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  1. My BF is actually currently living with his family during the LDR.
  2. It's been about three weeks and yes communication has been good up until now.
  3. He did mention he was feeling lonely. I very much doubt he met someone as he is coming home in four months due to this only being for the summer as we are both returning to school. He did mention later on he didn't know what came over him but the fact he didn't contact me when he said he would as left me feeling a little uneasy.
  4. well it is only for four months and he will return in august where we live very close...
  5. Our LDR isn't permanent, we live an hour from each other however, this long distance is only for the summer. He does not live where he works so he would have not found someone.
  6. Me (f/23) and my boyfriend (m/23) are currently long distance for the summer due to him getting a job in another country. We have been dating for around 10 months but have known each other longer. Everything has been totally fine and normal until the other night when he messaged me this: BF: Are you awake I am feeling a little under the weather? ME: What's wrong? BF: I'm worried about our relationship. ME: Why? I thought everything was okay, did something change? BF: I don't know. probably nothing, I don't know what I want right now. After this conversation, he went to bed and I told
  7. Thank you very much for the advice. This situation is a little tricky I should have mentioned he owes me some money and wants to pay me back but I told him to pay me back when he's good financially (it's a lot of money) so in the future no contact has to be broken but I'm giving myself the space I need to better myself from this breakup.
  8. Thank you ;: really do feel like the crazy ex I'm appualed by my behaviour
  9. Unfortunately he doesn't like thinking about the past as it glooms him so I won't be remembered for good times. But what can you do
  10. I was thinking in the future apologizing but yeah you're right leaving him alone is the best apology
  11. First time posting here so hoping for some advice etc. me and my ex-boyfriend broke up a couple months ago it was very tough. We dated for almost a year and he dumped me by text message and instead of walking away I texted him everyday, went to his house un-invited to see if we could talk things out and leave on good terms. I also made a fake account to see if I could get information from him but he knew it was me straight away. Now I just feel really bad for turning into this person. I just wanted answers but now I regret coming off as a crazy ex-girlfriend. I don't know if they'll ever for
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