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  1. Yeah, I should probably stop putting thought into it and go back to focusing on work and other things. I'll cherish the night for what it was and move on I guess. Seems like the best bet. Someone is out there for me somewhere.
  2. Thanks all for the feedback. It's nice to have outside eyes looking in on complicated things.
  3. Makes sense. It's possible that I'm pulled in by the 'challenge' for lack of a better word. I oftentimes get uneasy if something seems a little too easy to fall together. Maybe it's because my relationships in the past have all been really complicated and that's the territory I'm used to. Anyways, it's definitely wise to try and look objectively on this situation and make sure I'm not running in circles.
  4. Well, she was out with friends earlier before we met. Maybe something about her evening out caused her desire for company..
  5. Good point here, there's something about that night that is pulling me in. I found her situation fascinating, that she's relatively open about her feelings and needs and what not. Maybe it was the fact that we got along so well on such an impromptu visit after barely messaging each other for like half hour..
  6. She feels more comfortable with women. She doesn't like the pressure she feels from texting/connecting with men. I'm thinking maybe that she is nervous to get attached to someone, because she doesn't like the whole 'labeling' process of being with someone or having a partner; maybe being with women make her feel more free. She may be interested in having multiple partners, but with no strings attached. She does live alone and gets lonely being by herself all the time.
  7. I met someone online and was invited over to her place for the night super late. She had set the expectation that she wanted company and I agreed and we met up. The 'company' turned into me sleeping over and us staying up all night messing around in bed. After a while, we began chatting about things and she revealed to me that she had never invited someone over so spontaneously before. Considering the expectations she set at first and the way she presented herself upon meeting up, I was under the impression that she had done this before. She also mentioned that she mainly dates women (I'm a ma
  8. I'm just trying to get through these next couple weeks before I take a small vacation back to my hometown to get away from it all. Hopefully some outside perspective can help a bit.
  9. Recent separation, and other events, have reminded me how empty, lonely, and uninspired I really am. I used to study and play guitar in college, but the pressure led me to back out of the program. Would spend a lot of time exploring art, music, and other mediums of expression and entertainment. I now work a job in e-commerce, doing nothing I feel strongly passionate about. I had been seeing someone, who helped motivate me to play guitar again, it had been a nice 10 months of off and on enjoyment of each other's company and warmth. She recently moved on from me after finishing architecture s
  10. Yeah, been trying to get her to meet up but I can't seem to get much of a response other than small talk. Maybe I'll have to let it be and she if she would ever want to reach out on her own.
  11. I miss her though. We both lifted each other up when our lives were getting tough and I'm going through a tough patch again. I just feel like she doesn't need me anymore, which is creating an empty space inside me.
  12. I've been seeing someone on and off since last October. We get together very casually and primarily watch movies or go to a coffee shop and work on our things individually while sitting together and holding hands. When we get together is usually revolves around spending the night together. It was super simple. I struggle with commitment due to a rough history with previous relationships. We never had a conversation talking about us or what we were going to do in the future, whether it be together or separate. I never knew how to bring it up. Maybe I was just used to having her around and kn
  13. We've been intimate the entire time we've been seeing each other :/
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