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  1. At the time of his death, he was bipolar, schizophrenic and borderline personality. being clinically treated for all, but zero trace a few years prior, before we got married. none. He was a normal guy. Lets have faith in some of the new posters. Yeah, some of them are trolls, or just asking the obvious, but sometimes people have ridiculous questions that aren't easily answered by a "google search" maybe it doesn't make sense to them.
  2. I've made posts and responded to others here, but I don't know that I've ever talked about this. I got married to the "one". He was (almost) everything that a father wishes for his daughter. I did good. I did really good. We were happy. Really happy. How can anyone be this lucky you ask? Well, we were early 20's at the time, no care in the world other than working on our goals, getting married and starting a life together. ( we both had some ambitious independent goals). Then....BAM!!!!!!!BOOM!!!!BAMM!!!! Apparently some mental illnesses don't represent themselves until mid 20's for males.
  3. No. I'm sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear. She's not going to realize she had it better with you than she does now, "sowing her oats". Her response solidified that. After the letter you sent and after she's had time away, she still feels like this is best for both of you. However, it does sound like this may have been GIGS on your part. You wanted a break (even if it was mutual) for whatever reason, and now you want her again. As for advice/tools to get past it: You said you lost your individualism. That's what you need to find again. That is what will make you happy. Who are
  4. Honestly, sometimes I enjoy it and other times I don't- Just the same as sometimes I want rough sex and other times I don't. Sometimes I'm excited to do it because I know he will like it and that turns me on. Other times (especially if I feel like its expected) I don't want to at all.
  5. I'm in nearly the same position as she is, except for having had a couple of months to see him whenever I wanted. We're 30 and 34, Been seeing eachother about 2 1/2 months as well, but haven't made it "official" yet. I work a pretty flexible M-F 8-5. He works 4 days a week 7-7 overnights. We both work in opposite directions, so there's no chance for grabbing breakfast/dinner. As for how it will effect you, everyone/ every relationship will be different. I worried about it at first too, because it was different than anything I had done before. But for me personally, it hasn't been a problem. In
  6. I wouldn't bring up the other woman, but you do need to end it with him. I think you already know that, and you feel guilty. It's ok to feel bad and to be sad you're losing someone that you do "hold dear". Breaking up with someone can be hard sometimes.
  7. I think you're grasping at straws. She's not over her past relationship. (whether she's not over the ex, not over what "was", or still trying to put herself together after deceit that drug on doesn't matter) She's not ready for a relationship. She might very well be confused. She's probably feeling a lot of emotions, which is completely normal after the end of a serious relationship. These emotions don't disappear in a few months, especially given that the breakup sounds like it drug on. You were a distraction for her. You helped her forget about being sad for a while. When things were startin
  8. No this is not normal. This is controlling. He does not respect you. In my opinion, this is relationship is not as "great" as you think it is.
  9. I wouldn't be too worried about it. I agree sounds like harmless guy talk. Your husband apparently said something he second guessed while he was with them, and this was their playful banter talking about it. If it had been someone other than his friend's girlfriend, my opinion would be different.
  10. Stress can definitely cause it to be late. There were a couple times that even though I was on birth control and abstinent for months that I would stress about it. (I know, it doesn't make any sense) but I would stress about it and make symptoms up in my mind. Negative tests are a good sign.
  11. Maybe you're reading her signs wrong. For instance, I play with my hair when I'm nervous or really tired, not when I'm flirting with someone. Also, I think you see staring into someone's eyes for a long time as flirting. It isn't. It makes women nervous, like you're challenging your power over them or something. I'll say it to you this way: If I were in her position, your staring would have made me uncomfortable and nervous every time I saw you. I play with my hair when I feel like this. You think I like it and continue to stare at me. At this point, I'm so creeped out by you that I tell y
  12. I like the no hair with a bit of a beard! I sincerely think you're attractive, and would guess you to be mid to late 20's.
  13. Thank you for posting! I think this could be helpful for a lot of people. Keep your head up!
  14. I'd say meet up. It could turn into something, or maybe not. You put your feelings out there, that's all you can do.
  15. Why do you need to act like you're not bothered? Even if your heart hasn't been in the relationship for some time, it doesn't mean that you didn't care about him or miss what was. It will take time and distance to not feel the way you do right now. Keeping yourself busy, spending time with friends or your son, going to the gym are all good things.
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