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  1. Yes she did, “it’s not you, it’s me. Im going through personal problems”
  2. Hey guys, Been on this forum for a bit and I just wanted to thank those that gave me advices. My girlfriend and I dated for a year and a half and we recently broke up. I went over to her house after i noticed some signs of her losing interest; not texting back frequently and being hot and cold, but mostly cold. I asked if there was any problems and she said its not me its her and that she was going through some personal problems. I tried to get some information but shes a very passive aggressive person and usually doesnt want to talk about her personal life things. That confused m
  3. I've been with my gf for about a two years now. Things were going great but then I began to notice she's been cutting back on texting, giving me one word replies, keeping our relationship a secret to her family and being cold as hell. I've seen her be extremely energetic to other guys, joking with them, asking about how their life is going and carrying conversations while she's quiet and doesn't ask me much. I figured she's been stressed lately because her job is laying off her branch of her department. She recently had an interview and got a new job but hasn't told me much about it and never
  4. Ayes

    Red flags

    We are in a serious relationship. We’re both 29. Im not looking for her to report back to me about everything. I give her privacy. I just found it a bit weird she didn’t tell me about an interview she was going to have beforehand.
  5. Ayes

    Red flags

    My girlfriend and I have been going out for about a year and a half. Lately she has been giving me cold shoulder. She takes a while to respond to my texts or if she does, it’s just a word or two response, she goes out with her friends but when I ask if she wants go out she says shes fasting, dieting, or no. Her company is laying off her department. She had a phone interview today and she tells me this now. I get a bit frustrated and asked why she didn’t tell me about her interview before. She responds with, she didn’t want any pressure if the interview went bad so she didn’t want to tell m
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