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  1. Yes you are correct when you say i would need to re-evaluate the situation and forgotting the broken promises of joy and happiness. Thats what im trying to do all the time, but i just cant turn off the love i have for her. It makes all the problems seem like they would not matter at all. i dont remember half the stuff i have posted here really, and cant think about them while making a new one. This is not some book im trying to write. Those earlier posts are what i felt and experienced on the given time.
  2. Thank you for being friendly now, and sorry for getting a bit upset earlier. I just felt you judged me, i couldnt see the feedback. The situation has developed a lot since that post you quoted. Im over trying to get more sex from her, nor expecting more. I only hope more these days (differs a lot from expecting) in my own mind, not telling it for her anymore. I have not said a word to her about these thoughts for a long time now. She is the only one engaging for sex now, I have stopped doing that completely. I dont understand why she does that though, because she says she does it for
  3. The issue is that I have always found one, but then after being together for an year or two the partner has lost her desires no matter how hard ive tried to avoid it.
  4. Thank you for this. It made me think a lot. I have always felt in the relationships ive had that i need to sacrifice something in the name of love. In the name of love makes it logical and reasonable, because love is more important than those things that you sacrifice and without that sacrifice love to your partner would suffer. I cant break this circle of sacrificing, I do it even now and explain it just by those words to myself.
  5. Truth? You have really no idea what you are talking about at all.. im the one who puts up with sexual neglect, controlling and having to watch her write with other men regulary. You did not hit any truths, but yes hit a sore spot by spitting on my pain. I dont know you, but you made me feel terrible by blaming me with some narrow minded concepts of life, and that is why I got annoyed with you. Do you think Im not blaming myself for everything already? Yes i am, but not like you did. I blame myself for not making her want me more, and its breaking my heart every day. I blame mys
  6. In general guys please dont judge me like this, it does not feel nice if that matters at all. Im not a bad guy. I just seek something to help me through this, since I have nothing to work with anymore..
  7. Its hard to believe im recognized like this in the Forum. Makes me think if I have seeked for help and relieve too many times here. I just really have nobody to talk to about this stuff and this Forum usually gives me atleast some answers. All others i have tried didnt really result in anything.
  8. This is what I kind of know to be true in general, but then again I love her way too much to want to think that way about us. We also have lots of good things between us, but yes these issues are quite big.. I have worked my own emotions in a way that does not lead into resenting her, but as time goes on this is of course a risk if things never change for better
  9. What on earth even made you go digging into them.. i dont even want to know, just dont reply anything anymore i hope i get some intelligent replies here..
  10. Well, what can i say. Your view clearly do not match with mine at all and you propably thought that im a horrible person because of that. She loves me and knows I treat her with respect and love. I dont have any female friends either, and we all choose what is acceptable and what is not in our lives. I think you must live a pretty boring life based on your reply, maybe you are the one who should seek help in that issue. Please dont post more here.
  11. Thank you for the answer. I dont understand your point here however; Why would I need to see a doctor? We have the same goals in committment, and family life in the future. Neither of us wants kids, and we are loyal to each other. Why do you think I should not feed my freaky and kinky nature? I dont have problems regarding any substance abuse, infact she drinks way more alcohol than me. Its not even comparable, I dont even like alcohol that much at all it just makes me feel dizzy. I would like to do something recreational every now and then which she knew before moving in wi
  12. Thank you for spending your valuable time in reading my post. I`ve been together with her for about 4,5 years now. We live together, and have a seemingly great life even in my own mind. We do almost everything together (and I mean this in the most positive way thinkable). She is my best friend, and even after all these years we enjoy every day together. She is fun, beautiful, intelligent, trustworthy and I want to be with her forever. I can`t find a single thing about her that I just would not love. The severe issue is just that along the way we have travelled, it has many times bec
  13. But you know I truly believed she saw the world the same way as I did. Was I wrong? I don`t think so. She has changed, and I would like to know why.. :( When we met we were the most compatible thing ever, and even right now we still are if you just forget about sex. She is my best friend in life also, and I`m hers. She feels this way for me too. What does not show in my thread(s) is the fact that besides this issue we have a good relationship. We fall asleep holding each other every night, and she cuddles me still when I wake up despite of this all.. I`m trying to get hold of my emotions..
  14. I have never been into usual life. I have lived my life my own way, not thinking what people like or don`t like in general, and tried my best in seeking out same-minded friends and women who enjoy the same things I do. For me having sex once a week is just a symptom of living out a boring life. I think sex is the complete opposite of boredom. It makes you feel alive, everytime. I have hard time understanding if there really is no women who feel the same way about sex as I do on this planet. Rly?
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