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  1. I can't really tell. It just happened. It did not feel like it was a choice from both sides. It was like something organic that developed over time. We bumped into each other and started talking. We still do / did. So what is the benefit? Maybe we just liked to share our thoughts to each other. I think at some points during our lives, when things went south or tough, we just rambled and started talking to each other. Asking for advice or just to get it off the chest. It really was fun and comfortable. In time you start to share feelings of trust and security because there is a distance. It is
  2. Back in 2013 a girl ran into a me on a festival. Both severely drunk we had a chat for about 30 minutes. We've shared facebook and so some time after the festival had ended, we started to communicate via whatsapp, text only. We have never seen each other ever again, although, till a few days ago we were still talking to each other via WA. In the past years we've talked a lot, mostly about relationships, travelling, school / work, all the fun stuff, you name it. Through out the years there have been occasions in where she invited me to come over to a party / gathering / what ever.
  3. Thank you, this makes perfect sense. These past two months were extremely maniacal. There was just no stopping power into achieving all of this. I made so many progress its insane. I can't seem to understand how this energyflow manifest itself. If one would only take away the pain, there is a ton of other usefull energy to put into action. I can't really describe how it feels or where it stems from. But J^&* this is so fruitfull. Breakups are indeed a blessing in disguise.
  4. Could you explain what happened in your life while you were traveling?
  5. I can see the point now. It's an easy trap i guess. I asked for friendship to be honest but it was in the heat of the moment. I don't think i will reply her anymore and just drive off when the time is right. When we first met, we talked a lot about traveling (together). It was at one point we both wanted to leave everything behind and just go. But then mayhem happened. I really have no other option than to proceed in what i want most. The plan was there, now it's time to execute it. No matter what. I have no job but a sh*tload of cash. I have no debts No wife No mortgage No kids
  6. So basicly she broke off with me two months ago because of indifference. We both shared different values, we could not connect great and we did not match. Those were her words tho. I declined that POV but it did not matter so it was over. Point is as follow. I felt like sh*t for a long time and still can't seem to behave normal. I feel this energy flowing constantly. I somehow still can't believe it's over and we never spoke since our last break-up talk. To be honest, i was madly in love with that girl and we had so many good times together. We had so many laughs, so many trips, we went
  7. I often times think of this. Then the only explanation i could think of is that the person was not in love or already deattatched themselves prior to ending the relationship. I’ve written a piece today that kinda relates to this topic of you and what i strongly can relate to. I’ve went trough a hard breakup a couple of years ago where after a while i started to doubt my own sanity. Later on some professional help came by, telling me i was in a psychotic state of mind. It’s the darkest place i’ve ever went to. Crossposting this: ————- Within the first few stages of acceptance, emot
  8. I've read this on reddit, a few years back And thats just it. Within the first few stages of acceptance, emotions are running high, people are in denail and the biochemical distribution in their brain will run 24/7 around the clock. The more eager one is willing to try and find out how to approach an successful reconciliation, the more they will find themselves dwelling trough a downward mental spiral, trying to connect the dots and to find a workaround on what has happened, based on given information and their feelings. Most of the time that information contradict to their authent
  9. I’ve been hanging around on this forum for quite a few weeks. I try to find solace in what once was. Despretly searching for that awnser that would fix anything, but never would i get the awnser i wanted. This girl i knew, i was so very fond of, disappeared from my life after all the stuff we went trough. Yes i want her back but, no. It wont happen, ever. Period. I cried and still miss her, but “getting back together” after fullfilling that magic no-contact rule will result in only more head/heartage. Every day i feel a little bit better. Coming to terms with myself and i ask myself. D
  10. Thank you for your support. I think the only way to move foreward is to directly plow yourself into something new and exciting, in some sort of extreme way, if you want it or not. These times in your life are often the most profitable to develop yourself in some way. An broken heart is an open heart, man. You achieve nothing really, by dwelling in old, past events. Do you feel that energy flowing? You better put it to use, its very powerful.
  11. At some point you start to notice the carelessness gets more than the care you have for the situation.
  12. I don't have a clue about why she asked me to join her pary. She knows damn wel i was affected. I saw her being affected as well but not that much as i was. She was just plain blunt, so maybe she is just being friendly. I dunno. I begged her to stay friends but that was in the heat of the moment. So yeah... She did not asked about me. Just if i wanna join her party, two days prior to the event. I assume a whole lot of people will be there and so there is much room for distraction. But maybe she's just testing me or what ever. Questions, questions... I think i'm doing great but thats
  13. Two months ago my GF broke off with me. Summary is in this topic: forum/showthread.php?t=549841 After she broke off with me i went NC right of the bat, cold turkey, acknowledging the fact that this relationship will dilute over time no matter what i would try. Contacting her and begging for peace would most certainly not work out and what is the point for me or her. Restecp is what matters. Alright so i kinda went to all the stuff everyone is talking about. Great epiphanies, bright enlightments for the sole purpose of getting back together. Overwhelmed by fear, anxiety, fals hope,
  14. Last year i’ve stumbled upon a girl, the type of girl that you knew the exsistence of, but never really gotten the chance to hang out with. She’s the sister of a mutual friend of ours. She had this very penetrative, deep, cold look in her eyes every time we’ve crossed each other during times we never spoke. Last year i’ve gotten the chance to get to know her better and i felt for her. I was madly in love, because of the fact she said yes to everything. Nothing was to weird for her. The sex was amazing, the trips to the outside world, every day we kept on doing stuf. It was really an intens
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