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  1. I wanted to dive into a time back in 2018 where I had a girl that I knew years ago had commented on an instagram story, and from there we started talking. The conversation ended up going in the direction of a hook up. I was on the road for work, and prior to becoming FWB's, we ended up texting each other every other day, and getting to know each other. She had just got out of a really toxic 4 year relationship, and ended up single, and obviously on the rebound. We hooked up for about 1.5 months, it was intense, straight to sex, little hanging out. I really liked it because it was jus
  2. I do want to interject one thing that I feel is of importance. The last two major relationships this person had, they both up and left her, one moved away without telling her, she came home and found all his stuff gone. The other gentleman came back from a bender overseas, full of cheating, had sex with her one last time and then dumped HER. So someone like me who showed up in the picture, told her she was beautiful, adoration and affection, things end -- and I assume it's because she didn't want her heart to get broke (sensing a pattern) What I can also tell you is that there were s
  3. Like I said I just wanted to keep hooking up, if I had any feelings I would have professed them but honestly didn’t develop any. I guess the reason I asked is because I tend to keep in touch with former FWBs and never have any beef with them, this one was just much more erratic so I was just curious if there was anything I might have missed, so thank you for the advice As for now I’m just doing my own thing and if she contacts me then we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it
  4. In the short time of a month she went from like texting me everyday, sending snaps, suggesting we make out, really cuddly after sex to... nothing. Even her words of affirmation are a bit odd, saying you love all those things, sending me all sort of love songs, and then changing like that completely. For someone who told me not to catch feelings I often feel like she wanted me to or pursue her Jon such a fashion, but seems to me she’s internally conflicted, nothing I can do about that
  5. So about 2 weeks ago, I went over to her place to return some books I had borrowed, and we hung out for a bit, it got super friendly and then ended up having sex again (most likely last time) When it came to saying goodbye I was like "This is the last time I'm going to see you isn't it?" and she nodded her head, but really gave me a deep hug and kept kissing me a lot, I mean it was pretty genuine. I kind of had to digest my thoughts and for like 2 days went without saying a thing to her, even though she would text me on and off (like a few days after the arrangement ended) This is wh
  6. I was perfectly fine with just sex, I figured it was just a rollercoaster ride that was unlimited. Due to my work schedule I barely have enough time for myself, so a relationship isn’t something I’m looking for. I’m also an affectionate lover too, I tend to make women feel very adored and appreciated, she told me (after we hooked up one last time) that she loved my touches, my kisses and the sex. However it’s worth noting she did get dumped earlier this year after a 4 year relationship. She slid into my DMs and this all just snowballed! I don’t know her reason as to why she abruptly
  7. I was in a FWB with someone for about 2 months, never fought, no drama, nothing like that. She said there was someone else, didn't want to sleep with 2 guys at once, but wrote me this; "You don’t owe me anything, least of all an apology. It’s human nature to get attached and I understand if it felt like the rug was pulled from underneath you. Regardless, for me, there weren’t emotions involved, which was why it was easy for me to be suddenly done. Regardless of what happened or how, you were what I needed in a sincerely ed up time of my life, and that shouldn’t be forgotten. And honestly, i
  8. The truth is I'm an overanalyzer and I tend to take things personally when they don't go my way or someone doesn't give me attention... but I've been trying to sway myself from thinking that way. Over these last 2 weeks we've had very little conversations, but I feel she's testing me with distant texting, to see if I'm clingy or going to be hitting her up constantly. Earlier this week I went about 48 hours without texting her and then she Snapchatted me. Earlier today I hadn't texted her all day or a single social media and she sent me a photo via Snapchat based on a comment I made on
  9. I've been in an FWB with someone for about a month, and the sex has been fantastic. There's been cuddling on her couch, passionate kisses and hugs before I leave, sometimes long hugs where she exhales. About a week ago I had a really off night in bed, blame my allergy medicine that cut my erection short and I felt embarrassed by it, told her it wasn't her, but instead me (psyched myself out a bit too much) Anywho, the last week or so, she's Snapchatted me a few times, views my stories on Instagram, but is few and far with her texts. If I try to go a day without texting her, she'll gen
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