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  1. aww..Happy for you, even if you two do not get together soon, it is a sweet story. What I can tell you, you both are in contact now. Do not rush anything. Do not get obsessive with the idea of getting back together. If it means to be, it will happen naturally. Now you can write great letters to each other and plan in the near future an encounter. You make me remember a movie I watched time ago.. [video=youtube;63CzbeGzSCo] ]
  2. You are thinking in prepare your family for the day you decide to commit suicide, I guess you love your family and they care for you. Why to harm your family, first lying to them and second taking your life? Have you imagine the pain and suffering you will cause them? Do you want them to feel the way you are feeling? Please, I do not know what is happening to you and why you are feeling that way, but reconsider what you will do, look for help. Keep in mind all the people that love you and care for you. Do not quit, keep the fight. We all go through bad moments in life. Sometimes life is not as
  3. You are feeling bad, you already put that into words. I have been there and I know the feeling. I am that kind of person that feel that even trying have not accomplish anything in this life. But when I was feeling miserable, I looked for help. Taking our life require a lot of guts, but it is a selfish decision. We stop the suffering if all go well, but what about the people who cares for us? I understood that making that decision will no be fair for my parents, for example. You are not stupid, you have common sense. You are not a moron, and you make the right choices. You will not intent
  4. When I was in high school, I stop talking to the young man I like it. I did it because someone told me he liked another girl. I also stopped talking to another young man that was in love with me, he was kind of obsessive and I did not like that. Now in your case, if you like that girl, just say hi and see how she reacts. Tips for you: do not become obsessive with her, that could distance her. If she ignore you. You can do the same, if she likes you, most probably she will reconsider what she is doing. "Most of the time we want what we cannot have".
  5. You should be angry with your ex, you are not with him and you are in a new relation. You have the power to close that chapter and do not let it to affect you. Forget about the pictures of the other woman. Block your ex on Facebook. Do not give him access to your life. Take pictures with person you are dating. Occupy your time to the full. Keep yourself busy. Increase the things that will make you closer to the new sweet man and will distance you from your ex.
  6. Do not compare your life with the life of others. While we have life, we can keep trying. Sometimes all the bad things happen to us, like a big magnet, one bad thing attract other and other and other....like never stopping. But we are here, and we have to see beyond those bad moments. What do you like to do? Are you working now? Do you have friends?
  7. The pain or discomfort we feel when we are considering suicide it is probably nothing compare with the action of taking our lives, metaphorically speaking. But suicide is not painless, many times people get brain damage or paralyzed, then on those cases, your agony just increase. Suicide can take your life and end that endless pain, but you will bring the same burden you were feeling to the people you leave behind. If you care for others you will no want to cause any sorrow to them, them again suicide stop being painless. I am a person that have had really difficult times, times of considering
  8. I do not know about your previous post, but if you like this girl or you are at the same college, you can always say hi and initiate a conversation, there are nothing wrong with that. Maybe all those encounters were coincidental, or maybe she wants you to notice her. The only way you will ever know if you break the ice.
  9. 1. I was born in Cuba 2. My favorite color is light blue 3. My favorite perfume is Dolce Gabbana Light blue 4. I wanted to work at the CIA or FBI, always with the idea in mind to serve the country that have given a future to all my family and friends that immigrated here years ago. 5. I also wanted to be a clinical psychologist, but time and life circumstances move me out my track 6. My favorite book is The Perfume 7. My favorite sport is swimming 8. I like painting and photography, reading and writing 9. I love Criminal Minds, Quantize, Elementary, CSI, Dr. House, The blacklist and al
  10. I had the appointment with my doctor, she was reasonable, she adjusted the dosage of the medication, and we will work from there. We first need to see how my body responds to a lower dosage and if we can continue decreasing it. Thanks again for your messages.
  11. I have a good relation with my doctor, despite the outcome. The problem is that always the rational modification of my meds, it is always, "stay on meds no matter what" "let's continue the trial and error" I have to modify what I want for what others want, but others cannot modify what they do for what I have decided. I came here because because you all are my eyes, and you help me a lot. Because sometime we need to let out what we we are carrying alone, independently if we find people that believe in us or no. You do not believe in me, you from the beginning have see me as a little proble
  12. I am not complaining, but if telling the truth about medication is complaining I cannot stop doing it. I do not have any problem with my doctor as I said before. We work well together, I respect her and her professional advices. But the same way she knows me well, I also know her and her position. She is like many doctors, "medication for life" without complaining, arguing or negotiation..I have been seeing her for enough time already to know that for her the weigh problem is not really an issue. What the doctors can do? eh. They are dealing with this epidemic call "mental health" and a medica
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