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  1. Oh I know it’s not a tea party. Let’s hope it decreases :)
  2. That’s what I have been trying to do but I’m now forced to communicate with him because our mutual client is using my services and his and we have to communicate but the awkwardness is coming from his end —
  3. I think it’s because I hate awkwardness in general. I tend to talk out any issues that I have with people.
  4. I’m nice it’s the awkwardness in his end.
  5. I guess so. I’m nice to him and all but I don’t go out of my way to speak to him or anything. If we are in the same area of the office or lunch room we speak but that’s it.
  6. No. I don’t find him attractive but we are now forced to communicate because our mutual client is using my services and his and it’s awkward AF on his end. I’m not nervous around him or attracted to him in anyway.
  7. Hi All, I have a question. I have a male coworker that acts weird around me. So when I first started at this company I was heavier and the gyms had not opened yet due to Covid, but when they did, I lost 11kgs, started working out regularly, I have gained muscle, I am fit and I eat as clean as possible. I have changed my wardrobe and am generally more confident in myself. He spoke to me for the first time in June this year and he started asking me if I was married, etc and I said no, I’ve been single for 6 years - he asked why, I said because I don’t want what other people want...I am in my 30s and want to move overseas after COVID. Anyway, so that was the first time we spoke and we have spoken maybe 4 more times since then. He tends to look at me and then look away quickly if I end up looking back. I break eye contact most of the time because I am on the phone or dealing with something. We share a common thing which is we both train at the gym but not at the same gym. He only speaks to me when I speak to him first. TBH I say hi first cause I don’t want it to be AWKWARD. All my coworkers tell me he is a womaniser - I also think he is seeing someone else so this is weird for me. Long story short, I have been busy lately with everything and haven’t being paying attention etc. He does this weird thing where he won’t look @ me when I speak to him - he will look straight ahead or he has his phone on him almost all the time and when we end up in the lunch room, I try to be friendly but not flirty. I got flowers from one of my clients and he said “do I need to step in here?” I said no. Lately he gives me death stares almost. The other day we were in the lunch room with 3 of my female co workers and he turned away from us so that he wasn’t looking at us. I don’t want to date him or anything I just hate weirdness that’s all. Any ideas on is going on? Look forward to someone’s opinion and/or advice. Cheers,Ena
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