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  1. What does it mean when someone says everything they've ever done in life was out of hate? Any interpretations?
  2. I posted on here a few days ago because my boyfriend had a problem with me helping a friend move his things down to our hometown. The problem was he didn't think going on a 4 hour trip with a friend for a day was something people in relationships should do. I got some insightful responses which have made me really question a lot of things that I'd like to get opinions on. We've been in a relationship for 8 years, I met him when I was 18 and he was 23. He grew up in a very broken home, his father was abusive both physically and mentally to him growing up and kept him from his mother
  3. I ask him and he says that's just the way he is, he says he's "old school" and thinks the man should have the last say on everything. I feel like it's a control issue, which he says it's not and that he would be fine if I were to help him anywhere in our city but going out of town is stressful on him because he's going to be worried the whole time. I get it, and I've always respected him, I don't hardly ask for anything. I don't want to stress him out but I also don't want to not live my life because he's worried something will happen. Is that selfish?
  4. @tmifune The friend I'm helping is gay, he just wants me to make the trip with him for company and to spend time since its been awhile. My boyfriend has met this person and has no insecurity about me being friends with him, it's a 4 hour trip - we would be leaving pretty late/early though.. But it wouldnt even be a full day that I would be gone.
  5. So my best friend of 12 years is moving back down to our hometown after being gone for about 7 years. He's always been a great friend, always there for me and he asked me for a favor. He's arriving next weekend by plane to our hometown, except his belongings are in a city about 4hrs away. He asked if I could drive up with him to get his stuff, we would be leaving at 3am, arriving early and coming back that same day late afternoon. I agreed without hesitation, this guy was practically like a brother to me. The problem: My boyfriend of 8 years, whom I live with, thinks this isn't what people
  6. You don’t. You never even tried 
 You got me tied up with 
 My hair loose and I’m shaking 
 At the thought of your hands on my body. 
You touch me, but you don’t feel me. You don't hear me. You don’t know me. 
 You just don’t. 
 You take pieces and write them off 
As just another passing wave 
 Against your body. 
 You leave me alone 
Tell me nothing makes sense
 You say 
There will never be another you 
But sweetheart, it isn’t by choice. 
To come across another being 
With the same intentions as yours
 Would be such a mistake. 
 We’re too different you see
  7. @thatwasthen Thank you. After researching the term Limerence, it seems to be fitting. I can't help but feel like I could have done more, tried to get answers, pave something new.. But the thought, "does it really ing matter?" Pops into my head and I really don't think it does. To him at least. I guess it was just a casual relationship that I keep romanticisizing because I wanted it to mean something to him, like it did to me. He seemed to care, he would reach out to me, and it felt nice knowing that this person that I was infatuated with most of my adolescence was actually interested in me
  8. So when I was 16 I crossed the line with this guy I had known for awhile. At the time, I never really thought much about it. He was cool, in a friend vibe way. Then we ended up sleeping together. I feel like he cast a spell on me or something, it was my first time being intimate with anyone outside of an actual relationship. It changed me. He made me feel something. I was completely intrigued by his character and charm and his physical appearance really grew on me. I thought about him constantly, but he got a girlfriend and we cut our communication off for 7 years. I literally did not EVER thi
  9. If I were to tell you 
 The things 
He’d say to me 
It wouldn’t be fair 
 You were in the mix 
 If I told you 
I’d hurt you 
 It isn’t fair 
 The choices I made 
 Could hurt you 
 I was selfish then, 
 All i wanted 
 Was pleasure then. 
I wanted to make myself 
 Feel something 
 On temporary 
 Not lasting. 
 It’s left me broken 
 But I can’t imagine 
 The pain in your face 
 If you just knew
 What had to happen.
  10. because I've told him that's not what I want, even though I know him getting to know his mother is what he wants because he's never had actual family around. I get it. We met her on a trip we took to see her about a year ago. She lives 12 hours away from where we currently are. A part of me feels like I should let him go and start my life but it's hard because i did truly want a life together but it seems complicated now.
  11. That's the thing. I know we both have been incredibly irresponsible and instead of getting our life together we get hung up on minor problems. I'm 26 and I need to get my life together now. I know that's not the life I want to live, and I have dreams and I've always felt held back because of him. I love him, and I've been there for him through some really bad times but We have a lot of history to just let it go like that. I feel selfish
  12. My boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years. His parents split up when he was 8, his father took all the kids and his mother stayed behind in Oklahoma. His father was abusive, and he had a bad childhood. He is the oldest of 3 kids. One of his brothers moved back with his mother when he was a teenager. Him and his younger brother stayed with his dad. He's 30 now and just recently about 3 years ago he got in contact with his mother again for the first time since he was a child. He moved in with me a couple of years ago because he didn't have a place to go. My parents took him in
  13. Does this mean I gave up or I’m simply respecting your wishes? Because what was there really to give up? You were never mine, and I liked it that way. I liked what we had, it felt genuine and far from serious. It just was. And I kind of miss it, even though it wasn’t much. And I know trying to replace it isn’t enough, because whatever ‘it’ was felt like it could only be between us. I don’t want that kind of relationship with anyone else. I want to meet people that won’t just leave me baffled with questions that I’m too afraid to know the answers to. Like what made you
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