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  1. I just need advice. My wife and me, we split up last year, a couple of times, because of issues that were resolved. Her mom sat down and talked to me and basically said don't do it again, splitting up and getting back together isn't a joke, and you two need to decide if this is truly what you want. We split up a month ago because there were separate issues that needed to be solved, which we are both working on. We got in touch after being apart for a month, things were going really good and we were planning on working through things and getting back together. She told her mom the good news, and her mom says I am not allowed around anymore, and her dad won't talk to her. She was torn and I told her that I would go and to choose her family always. I'm heartbroken, torn, numb. She says she will try talking to them but doubts they will budge on how they feel. Is there anything I can do? I don't want to let her go, when things were starting to turn around for us finally.
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