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  1. I have been chating to a shy girl at work she has been coming out of her shell more (and teasing her a little) The question is another work colleague (female) has been asking if i have a g/f. Did they ask for her or are they being friendly also one of the company gossip asked me the same question within half hour. The first girl who asked me is not a gossip though. But the girl i was chatting to ran into her car at home time maybe she had to go or maybe she was avoiding me i am unsure. Maybe i am reading too much into it.
  2. A girl started contacting me out of the blue after a few years and we started chatting and arranged to go out. We talked alot had a laugh and got close. She asked me to pick her up from work at lunch then she cancelled she was stuck at work i thought that is prob genuine. We would talk on the phone every couple of days (not to crowd her) then we went out for a meal and the cinema and a bon fire party. We arranged to go out for a new years party with my friends from my acting club she cancelled 30 mins before i pick her up. I was too embarressed to go on my own so i went home and sat in my flat alone. Then we were supposed to go out and she cancelled yet again she messaged me saying please do not fall out with me you are so sweet to me. Then she got ill so i went around her place and looked after her cooked cleaned and shopping while she had flu. We arranged to watch a show she cancelled again and said do not leave me you are sweet please be patient with me. I took her out for her birthday brought her flowers and chocolates and she kissed me and thanks. She messaged me one friday night saying i am out with my friends i love having you in my life. Then on the Thursday she said she has a lot going on in her life it is not right to bring me into her life at the minute. Now she is with another guy (i wonder if she met him on the friday night) she is in a relationship with him now. I am happy for her i seen her once since and she looked over and looked down at her feet. I just left as i did not want her to feel uncomfortable she is a shy girl and has had a bad life to be fair. I just am trying to work out what i did wrong so i can learn from it.
  3. I know a little bit what you are going through it is hard as i am shy not as much as i was. I never had hardly any friends. It is self confidence i think you will get better what helped me is i joined a drama group (as a hobby) and it gave me a bit of confidence. That may help.
  4. Thanks for the advice. If he follows me i will pull over and ring the police i have a dash cam in my car (to use as evidence). When he was shouting at me he kept shouting he is in control he is the boss when he was just the same as me a normal worker. One time at break i was eating a chocolate bar and he tried to take it off me shouting i said you can not eat that. He kept shouting at me default setting (As i do not want to get involved when they moan about someone behind their back)
  5. The guy has pushed the boss before shouting at him over time off. I mentioned that incident to HR my boss was in the room and my boss said the shouting never happens to him. Then in the same sentence the boss says he just shouts and pushes him back which i said that is not the professional way. The guy has followed the boss home before (the boss lives 10 miles away) and timed how long it takes the boss to get to work as he was telling everyone. The owner is only at work 2 days a week HR only works 4 hours a day and the boss watches TV in his office most of the day as there is not anyone there to stop him most the time. He even tells us what he has been watching or playing poker. There has been times we have ran out of stock or materials peoples wages have not been put on the system or there holidays having to chase the boss. When HR or the owner is about the boss is helpful so the boss is hardly around he does not see what happens.
  6. My friend who i know through my drama club works as a counselor i have had a little bit with her. The company showed me no support what so ever they tried to ignore the problem the bully has pushed and shouted at our manager before.
  7. Thanks the guy has also followed me outside of work i went to a friends house and he followed me for (about) 3 miles and he watched me go in and he reversed and drove off.
  8. I have been getting bullied for a while at work (nearly two years) by a colleague. He would shout for no reason and try to bully me. He would ask what you got up to last night or the weekend then have a snide comment or have a dig at you. So i started only talking about work but being polite. The bully was slating another work colleague behind their back and i said i did not want to get involved. (as i never slated anyone there) So the guy started having ago at me shouting angrily you are 36 not 13 i said i know how old i am. He kept having ago at me all day saying default setting i do not know why he was saying that. I just (as normal) kept my head down and worked but still he was digging at me all day so i just had enough and reported it. He got called into a meeting then as soon as he came out he started having ago at me shouting again so i reported it again. The next morning he came in and started shouting at me for no reason so i told him I have had enough and i reported it again. Then he started trying to intimidate me by saying in my earshot he had a fight last night with two martial artists and beat them both. (i knew what he was doing trying to intimidate me) I knew that was not true as he had no marks i got a sick note from my doctor as i was so stressed. I have since left for a new job but i am still nervous at my new job. My old company showed my no support at all i have never bothered anyone.
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