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  1. Again, I appreciate your insight. I'm definitely not ending my relationship. If I ended every relationship over a small issue that I can definitely get through, I'd be single forever. You've given me some things to consider though, and I appreciate you taking the time to reply.
  2. Agree to disagree, once again. I don't think it's a huge stretch. I have gotten defensive which I already admitted to, and I've also admitted to having insecurities as well. And I've only been defensive with you (and you're not the only one on here who disagrees with me) because of your approach towards me which did not come off very friendly. To be honest, you came off sort of judgmental ( ie "have you even met the guy?"; "it is high time you dealt with your insecurities"). It just doesn't make me want to reflect on anything you say after that. Anyway, I agree that I definitely need to ad
  3. I 100% agree with you. We all have different beliefs and I never asked if mine were wrong. I wanted to know how to handle the situation given my beliefs vs his and just how to move past it. It's a common thing that happens in relationships. Your comments to me haven't helped me in the least. You basically shamed me for having an issue and blamed it all on my insecurities without explaining your thoughts on it, or maybe trying to advise me in a helpful way. I don't know you or anyone on this site, so I'm just automatically going to become defensive about that sort of tone. We all have insecurit
  4. I don't expect him to get rid of them. In a perfect world, yes I'd like not to ever see them or wonder if I'm going to come across something I don't want to see. In a perfect world, if I let him know I was uncomfortable, he'd just take them down and it'd be a non-issue. That's obviously not the case. I wanted to understand why he needs to keep them displayed. Again, I am in the camp of people who consider social media to be a showcase of your present life. You, and some others on the board don't feel that way which is fine, but I can't just suddenly change how I feel and I don't personally bel
  5. They broke up about a year and a half ago, and they do not hang out. When we first met, the breakup was about 6 months fresh and he would talk about their breakup quite a bit and was clearly hurt over it. I also remember all of the positive things he'd say about her after I would say something like "oh she seems awful." He would say things like " no she was really lovely. She was so smart and talented." So those things always stay in my mind. It is OK to have good thoughts about an ex, but that fact that this relationship seemed to affect him so much sort of comes into play. When he showed me
  6. I don't like your answer because it seems like you're unwilling to understand that people have different perspectives and instead of reading the situation objectively, you're inserting your own beliefs. I have different beliefs. You may not believe having a picture on facebook is like a framed picture on a wall, but I do and I know I'm not alone on that. I didn't say he had sexual pictures; I was comparing sexual vs emotional. I find emotional to be more hurtful than a sexual one, and not many people would put up with sexual pictures being displayed.
  7. I appreciate your insight because I feel it's similar to my boyfriend's and it helps me understand more. I know the intent isn't bad, so there's always that. The problem isn't that photos exist; it's that HE is displaying them. Not that he was tagged in them. Again, I think my perspective is just different and maybe I need to think on that more as well. I think social media can complicate things unnecessarily and maybe that is one of those times. Thank you for your thoughts!
  8. Thank you! I feel like you're the first person that is actually understanding where I am coming from. I don't understand *why* they need to exist at all, but if they do, let's not display them. We all have insecurities, I admit my own, but this issues isn't just all on me. What are HIS issues that he can't let go? That is sort of the way I think about it. Also, if my boyfriend told me something made him uncomfortable, I would just delete them and not even have a discussion about it. His feelings are more important to me. The fact that this hasn't happened now bothers me tremendously. What is s
  9. It's definitely not something I want to dwell on, which is why I am here haha. I'd like to move past it, but I also can't ignore how I am feeling if that makes sense? I could just pretend it doesn't matter and hopefully it goes away. But communication would probably be better. I just don't know the right move.
  10. I completely understand what you're saying, but I think the problem is that I just have a different perspective on the significance of it. Again, never asked him to delete them. I wanted to understand why he kept them up ( when he deleted them on the account he uses that I also use) and they aren't just random, normal pictures. They are intimate. Would you really like seeing pictures of your SO kissing/cuddling/talking sexually/romantically with their ex on a public forum? I cannot get my head around how that's ok. I feel like if the picture was sexual, everyone would tell me to dump him or ma
  11. I never asked him to erase anything. I simply told him how I felt in hopes that maybe he would explain why it's important to have them on display and maybe just make them private or something. As I said, to me ( and many other people) it is like walking into his house and seeing a framed picture of them on his wall. Social media is a representation of you and your life for public viewing. Many people would not put up with their SO having sexual pictures of their ex, but I need to get over seeing emotional ones of them being intimate or romantic? I admit that I have insecurities. Everyone do
  12. I want to reiterate that I am NOT asking him to delete them. I just want to know why they need to be displayed.
  13. Yes, we have met and spent a significant amount of time together.
  14. My boyfriend and I met online 9 months ago. Neither of us were looking for a relationship, but we just got along so well and after we met, we fell in love and decided to be together. I knew long distance was not going to be easy for me, but we discussed that he would be able to move to my location in a year and I decided he was definitely worth the wait. I have never been with someone that I love as much as I love him, and we are compatible in so many ways. He feels the same way. We talk about our future together all the time, and we often discuss living together, getting married, kids, etc. M
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