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  1. I'm not religious but sure I can be all for morals. Morally in the US it's wrong for a 40 year old dude to marry a 13 year old. Some other places it's not. I'm not sure what your point is.
  2. As long as you're fully open with each other it's not a problem. But if one was sneaking around behind the others back and doing it would you be okay with it? And yes I understand all relationships are different and all peoples perspectives are as well. I myself think fantasizing about someone other than your partner isn't really appropriate. You might not be physically cheating but mentally and emotionally you sort of are.
  3. No that's not the issue. I wanted peoples opinions and to see their thoughts on the matter. If porn and sex with your partner are very different then how in a way is it not being unfaithful? Wouldn't you think it's like cheating but without doing the physical act? I don't think fantasizing about someone other than your loved one is okay if you're in a truly monogamous relationship, especially because most times it's hidden and not talked about. I think my biggest problem is most times porn is hidden and I feel like that's as bad as cheating because one partner is not telling the truth and is being sneaky. It may not be physical but mentally and emotionally they're getting from porn what they would if they actually cheated. From my perspective people watch porn because they want something new other than their partner. And if they aren't satisfied with their partner then why be in a relationship? Also from other things I've read, people who watch porn, especially secretly, are more likely to cheat.
  4. I'm not making this a personal post I just want peoples opinions. I myself would feel betrayed especially if they were hiding it. Because how is a guilty conscious good?
  5. I can definitely see both sides but now that I think about it, in my opinion it's not much different than getting nudes from a random
  6. So I'm curious. Why do you watch porn when you have a partner who can send nudes or you even make your own videos?
  7. I don't think all behavior should be excused, don't get me wrong. But I do think that, from my experience men are sexual creatures, and I feel most will watch porn no matter what.
  8. I agree girls are sexual creatures but from my experience men have a higher sex drive.
  9. I feel like people are either okay with it and even watch it together or they think it's cheating. I guess I can see both standpoints. Boys will be boys and are sexual creatures, but then again how is it different if they watched two people having sex (live)? Or even if someone recorded themselves having sex with someone else, for them. What are your guys opinions?
  10. I'll have to look into it as I'm not sure what my insurance can cover. I know that exercise could probably help as well but I never feel motivated to.
  11. I've just recently moved so I don't even have a set doctor in the area yet so I will have to get that set up first before anything and see what they say and see what my insurance can cover.
  12. I've never thought to be on medication. I didn't know I had that large of an issue. Plus I'm not sure what medication I need.
  13. I'm not sure where this stemmed from. My mom was in the army when I was younger. She was a single mom until I was about 8. And many times I was with a babysitter while she was gone.
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