack of motivation. I've never been really ambitious. Some people right when they graduate at 18 have a plan. Having a PhD, and starting a big family in say suburbs or invest in large rural properties and enjoy a relieving life, while working a lot though, depending their professions but they can afford two travels a year in Europe or Cancun, buy fancy cars, go to expensive restaurants every other evening. I'm nowhere near that. A question of hard work maybe, a social circles, motivation. As long as you aren't miserable in your life. And being 26 nothing is definitely over for you both on the work situation or relationship. Unlike you, I was doing better at 26 than now in my 30s so hopefully things will improve for you, like they didn't for me. Keep the faith, as per the Bon Jovi tune.
  8. The revenant. The best thing Hollywood has spawned in a while, and there goes Leo's statue.
  9. Currently binge watching ''Californication'', yes it's old already (2007-2014) but could never watch it before. It's enjoyable. I like Duchovny. But I'm only on first season and basically every episode he seems to hookup with three different ladies while downing a bottle of Jim Beam and smoking more than he should, when its not drugs. So I wonder if it's the same for the next six seasons, might get tired of that soon.
  10. It's a good thing, K. Part of this imo is about growing up or maturing. I used to fall hard for women and girls too, and in the end ending up burned all the time, when it wasn't both of us. Falling too hard, too fast. Yes there was the spark, but it's about keeping the spark for a while. I see you're 26 and right at that age started a LTR, my only one to this day. As you wrote, at pace with myself, taking things slow. Thanks for chiming in in my starting journal, I'm returning the favor eh. Good luck with what you're looking for now. Having been single for half a year, I guess you're enjoying celibacy and maybe focusing on yourself for a bit. It helps clear the head and acknowledging where you'd like to be headed.
  11. Yes, Thorton stole the show. But every other characters are incredible too. I still remember the brutal elevator scene. "Do you really want this?" A suffocating athmosphere throughout the season. Will have to check out when season 3 is due. Orange is the new black wasnt bad too. I think the new season is out later this spring.
  12. Bummer. He better come up with a valid excuse, but I doubt he will. It's just rude.
  13. Definitely looking forward third season. That serie and I know you can't compare it to the movie is a brilliant tribute to the original flick. If I was going to be picky. Season 1 was slightly better.
  14. The Americans is good. Everyone can safely Crack open it. Fargo (based on the Cohen movie) is outstanding, also highly recommended.
  15. Better call Saul. I like Mikes tough and smart fella adventures, Saul/McGill as the attorney not much. In short, doesn't live up to Breaking Bad standard. Others, Narcos season 1 was great. Orange is the new black not too shabby either. And weeds (yeah old show) had me a couple blast already, funny show.
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