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  1. You don’t.

    You never even tried 

    You got me tied up with 

    My hair loose and I’m shaking 

    At the thought of your hands on my body.

You touch me, but you don’t feel me.

    You don't hear me.

    You don’t know me. 

    You just don’t. 


    You take pieces and write them off

As just another passing wave 

    Against your body. 

    You leave me alone

Tell me nothing makes sense

    You say 
There will never be another you

But sweetheart, it isn’t by choice.

To come across another being

With the same intentions as yours

    Would be such a mistake. 


    We’re too different you see

    Clearly you do

    You can’t relate to a thing I do.

It’s called sacrifice 

    Risk and washed fears on a shoreline 

    It's deeper than you’ll ever be.


    Sometimes we make misconceptions

About who we chose to give ourselves away too


    I said 
Never be vulnerable with someone you aren’t
 Tied too.

It’ll f**k you up and leave you restless for days 


    Shouting half written plays 

    In your mind full of games. 

    You can pretend you have me figured out 
Only to find you’re filled with doubt 

    But certain at the fact that 

    You’re too proud to admit

That you lead me on quick 

    Only to drown.

  2. If I were to tell you 

    The things 
He’d say to me

It wouldn’t be fair 

    You were in the mix 


    If I told you 
I’d hurt you 


    It isn’t fair 

    The choices I made


    Could hurt you 


    I was selfish then, 

    All i wanted 

    Was pleasure then.

I wanted to make myself 

    Feel something 


    On temporary 


    Not lasting. 

    It’s left me broken 

    But I can’t imagine 

    The pain in your face 

    If you just knew

    What had to happen.

  3. Does this mean I gave up or I’m simply respecting your wishes?

    Because what was there really to give up? You were never mine,

    and I liked it that way.

    I liked what we had,

    it felt genuine and far from serious.

    It just was.

    And I kind of miss it,

    even though it wasn’t much.

    And I know trying to replace it isn’t enough, because whatever ‘it’ was felt like it could only be between us.


    I don’t want that kind of relationship with anyone else.

    I want to meet people that won’t just leave me baffled with questions that I’m too afraid to know the answers to.


    Like what made you so scared?

    why wasn't I enough?

  4. Daydreams daydreams

    Why am I smoking so much?

    Because it’s like forgetting.


    Clearing my mind, filling my lungs.


    I just want to breath you in,

    it’s an obsession I can’t quite grasp or shake. It makes no sense. 


    Quiet calm collected- externally

    Cold shaken resented - internally 


    Explore- I want to.

Answers- I need to. 

    Questions I can’t quite put together. 






    Is it all insane or am I?!

    For wanting it this bad and needing you like it’s all I have.

    Every opportunity flashed like a disk,

    erased in a brisk bittersweet motion.


    All these notions Feel like potions

    I’ve been poisoned.

    I need this more than you know.

    Just to know, So you know,

    I don’t really know Why.

  5. "But we got a lot of people wondering around town really confused"


    So true, and sad how relatable this could be to so many people. I guess in the end we're all human, feeling and going through the same thing in our own ways.


    Great poem! Keep on Expressing yourself girl! 🙌🏻

  6. It has nothing to do with charm.

    Just the honest truth.

You fed my ego with lines like

“You’re a gorgeous being”

    You don’t need it.

    You look good just like that. 
I believed it. 

    I stopped hiding behind bold lips 

    And winged tips.


    You once told me,
You wanted me make you come
 Alive, I told you I didn’t mind.

    I enjoyed tasting you, 

    You told me you liked my taste too.


    “It’s going to be good!” You said. 

    Happy thanksgiving, Merry Christmas 


    The rhythm we held In the backseat of my car,

    Hips thrusting, hearts caving.

    "We had a good thing going"


    Was it though?


    We were two halves of a greater whole.

    Never mine, not yours.


    I once told you,
 I trusted you, 

    You were the exception. 

    You said it meant a lot

You didn’t know why. 

    I felt it all, 


    You always asked me to text you when I left,
To make sure I made it home alright. 

    You told me my driving was gold, 

    There was no way to avoid that bump. 

    You were right.


    One night, one stroll,

Our chemistry was weak. 

    Where was your soul?

I walked away 
For the very last time.


    This time you didn’t ask me to text you. 

    I didn’t even try.


    I told you, 
I apologized for the mess I was 
That night. 
You told me 
You were traumatized.


    “I think it’s time to move past this experience”

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