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  1. He didn't volunteer the information, it was a response to me asking "how's your week going?". I have not observed him to be manipulative either to me or people in his life. I think there may still be feelings there on his part, which is probably a good another good reason not to go away together.
  2. He responded to my retracted invitation with disappointment, said his offer was still open if I change my mind later, but that he understands and respects my decision if I go alone. He also mentioned that he has had an off week, so confirmed the change in mood I observed.
  3. Such wisdom!! The fact that it's has bothered me enough to post about it now, is proof that it's not a good idea.
  4. You're right...there's no open warfare and there are risks everywhere. So maybe something solo is what I need.
  5. Hello all! Thanks for the advice. I think I was a little naïve to think it would be fine, and actually this situation has shown me that it wouldn't be fine. I have retracted the invitation and will probably just woman up and go on my own.
  6. No, it's not about a reconciliation. That hasn't come up at all nor did I think that that's where we were headed. We have transitioned into friendship, or at least that's what I thought. But this sudden change in mood has thrown me a little.
  7. Quick story short...my ex and I were together for about 1 year and then on and off, but called it quits this time last year. We remained friends and keep in touch on a regular basis. Neither of us have had the chance to travel these past 12 months, something we both really enjoy and used to do together. I have been wanting to solo travel (at least) around the country we live in, but I am/was fearful as there have been a few high profile cases of sexual violence against women and difficult race relations in our region. So I had put off my travel plans for this reason. On a recent catch up
  8. I completely agree with this. I did tell him I needed time before diving into a friendship. But he keeps texting to "check on me". I don't want to pretend to be friends... because we are not friends yet...we are exes. If a friendship occurs naturally in the future when there are no more feelings then fine. But it's not something I want to force. I just want and need time apart at the moment.
  9. Yes it's the same person. After posting the linked post, we spoke and I told him I wanted more than a "maybe, baby" situation. He had then said he'd like to give things go again, so we did. But if I'm honest the effort on his part was never really where it needed to be....then COVID hit and things went down hill from there.
  10. Recently broke up with my ex...again. We had only got back together in February, after a few months apart (we were in LDR before which caused the strain that lead to the breakup). Anyway, he's switched over to being "friends" far too quickly. To the point where it makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't want to pretend things are "all good" because they aren't just yet. I wondered what people's thoughts are on staying friends with an ex? We don't really have friends in common, we can both walk away with the friends we came into the relationship with. But our parents have since become v
  11. We talked about it and he has the same concern about being a part for a prolonged period...he said he's open to me moving in with him. I just was bit worried about it might be too much too soon. But maybe we just need to throw ourselves into it and see what happens.
  12. I'm currently living back with my parents, but he lives alone. The government's recommendation is to not mix and to stick to one household, so I can't go back and forth between my parents and his place. So I can either stay at my parents for the foreseeable future - which will mean we don't have physical contact. Or I effectively move in with him.
  13. Hello all. I've been meaning to update you on my situation. I finally found the courage to speak to my fella back in Feb and shared that our set up at the time wasn't meeting my emotional and physical needs and that I was ready to be in a relationship. I told him there was no pressure on him but that I wanted to be honest before I take the next step towards finding what I wanted. He said he had been over cautious about getting back together as he was worried about hurting me if things didn't work out again. He said he wanted to give things another go to see if we can make things work no
  14. You're absolutely right Thatwasthen, and actually I hadn't articulated how I feel as clearly to him, as I have here, so will do so. We are seeing each other on Friday for a movie and dinner and I will speak to him about it in person then. It will be great if he wants the same thing, if not, it will be great for the confusion to end.
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