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  1. He is not married or arranged to be married. He needed to go back home for a family emergency which he openly discusses with me as it has been very tough on him. He luckily does not do any hardcore drugs (only THC) and is very against taking it himself (as am I). He has reduced his TCH intake and gets high less than once a month (also I know this won’t be much of an issue while he is away because there are very strict laws against it, unlike here where it is legalized). I have stayed because I have seen the improvements he has made and the positive changes he is taking in his life. I also beli
  2. I love him but recently my feeling have started to decrease with the time apart, the recent changes in her personality (wanting to become a strong man who doesn’t show any weakness or emotion and does not share his feelings, and also making plans (some of which involved me) without telling me in advance) and the differences we seem to have. He hasn’t ever given much thought to what he wants for the future and doesn’t know where he sees himself in a few months or a few years. I have talked to him and expressed that I am not ready to marry him as we still have many issues to work out and also si
  3. I love him but recently (around the time of his graduation) he started behaving differently and being more distant. He stopped talking to me as much about his plans and would simply tell me about them (even the ones involving me, like dinner plans with his friends/work connections) and expecting me to follow along with it. Because of this my feelings have started to change and I am no longer sure if I love him or strongly like him. Another issue is that he had to go abroad and will be away for a few months. This time alone has given me time to reflect on the relationship and made me question m
  4. The main changes he made was that he quite smoking, which is what he lied about during the first few months (although this hasn’t been an issue in the past year) and my main reason to distrust him. He has also reduced the amount of THC he takes. I have also given up socially drinking and cut ties with some of my friends for him. We don’t get along with each other’s friends because most of his friends have drug/alcohol issues or smoke and my friends disapprove of him and find his lifestyle and personality too different (they also have issues with the age difference). When we fight (although we
  5. Hello, my boyfriend and I have been together for 1 1/2 years now and have been living together for most of this time. We have both met one anothers families and we all got along quite well. Recently, however, my boyfriend has been pushing the idea of getting married, planning for the future (and on occasion introducing me as his fiancee) and I don't know how to feel about it. I like him and he is very sweet, caring, positive, optimistic, determined, creative and strong-willed. He is very considerate and takes my opion into consideration (most of the time, sometimes he makes decisions without m
  6. Hello, This month I accidentally missed ~3 birth control pills in a row during the 1st/2nd week of my pack. I started to experience light breakthrough bleeding a few days before my period was due (around the 3rd, I was expecting my period between the 5th-11th but it still hasn’t come yet. I have been nauseous for the past few mornings and threw up on 2 occasions, I have been more tired than usual despite sleeping a normal amount, my breasts are swollen and my nipples/areola have darkened, I’ve had a decreased appetite and an increased need to urinate. I decided to take a pregnancy test at ho
  7. Hello, my boyfriend and I have been together for half a year now. A few months ago I discovered that my boyfriend smokes and made it clear that I didn’t like this habit. He agreed to quit and seemed to be doing quite well until this month when he started coming home smelling like cigarettes. Last night I woke up while him and his roommate were talking (a female roommate, both of them speak Japanese). Having a very basic level of Japanese I was unable to understand most of what they said and only picked out a few words; my name, my age, his friends, me going home, something about a baby, sex an
  8. I feel like I should add some background context. My ex and I were in a serious relationship for almost 3 years before our break up. He decided to call it off when things got "too serious for him" and rather than taking a break decided to break up. I told him I didn't want to and he said that if I waited he would give me a reply (whether he wanted to get back together or not) a month later (on my birthday), right before his trip to Japan. Not wanting to get rejected again on my birthday I meet up with him a bit before this to see if he was leaning more towards getting back or not, he said most
  9. He specified that he didn’t reach out in the hopes of getting me back because he feels like it’s too selfish for him and that he doesn’t have the right to ask me for that. Also, I haven’t been able to forget about him yet. If I were still single I’d want to get back together.
  10. Hello, my ex and I broke up about 8 months ago. I have since gotten into a new relationship (for the past 3 months). However, my ex recently started talking to me again. Our relationship ended without much closure as he left for Japan the day after he said he wanted to get back together (after a 1-2 month break). Therefore, I have had a hard time getting over him and have wanted to see him to see wether it will give me closure. He has seemed depressed since our breakup and after telling me he wanted to get back together I didn’t really know how to feel anymore. I am, however, happy in my curre
  11. Hi, my boyfriend (27 y/o) and I (19 y/o) have been dating for the past few months. Normally I do not get involved with guys who smoke cigarettes or weed as I find the smell distasteful, however, my current boyfriend used both. I brought it up that I did not like the smell and asked if he would be willing to quit. He has been very considerate and has made an effort to quit smoking and reduce the amount of weed he smokes, however, I can tell that he seems unwilling to quit smoking weed. It's only been about 3 months since we got together so I'm not sure if it's too much for me to ask for him to
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