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  1. True, but due to corona everything is closed in my country.. And I guess I’m afraid of getting rejected.
  2. Hi everyone, been reading/posting on this forum for 5 years now. Mostly because of my ex-girlfriend and all the troubles that come with the breakup. Been single now for 1,5 year and I’m ready to finally move on. One of my “best friends” started dating with my ex, knowing that I had a hard time getting over her. Dating with an ex of one my best friends is something I would never even consider, but yeah, that’s me I guess. I can’t pretend it didn’t hurt me, but I guess i just have to look forward. Since my last gf, I’ve been interested in 2 girls. One gave all the right signs and
  3. Hello everyone, I’m not doing well at the moment. Things aren’t going the way I want them to be. But that’s life, right? Social media and comparing my life to others is killing me. I’m 28 years old, been single for 1 year now after an on-off relationship with my ex who I saw (not see) as the love of my life. But that breakup isn’t the reason why I am unhappy. I’m getting at an age where most of my peers are getting children, are buying their homes, getting maried. While I live at my parents home. Positive note, I’ve almost saved enough money to buy my own house, but I rather do it wi
  4. Hi OP, I can relate to everything you are saying. Me ex-gf broke up with me 9 months ago (for the 2nd time). I couldn't delete her too. But after a few months I deleted her from Facebook, a few months later I removed her from my followers on instagram. But I too am having a difficult time to make my profile private and not public. Why? The simple reason to know if she still checks my stories. Why again? Because you think they still care for you if they check your stories. You'll see it as a sign they still love you. And yes they still care, but viewing your instagramstories isn't a sign
  5. Breakup was 9 months ago. I’m doing much better, but how hard I try, I can’t stop thinking about her several times a day. She already had a new boyfriend and apparantly she was dumped this time (karma). So it’s quite pathetic that I’m still processing the breakup, while she moved on so fast. I find it extremely difficult to love someone else or to believe there’s someone out there for me whom I will be happy with. Self-confidence has dropped and due to the coronavirus, all social life has ended for at least 1 month. Sucks being single and alone these days.
  6. Hi everyone, As you can see in my previous topics, my ex dumped me 7 months ago for the 3rd time. She already had a new boyfriend one month later. But that isn’t the reason why I am opening this topic. Lately lots of my friends are getting engaged, buying a house, getting married, having children. While I can’t afford to buy a house yet (buying a house alone is so expensive..). I’m 28 years old and I feel like I am failing life. I just got promoted at work, but it still feels like I have failed because I’m still alone. Don’t get me wrong. I have lots of friends, a warm family, good jo
  7. It's true, I always knew it but had a very hard time admitting it. I still haven't seen her or spoken her and will keep that that way. She will always equals drama and trouble. Just feeling quite nostalgic these days. Sometimes having a hard time believing there's someone out there for me who I'll be happy with again.
  8. I’m glad she told me. It’s the push I needed to finally give up on her. I always thought she had some decency, but I don’t want to be with someone who has such low values and standards.
  9. A mutual friend told me yesterday that she had sex the day after she dumped me. And already has a new relationship with the ex of a good friend of her. So I was sitting her, whining and feeling hurt while she had sex 24 hours later. My intuition was right and I’m glad I know this now. She has no values and was obviously not in love with me anymore. Good riddance. And yes, I now finally blocked her.
  10. Hi Blank State, I appreciate your post. Thanks a lot. I know that a 3rd or 4th round won’t be the solution. Last week I went on a date with another girl, she’s pretty and sweet but somewhere I just aren’t ready for it. I still miss my ex and I sometimes wish she just called. I haven’t heard from her since the breakup 3,5 months ago. I just wished It all went away, that I never met her. I keep trying to not think about her, to refocus my thoughts. But I still love her. I’m afraid I never stop
  11. 3 months now since the 3rd breakup. Haven't heard from her, but will probably be seeing her at a funeral this weekend. Just gonna nod and say hi. I'm accepting the breakup and realize that 'the love of my life' won't treat me this way. She won't want me to miss important events of her life and vice versa. It's over and there are plenty of other girls.
  12. I think it’s because she was my best friend and I have had lot’s of good moments too with hee. That’s why I fear I won’t find someone “as good as her”. When she came back I thought she was the best I could have..
  13. https://www.enotalone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=497391 Found this thread, describes the way I feel..
  14. It’s true. Quite confronting. I spent the last 4 years imagining a future with her. Saw her as the future mother of my children, so it’s quite hard to break through that patern. But as you say, it’s quite obvious that she didn’t shared the same view on the future than me. I only have one option and that is forgetting her and moving on with my life. But while I type this, some part of me won’t let go. Maybe with time, this feeling will fade away
  15. Think it’s the fact that I think this was the one girl in my life I could be happy with. Like there is nobody even good as her available.
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