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  1. My boyfriend and I were having some issues for a few weeks. I cheated on him with an ex because I thought he was sleeping with someone else. He wasn’t. I felt horrible so cut everything off with my ex. He started sleeping with another girl. I forgave him because I cheated first so I understood. The problem is he didn’t just do it once or twice. He was staying overnight at her house, and every time we fight or he suspects that I’m cheating which I’m not, he uses it as an excuse to go have sex with her. I confronted him directly and asked if he was in a relationship with her but he insists that
  2. Thanks guys, I ended it today after I found out he was sharing explicit details of my life with women he's talking to. Honestly the sex wasn't that great so I'm not hurt. He's revealed himself to be a real nutjob and I think I'm better off with no sex than dealing with someone so crazy. But anyway thanks again for encouraging me to do what I pretty much felt I should have done.
  3. I met this guy who i am very attracted to and decided to have sex with him. We both agreed it would just be casual being that we both got out of disappointing relationships and are not looking for anything serious. Fine. The issue is, after we had sex he became possessive. He checks my Facebook and gets upset if I'm chatting with male friends, and constantly asks me if I'm sleeping with another guy, which I'm not. I noticed he is still talking to other women but never question him about it because I thought we agreed beforehand that we weren't in a relationship. Prior to sex he said he would n
  4. Hi. So, I broke up with my ex about a month ago because it wasn't working out. He was talking to his ex girlfriend everyday, would constantly ignore me, texted my friends things about me behind my back, and cheated. I decided to walk away and started dating someone new who I really like. Today, he took it upon himself to message this person screenshots of things I sent him in the past. And say that I was crazy and he should stay away from me. I also find out he sends my female friends to text me asking what I'm doing so he can be up to date with my life (they're mutual friends). I'm becoming v
  5. So I was dating a guy who seemed really decent and serious. He was pretty honest with me for the most part and hinted at wanting something long term with me. In the beginning he would make an effort to hang out with me but recently he hasn't and has seemed distant. I found out he's talking to his ex everyday about me. He's not necessarily saying negative things he just gives her updates on my life and says he loves me and we're so happy. That's cool and all except he doesn't spend much time talking to me anymore because he's spending all his time talking to his ex ABOUT me and how we're so hap
  6. So my ex boyfriend who was a douchebag has decided that he is still in love with me and wants me back. He hurt me badly during our relationship because he was constantly chatting with other women on Facebook although he never met up with them. I dumped him because he wouldn't stop chatting with the girls. We didn't talk for two months but then I contemplated giving him another chance because he finally stopped or so I thought. I messaged one of the girls who added him saying we were back together and she responded by sending me a picture of the two of them in bed together during our break
  7. Hi, I recently made a thread about my ex who cheated on me with a married woman. Since my insult session and us breaking up I did contact him again to get closure (dumb I know) and understand why he did it. He assured me that he loves me and things never got physical between them. I believe it because she lives with her husband and several of his relatives and also has a young baby so they wouldn't have had the opportunity to have sex even if they wanted to. I told him I didn't want to get back with him as I thought it was unfair that he becomes outraged when I have a male friend but he consta
  8. The situation confused me because we were both drunk when we had sex and he swore up and down that it was just a mistake and he never meant to cheat on his gf because he "loves her". So we only did it once because he claimed he didn't want to be in that situation again and I was "throwing myself at him" and he was drunk so he couldn't control himself. I respected this and backed off and really believed he was regretful. However here we are months later and he's planning an out of town trip with this woman where I'm sure they'll be drinking and he once again will probably be put in a situation
  9. He told me he had a girlfriend AFTER we slept together. And according to him they are still together and he has no plans of ever leaving her.
  10. My coworker and I who previously slept together were just friends at work. I told him previously I had feelings for him but he said he couldn't proceed because he had a gf, so just friends. Fine. However , another female coworker confessed to me that he was saying bad things about me behind my back such as he only talks to me at work because he has to and doesn't associate with me on a personal level, and I was obsessed and in love with him and won't leave him alone. Mind you, he is the same one who gets jealous if I'm even just having a friendly conversation with another man. So anyway, he is
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