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  1. I was very young and not experienced at all, he was my first kiss, date, everything., what hurts is that I knew it was real, and everything he described as to not finding someone like me is exactly what I have been feeling all these years but it seems like he is just looking for some kind of reward for himself. And yes I completely felt like I lost myself and my identity, but I have always blamed it on him. My biggest challenge is to accept that I can not control his actions or the way he feels or acts. I am just mad at myself for letting someone control my emotional state this way ev
  2. Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing good, I just wanted to make this post so I could vent and figure myself out, And also if you have any advice it would be very very helpful. Its hard for me to summarize what happened since it was so much, it is written on my past posts, but I will try my best to sum it all up. When I was 16 I went abroad to Canada and met this amazing guy, we were both very young and it was a very intense relationship where promises regarding the future were made, our parents and families where involved and it all seemed great, he was my first everything and the pl
  3. I'm just starting to open myself up again, and I do feel like I still have a lot of work to do within myself to be a 100% over the situation, but being in my current relationship just feels right. I won't contact him, of course my current bf doesn't know all of this, he doesn't even know how my ex and I broke up exactly and maybe I'll bring it up forward in the relationship if it works out because it is important to me, but I don't want that to ruin what I have right now, thank you!!
  4. I've been thinking about it and you're right, it's only normal for anyone to think their ex has moved on with their life anyways, and yes it is coming from my hurt ego and pride, it's very sad to think that it won't mean anything to him because I know that's true, but why should I contact someone that didn't bother to get in touch for so long with me in the first place. I don't want to expose myself to his rejection again and I won't, I guess the nostalgia of leaving again made me think about getting in touch but I probably won't do it , I know it will hurt me and I don't want to ruin the gre
  5. I totally agree, my studies are the most important and I should keep on making them a priority like I have all this time. I talked to my current boyfriend and we decided to stay together long distance, I'm scared the story will be repeated but I think we're both mature enough to make it work while I come back. I am taking meds for my depression and anxiety, when I go back home I will start going to therapy and hopefully that will help too! Thank you so much for your response!!
  6. Hi I'm a 22 year old girl and I really need help making a decision about an ex! Almost 5 years ago I was in a 6 month relationship with a guy I met on high school during an year abroad, he was my first love, first kiss, first everything, we were very in love, it felt pretty serious, it was also a very intense relationship with parents involved supporting the future of the relationship. I had to leave the country to finish my studies back home and we decided to stay together long distance for only 6 months and then I was supposed to go back to live with him. It was good the first two
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