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  1. Stop. Just stop. All of your ideas are terrible. I hereby revoke your decision making ability. Contact some friends or family and distract yourself from the situation until you are thinking more clearly.
  2. I can view this lens from the opposite end a bit. I grew up in a poor (welfare) household. My father left when I was 7 and my sister was 3. My mother was 75% deaf and dealing with massive depression after the split. I also dropped out of high school 2 months before graduation. Somehow after a whirlwind of events, I work for a bank and do pretty well for myself. My father worked for minimum wage until a year ago or so when his back gave out. My mother hasn't worked for years since she hurt her back. They live on fixed income social security disability. Both my ex-wife and my current girlfriend
  3. Look for patterns of stories changing or lies about things that don't even warrant a lie. I saw signs and still married my ex-wife, the lies got worse as the years went on. Big, small, it didn't matter. Once the lies started impacting us financially, it was the beginning of the end...well, that and her cheating on me for a year may have played a part. Reading your post gave me goose bumps.
  4. This specific line jumps out at me. With everything else you mentioned about this guy, add this in and you don't think you will regret going back to him? Seems like he has about as much training (in relationships) as his new dog...
  5. Next? Spend some time healing and focus on yourself. She was seeing him behind your back and likely engaging in sex (at least once is likely the 'drive')
  6. Child support is not a 'repercussion'. Ending a relationship with a partner doesn't absolve you from your parental responsibilities, financially or otherwise. I don't feel that someone with your mindset should be providing anyone else 'advice'.
  7. This isn't the point. The point is that she didn't discuss any of with him. Even if he had been ok with the commute, he is right to be upset that she made a solo decision without at least making him aware of how it could impact him.
  8. This is shady as hell. I see a few people trying to find a way for this to make reasonable sense, but it doesn't. There is a wife or girlfriend.
  9. Whoa...am I the only one who see this? This has nothing to do with the thing two months ago. She wants to divorce and this incident was the best she could come up with as a reason. There is likely another reason(s) that you will not be too happy about once you find out. I am sorry for that. Really? End a marriage over a situation where he actually did in fact stand up for her? She is trying to be a revisionist to use that as an excuse for wanting a divorce. You need to get to the truth.
  10. Anyone who ignores you for 5 days after an argument is not someone you will likely be able to have a positive and successful relationship with. They face that you have already ended it several times as well, I would put this out of its misery.
  11. it was always a 2 o'clock text.
  12. My step daughter is currently taking this approach. 2 years at community college and now she is starting up at a more recognized school to achieve her bachelors. It looks like the issue is with him not believing you will transfer after 2 years. That being said, if they aren't paying or helping financially, its not their decision, its yours. Not an easy chat to have, but sounds like it is needed.
  13. Being a responsible co-parent is much more than (child support).
  14. This is why she feels emotionally disconnected. She had sex with you initially as thats typically what happens, but she is unsure of the relationship and thus having sex with you. Nice start, but not enough apparently. She wasnt into it. She was responding in favor for a bit likely as habit or she felt it was expected. Combo of what I typed above and being half asleep. Again, she is questioning the entire situation. She doesn't feel secure in the relationship. Her response is an excuse to not have that conversation at that moment. Additionally, you saying that
  15. Every relationship experiences lulls in the sexual department (queue the person who has to exclaim 'not me! I am 70 and we have sex 9 times a day!'). Ok, so aside from that liar...lol. You need to check back in with her. Drive in movie, dinner and a walk, cook dinner and light candles, hell, pack her lunch for work for a week and toss a few sticky notes with small messages (and yes, I did all of these things in a relationship that still ended in cheating...*bows awkwardly*). Point is, you have to try and you have to show that you are present and engaged. Thats what brings sex back into the
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