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  1. Oh lol u can buy chicken feed from the ranch to start off. Then build a silo, so when you cut grass, it automatically stores it in there to feed all your animals. You can buy grass seeds from the shop to grow grass and let them graze too. And you have to build a plot thingy to throw the feed on. I built mines outside next to the grass and let them out, so they can eat from there and the grass in case one doesn't get fed.
  2. Nice!!! Lol why is one grumpy? Sometimes my chickens don't lay eggs consistently everyday and I have no clue why. I have the heater and see/feed them everyday. I've read on Reddit that keeping the door close on the barn matters, cause it makes them feel safe. You could lose a chicken leaving the door open at night. What route are you going for making money? I'm more focused on crops right now and mining so I can make those automatic sprinklers. Once you get those sprinklers, things get easier. I only have 1 coop and 1 barn though. Probably gotta invest in more animals later. I gotta start focusing on grinding for community center and put relationships/mining on pause lol
  3. Maybe he actually is overworked and stressed that it's hard to keep up with texts. But not hearing from him for 3 days, idk about that. Seems like he wants his space, give it to him. Let him come to you. And if he doesn't then you have your answer, he just isn't that into you and doesn't wanna put in extra effort. Or he's just trying to be ok himself from all the stress. Sometimes when things are overwhelming I retreat to myself and shut down everyone and everything. You could help him destress & show up with a care package or something. That's what I would I do. Maybe that could make things better, all the 'slowing down' talk is only adding more stress on top of everything.
  4. What is happening, is it gonna be SD Raiders and LA Chargers ??? Lmao I can't even..
  5. Oh what lbp3 is free for ps+, guess it's time to dust off the PS4 lol... I've still yet to complete Stardew Valley, on beginning of Year 2 rn. I don't think I am going to beat it for awhile because I want to see all the characters stories, it's so cute! So I gotta date everyone til I see them all then marry Sebastian I guess haha. I'm nowhere close to rebuilding the community center/bus though so broke to do all that -.-
  6. Yes I agree it's so gross! Seems like if you win the group date then you win a make out session with Nick lol. He doesn't even really know these girls. I only see him really connecting with Vanessa (I think she's gonna win). This week's episode made me cringe so much, and I just can't with Corinne she is too much haha. As bad as it was, I'll still tune in for next week
  7. Been sitting next to a machine with 777k jackpot waiting for him to go so I can swoop that seat, it's been like 1+ hours already. Guess Ima give up. Lol Tower Unite really is casino sim 2017. Some dude was talking trash on the mic saying everyone on slots gonna lose all their credits, everyone ignored him and he got mad haha. It's addicting play games, get credits and use it to buy avatar stuff and furnishings for your condo.
  8. S12 E2 It's Always in Philadelphia... lolz this show just keeps getting more ridiculous as time goes by, couldn't stop dying
  9. Dling Tower Unite rn on Steam. Game is still in early access though..Read the reviews and some were really funny, so I had to get it. It's supposed to be kind of like a casino simulator where you can play mini games with people, hang out, decorate your condo, check out other people's places and lose all your stuff from gambling.
  10. Lol. Hope so.. we just can't have sports here I remember going to padres game as a kid and they lost the series so hard vs NY. I've been to more losing sports games in my life than winning
  11. Later chargers, thanks for the good times back in hs when LT was still there. Other than that, I won't be missing going to losing home games. Hope LA isn't too harsh, since they don't want you either. Coincidently, the drought is over as soon as you are gone. Has SD sports curse finally been lifted? Welp it's been real, see ya byeeeeeeeeeeeEE
  12. I agree! So boring. It was suppose to be Luke, he had bags packed and everything. Luke or Jared should have been the bachelor but oh welll -.- I want Nick to pick Rachel in the end but prob not, cause I already scoped out RealitySteve's spoilers which are always on point. Watching episode 2 rn, I think I like Corinne the least, she is too much ~cringe~ eeeeeeks lol
  13. I love that game! I like it more than Harvest Moon because the characters are cuter and you can date anyone. I'm still figuring out who to marry lolz don't want to be typical and pick Sebastian, and Emily's story is so cute! Have you played Starbound? Love that game too made by the same ppl.
  14. The Bachelor.. new season just started. Idk how I feel about Nick, I thought it was messed up how he broke up with Jen on BIP when he found out he was going to be the next bachelor. Dudes getting old and has been recycled thru bachelor shows 3 times already, but whatevs I guess everyone deserves a shot at reality tv love ahaha. I know, I know reality shows are terrible but I can't stop watching them 🤣I'm addicted
  15. Wahhhhhhhh my inner self screams silently as I stub my toe while on my way to eat 2:50am chinese food, I feel like unhealthy garbage
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