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  1. Great advice everyone! I will keep replaying that mantra - "It is what it is. I did the best I could and maybe didn't understand. I understand now and wish you both nothing but happiness". You guys/gals are answered prayer...
  2. Hey Lost, Thanks for the words of wisdom. Yes we have agreed on an asking price, realtor, and timeframe. I am pretty much doing the little repairs around the house to get it ready for sale - of course she will want a 50/50 split on the profit. It looks like she will be moving out soon and I will stay with the house until it sells. Thank goodness, its been 5 freakin months i've had to live with someone who is actively cheating on me - I stayed for my boys, hopefully that mattered somehow. I dont know what the future holds - everything involving the kids will be a much bigger hassl
  3. Are you saying she's going to kill my children?
  4. Ok, here is the update. Nothing much new. We told the kids, they didnt seem too affected. We came across as united allies to them, told them it wasnt their fault at all, told them they would be safe and we would always be their mom and dad - just weren't going to be husband and wife any longer. I guess its not too real to them since we are still co-habitating (new floors going in this week, house getting listed asap). Heres something - tell me if im wrong here. Obviously mutual friends will be/are being told about our divorce. Shes getting pissed off because I am telling the truth about wh
  5. Im going to look around, but is there a formal "complaint department" where I can report this paralegal - if she did in fact give this type of advice to my STBX?
  6. Ok, Heres the Monday update. This past Saturday the STBX went to another wedding with the OM. No biggie anymore, she can do whatever she wants. So, I called a buddy (one of my best friends who has been a great friend through this) to see if he and his boys wanted to hang out and he said sure. The thing is that he and his wife were friends with us when we were a couple, they have boys who are good friends with our boys......His wife is her supervisor. The boys and I went to their house and had popcorn and watched a movie, i didnt bash her, i dont ever bash her. Mostly my mindset is "i dont
  7. Thanks Lost....always good advice
  8. UPDATE: I am going to have my paychecks deposited into my new account. What I dont want to happen is that I pay all the bills and everything while she gets to stay free AND keep her whole check. I think it should be a percentage type of situation. I treat this as we are essentially roommates at this point. Thoughts? *Also, does the child support begin when she moves out, or when the divorce is final? (if she moves out, i will still support the kids, im just wondering about the technicalities.)
  9. Ok, Quick financial question - sorry if it sounds a bit ignorant. I got a separate checking account already, but have not split the funds and I still have my paycheck deposited into the joint account - as does she. Nothing has really been an issue, i have monitored the account closely for any dissipation or whatever. The issue now is that she is buying crap online (house stuff) getting ready for her move. I dont want to supply money for this but still need to keep money in the joint account for bills and groceries. Should I deposit my paycheck into my new account and transfer funds to the jo
  10. All good points. But did you guys stay living together for a while after you told your son? Im not sure when this co-habitation thing will end - depends on how fast the house sells. It would be a weird situation for the kids to see us still living together? Or, no? Thoughts? I shouldnt complain about the couch - I actually dont want to sleep in the bed, lol. I'm letting her have it when she goes anyway (she's letting me have the flat screen...). The living room has become sort of my domain at night. I leave her alone to do her thing in the bedroom - talk to him on her cheater phone, etc..I
  11. Things are still the same, but moving forward...i guess. I'm still maintaining my role in the house to give support/stability to my boys. Its not easy sleeping on the couch, dealing with the day to day interaction with her cold dead heart, but its worth it for now to stand strong for them. All paperwork has been filed through a paralegal. She said we would not have to step foot in court. All decisions have been mutually agreed upon thus far. I still have to do a couple of things to the house before we list it, but I want to do it asap. We will tell the kids as soon as we put the house u
  12. Shes already been on several dates to meet him for dinner and such.
  13. FWIW, Thank you all for your input these past couple of months.....
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