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  1. Yes you are right, which is why I asked if hes intentions were friendly becuase I thought it was werid that he comfortably talking to me every day and I should have put a stop to it but honestly I wasn't sure and just confused. But after everyones advice its best to remove myself if apple wants to get back together he knows where to fine me and if we can actually be friends one day ethically than that may happen as well.
  2. Thank you are right, I didn't realize how I am pushing things. I think its best that I keep my distance. I didnt realize that I had feelings until we met up and which caused me to over think things. Back to NC i go.
  3. So I just got back into contact with one of my exes let’s call him apple.Our relationship was good but we broke up abruptly because he was having family issues and was stressed out about possibly being cut off by his parents if didnt move to where they wanted him to move. So when he broke up with me I cut him off because I honestly was in the mindset that I didn’t really care and I was just really hurt. Anyway, so two months ago, I contacted Apple because I was just think about the past and I realized how I never really gave my all in that relationship because I was still in love with my
  4. As of right now she is not doing anything . I feel like she is really hurt by me and feels I have done her wrong that she is not able to think rationally . The crazy thing is we are all each other has. I am the only gold and she is my only parent(dad is dead) so I feel like I have to be the bigger person to make things better
  5. It has officially been four years since I seen my mom . I moved out when I was 21 because I believed our relationship will be better and there will be more peace if I moved out and we live in different houses. Well that just back fired since I've moved out it seems like my mom hates me and wants nothing to do with me . I suspect from us having mini conversations since I moved out she believes that I moved out because I didn't want to pay my parent plus loan and because I am not smart . According to her a smart child would have stayed home and paid off their student loans. When I graduated coll
  6. Hey guys, thank you for all your help. We broke up and I'm fine. I wasn't really crazy about him anyway so it worked out I guess
  7. My objective is not to be in limbo.He's not on vacation he's in the state's with his family and no I don't think so.
  8. So I have an update on my situation. I haven't heard from my bf in a week and two days I am thinking of texting him and suggesting that we either break up or take a break.Do you guys think that's a good idea?
  9. I didn't tell him that he is expected to call and text me everyday he just started doing that on his own. If someone shows me a certain behavior or a way that they like to communicate I expect them to uphold to that when they don't that let's me know something is wrong so him not calling or texting consistently or even having time to taking time to come out to see me was a sign that something was wrong with him because it's not in his character that he has been showing me for the last couple of months. Also if he expressed that he needed space I would have giving it to him but he didn't state
  10. You are right that he did warn me but he just said he acts diffferrnt now I can take a lot of things and then there are something's I just can't take he didn't explain to what extent he would differently until he started acting different then he explained what he meant by his comment. I guess I feel bad walking away from him in his time of stress or need so that's why I'm still trying but I'll give it a couple of more weeks and if anything I'll just have to end things because I do want someone who can be stressed and feel whatever they are feeling but then have the ability to pull themselves t
  11. Yes we have met in person we see each other once or twice a week. My bf and I both live in NY his parents are Muslim and his dad has four wives and 9 children altogether ,three of the wives live in Guiena with 5 of the kids. My bf lives with his mom and two of his sisters his father came from guiena to visit and expressed he wants to move the whole family to Buffalo to live in the same house.my bf is the oldest son even though he has an older sister , everything falls on him since he is a male and the oldest.
  12. My boyfriend (23) and I(24) have been dating since September 2016 and officially bf and gf since November 2016.Since we have been together he has been amazing very attentive ,and caring. We would text every single day and talk on the phone . In November,my boyfriend expressed that his father will be coming to America from Guinea and expressed that when his dad comes he tends to be a different person since his father stresses him out.well his dad came back in November and expressed that he wants to move the family out to another state . My bf has expressed that he does not want to go and he has
  13. AWWW that is so beautiful!Congratulations. I hope you guys work out and please try not to make the same mistake again. If you start expressing urges do try to communicate with her or even a good friend or therapist.Congrats!!!!
  14. Today will be day 3 of NC we, after having NC for 2 months you came back and apologized for the break up, we decided that we would date. Face timing you on Thursday I could just tell from your face that you still had feelings for me,I could feel it. Yet I don't understand how you can hurt me twice .I told you that we need time apart and you need to figure out what you want and if you want me you have to be capable of being the man that I need you to be the one that doesn't break up with me every other year and you know where to find. Today , I am having a really bad day. i have thought about
  15. My ex and I have been on and off for 4 years due to him breaking up with me twice. I am finally deciding to cut the cord in hopes that he realizes what he has and wants and mans up because I am really tired of having a roller coaster relationship but anyway. I have two stories. My sorority sister was dating this guy that she really liked in high school. One day she was heading to go on vacation with her family and was told by her friend that her bf cheated on her. When my sorority sister returned she dumped him and cut him off completely. After that he moved on to do whatever and she en
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