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  1. Enter in the topic of wars and all the others things you mentioned, it is going far beyond of what bullying is. It is enter in a political discussion, as per you post and how you started, I am not sure that I want this kind of interchange here. I do not argue with people that already think in way and that will never understand me. I do not like confrontations of any kind. It is easy for me to cite a text or give the concept of bullying, because I have experienced it. Your concept it is very appropriate, you are citing a case of 2 years old and children. You are writing to me, I am adult, b
  2. Everyone is different, but that does not grants cowards the power to use words out context, private words, against citizens. No one should have that power, no a single a person should the power to in front of the eyes of many, harm, hurt, humiliate, bring sorrows to any one life, specially children. What hurts the most is loved and be hurt for the people we have loved so much, for the people that for years we defended. This is not a psychological class, an no one will be able to make change the way I think, even less with absurds abuses and pressures.
  3. this do not let me post now, because the message is to short, but I am out words now....
  4. Thanks for your advices. I am glad that you get away for whatever happened to you. I can imagine the release. I dream with a day like that. A day I can move free and happy, as every single citizen deserve. No idea what I will do or how.
  5. If I tell you or narrate all they have done with me since I born, most probably you will ending crying with me. I prefer no give further details. Just know, that whatever has happened to me and continue happening is unacceptable for any normal human being. It is totally out proportion, out mind and very very abusive. My partner always had a bad temper, but I have never live a life so miserable since the abusers invaded my life. No idea at this point what is worst, be receiving yelling for almost 20 years or this. I believe this is worst. I worked many years ago and I do not want to talk much a
  6. Thanks, it makes perfect sense. But I will never accept harassment of any kind, I cannot live my whole life like that, someone should be able to do something about it. Because it is not fair an unknown battle between millions holding arms and one person without any. I understand the hierarchic, but I am not trying and I have not tried to be over any one, I do not even hold a job, then why someone will one to use force to be over me? For how much longer they will continue abusing? What we can do to stop the abuse?
  7. Stupid question, but I want to find answers, because I look for the answer I do not find it. I have revisited my life since my childhood and I have never done wrong to others. Then I do not understand, could anyone help me? Could you tell me who can help me to life my live again without the constant harassment of others. Why they do what they do and why they keep doing it?
  8. Time dear friends, time do not heal anything, but at least help to let's go the pain. I never thought I could stop thinking on him, he was present every day, every time, at every hour or second of my life. He was for me like acquired disease. But I did it. For good or for bad, he just was like a shooting star bringing the best and worse of me. He did not cure me from all my problems, he created more problems for me. As a woman he let me insensible, empty. I heard once that a woman can be let frigid after a rape or violation, that is what he did to me. Now I am like cube ice, a piece of
  9. Thanks so much for your time narrating that myth for me. My day, what I can say about my day or my last days...a little girl smile at my at the library and she made me happy (I was almost crying and feeling totally alone). The weather is very good for me be with him (it is grey and it is raining), but he is not with me, he is not even thinking about me. I went to the movie theater and watched a movie that I really enjoyed. I have been eating very badly because I am fat thank to the medication. I have been reading and writing a lot. I am better but I am still sad. There are a lot of emp
  10. Today I am grateful, for being where I am, for being a better person, for have time for reading and learning, for the roof, the food, the school and teachers that help me with my children, for this forum and its people, for the advices and words on encouragement. I grateful for the colors of the trees, the deers, the chipmunks, for nature. I grateful for my therapists and my medicines. I am grateful to be alive. I am just grateful for all, for every little thing that make me wake up another day, that make me try another day. I am grateful for the hate and for the love, for the pain and the hur
  11. Sorry to read how you are feeling now beanpot. It is better not to over analyze things sometimes. You can get things wrong. I have made many mistakes in my life for overthinking sometimes. One of them, it was to believe he truly loved me. He was dumping me, and I was still believing in his love. Now, I am far apart from him, all is over in between us and I am still thinking that there is love. Weird? right. It is always good to be in the phase of acceptance, I believe is less painful the situation at that point. Never think for others, it is my advice, believe that she hates you because a
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