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  1. Let me start of by saying that I don't want any bull hippie replies. Anyway, I'll begin. I keep seeing someone. A girl with ginger hair around 5"11.she appears in random places, and just stares at me. She has been appearing for about a year but when ever I see her. I can only remember where until I see her again and it just escapes my mind. Recently though it's been different. I've noticed that I see her when I cut myself, which is another story I don't want to get into. Anyway. The last time I saw her was different, I can remember 2 places that she appeared, the past 2, and the most recen
  2. the kid was found dead in some bushes. The guy looks around 50-60. he has been reported to the police. we did see him try to touch some girls our age from across the field, they eventually walked away. The dead kid had bruises on his bum, his penis was apperently battered, this the news description. I know he definitely was/ is after me because during this I moved then moved again. First I was across the road from Tom, then round the corner, then athew streets from that. We moved for unrelated reasons. But at the second house I saw him looking round, he was looking through windows of houses an
  3. Ok I know that I seem to post a lot but this time it is deeply serious. Ok first of all, this is before most of my anxiety. This started when I was around 10-11. I had this friend called Tom. I'm not his friend anymore but he is definitely relevant to the story. Ok so we were best friends, we literally went to a field everyday to play soccer. this field is not in a rural area and there is a main road and houses next to it. We started to recognise this old guy every now and then. But one day he started approaching us. We were finishing anyway so we walked back to tom's house. He followed.
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