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  1. Good tips .. what you suggested was good . I’m hoping to be a teachers aide or receptionist at a school 🏫
  2. That’s a good suggestion .. day care helper is what I also want to look into . Right now I can’t volunteer due to the pandemic .
  3. That’s okay . Atleast you tried . I applaud you for it . I’m simply in the exploration phase . You are correct about every job will have its good days and bad ones too . Sometimes my days are okay , good or bad . Atleast you get to babysit your nieces and nephews . I appreciate you , batya and others for trying to tell me the realities of teaching .
  4. Batya, I even spoke with an elementary school teacher . She said her job was stressful . She had to deal with other elementary school teachers who were mean and condescending, parents and unsupportive administrators. So it made think of what you were trying to tell me . Thanks for trying to give me tips to the best you can .
  5. No what I meant to say is that I didn’t know that it isn’t required to be manipulative to be a lawyer . Yeah you are right . There are manipulative people in various professions and education levels . I’m sorry that you had to experience it . I’m still in the exploration or shopping phase of jobs and careers . I’m trying to pinpoint my interests . They say it’s better to do what interests you . I very much agree with your last paragraph. It’s best to get field experience at a school or daycare before setting foot.
  6. Wow . I didn’t know that . Being a lawyer or working with the law doesn’t interest me .
  7. Wow . I’m sorry that you had unpleasant experiences.
  8. I can’t do it . I’m not a manipulative person. I’m not smart enough to be a lawyer .
  9. That sounds like a good idea 😊. I also think maybe looking into preschools and daycares can be a start
  10. That’s a good suggestion . Just like wisemans suggestion .
  11. I guess it’s the subject matter . I’d have to take a course in it and see how it goes .
  12. Wow . Maybe I’ll look into teachers aide jobs too. I hope to get the feel for it someday . I happened to also be interested in early childhood education .
  13. I will google it . Sounds like a good idea . Well I’m still in the process of figuring it out . The grades I’d look into are preschool and lower level elementary .
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